Israel-haters Also Glorify Cop Killers

The extreme political Left talks quite about "intersectional struggles," including the racist intersectionality that equates African-Americans who were once forced to sit in the back of the bus and drink from separate-but-unequal water fountains (the one for Caucasians had a chiller, the one for Black people did not) to Palestinian terrorists who murder children and Olympic athletes, and fire rockets into cities while using their own people as human shields. It's just so woke to equate American citizens of color to the absolute dregs of the human species, isn't it?

The only intersectional struggle is the one between the world's civilized people and its depraved violent savages who still cling to the Dark Age mentality that the only way to improve one's situation is to steal from others and destroy whatever is left. Savage is as savage does, and technological advancement does not necessarily equate to civilization. Nazi Germany was very advanced technologically, and so were the USSR and Imperial Japan. This did not stop them from committing monstrous crimes against humanity throughout Europe and Asia. Communist China now uses advanced electronic surveillance methods to oppress its own people. The intersectional struggle includes that of Israel versus Hamas and other terrorists, Ukraine against Russia, and Taiwan against communist China.

There is however yet another intersectionality, and that is denial of the right of Israel to exist with advocacy of the murder of American law enforcement professionals. I wonder how Americans who are somewhat receptive to the propaganda of the "Justice in Palestine crowd" will feel that they learn that the same camp glorifies cop-killing domestic terrorists.

Black Lives Matter's Support for Cop Killers

Black Lives Matter's anti-Semitic denial of the right of Israel to exist is well known, and so is its support for convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard, whom BLM calls "Mama Assata." Here is BLM praising not only the murderous dictator Fidel Castro but also (alleged until proven guilty, but also fugitives from justice) domestic terrorists "Brother Michael Finney Ralph Goodwin, and Charles Hill." These individuals allegedly murdered a New Mexico police officer, carjacked a tow truck, and hijacked a TWA flight to Cuba while menacing a flight attendant with weapons. BLM, whose rallies have featured chants like "Israel, we know you, you murder children, too" also glorifies four individuals who have been implicated in two cop killings.

BLM should really adopt Ice T's "Cop Killer" as its official song. The lyrics include, "Die, die, die, pig, die! **** the police!" that last part also being a popular BLM chant. Then BLM wonders why Black people and Caucasian "allies" who act on words of this nature get shot by police. On a side note, how long do you think our society would tolerate a Caucasian rap artist who composed songs about lynching Black people, killing Jews, or burning Asian-owned stores? "So pay respect to the Black fist, Or we'll burn your store right down to a crisp" which was in fact acted upon by one of Al Sharpton's followers at Jewish-owned Freddy's Fashion Mart in 1995. This needs to be a front-and-center issue in the 2024 elections noting the Democrat party's support for not just BLM but also Sharpton.

Palestine Solidarity Groups Support Cop Killers and Terrorists

Black Lives Matter is however far from the only anti-Israel hate group that also glorifies murderers of police officers. This video from Facebook shows the Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network proclaiming, "From Assata to Ramsea, we fight for Hurriyah!" Rasmea Odeh is a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist who was convicted of murdering two Jews with a bomb and planting a second bomb to kill emergency responders such as police, firefighters, and paramedics, but the Israelis disarmed the second one in time. It's also telling that this video somehow does not violate Facebook's so-called "community standards" that prohibit glorification of dangerous individuals, in this case a convicted cop killer and a convicted terrorist bomber.

The National Students for Justice in Palestine, i.e., the official group, wrote meanwhile of the firing of Marc Lamont Hill, "Last week, Dr. Hill joined the ranks of Malcolm X, Paul Robeson, Muhammad Ali, Kwame Ture, George Jackson, Huey P. Newton, Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, and other leading Black internationalists throughout history that strove for freedom and justice, but were silenced and demonized." SJP therefore seems to believe that murdering State Troopers is a good way to strive for freedom of justice. SJP also equated Muhammad Ali (a champion boxer), Paul Robeson, a famous singer and actor, and the other African-Americans listed, to a convicted domestic terrorist and cop killer. Even Huey Newton, while once a fugitive from justice, was later acquitted of the crimes with which he had been charged.

City University of New York Glorifies Cop Killer Chesimard

We have seen previously how CUNY's teacher's union, PSC-CUNY, joined the anti-Semitic BDS movement, and to the effect that Jewish faculty members wrote that they felt unsafe at CUNY as a result. This is now very easy to understand noting that CUNY has itself promoted the convicted killer of a New Jersey State Trooper and a bomb-making terrorist. "On October 20, CCNY security abruptly seized and shut down the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community and Student Center (“Morales/Shakur Center”) at CCNY to prevent student and community access. The Morales/Shakur Center was won through student struggle and is operated independently of the university." Even if it's operated independently of the university, why is it on university property? Would CCNY (part of CUNY) allow white supremacist students to name a "Dylann Roof Community and Student Center" or a "Payton Gendron Community and Student Center" to glorify racist mass shooters of Black people? Would CCNY allow homophobes to name an "Omar Mateen Community and Student Center?" Then why does CCNY allow a center to be named for a cop killer and also a bomb-making terrorist?  "Morales was convicted on February 28, 1979, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York of possession of explosives (pipe bombs) and possession and transportation in interstate commerce of pipe bombs and a sawed off shotgun."

Jewish Voice for Peace Supports a Cop Killer and a Murderer of Jews

Now we have a real intersectionality, and it's the intersectionality between those who advocate the destruction of Israel and also the murder of law enforcement officers. Here's Jewish Voice for Peace, which I call Jews for Jihad, tweeting in part, "'In the long run, the people are our only appeal. The only ones who can free us are ourselves.' Assata Shakur." Here's a JVP web page that promotes PFLP terrorist, convicted Jew-killer, and would-be cop killer Rasmea Odeh and adds, "…from Nelson Mandela to Assata Shakur–the label of terrorist is far from neutral." My understanding is that, while Mandela's wife promoted terroristic violence, Mandela himself was nonviolent.

I am sure that, if we turned over additional rocks labeled Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace,  Palestine Solidarity Network, BDS, and so on with searches on "Assata" and other cop killers, we would find similarly repulsive things crawling around underneath, but all articles must eventually come to an end. What we have seen here should however be more than enough to discredit the entire BDS movement along with anybody even remotely associated with it.

Image: Mohamed Ouda, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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