Like Paul Revere, a Massachusetts Republican Sends Warning

I’ve been a Republican voter in Massachusetts for over forty years.  

I also suffered from another malady - being a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan.  As you can imagine, I was pretty used to ‘my team’ always losing, whether championships or elections. Then, along came the 2000s. The Curse of the Bambino had been broken at last, and I finally began to see the truth behind blue-state politics: That miracles can happen. 

For many years, I believed the conventional wisdom – that there were just a lot of foolish, uninformed Democrat voters up here. 

I watched my state legislature do things that everyone seemed to hate.  I always wished I could put a paper bag over my head when I drove out-of-state, embarrassed by the representatives Massachusetts always sent to Washington.  Examples, you ask?  This clown, this fraud, and this troublemaker, to name but a few.  Space won’t allow for the complete Rogue’s Gallery. Massachusetts is notorious for doing that.

To my amazement, these people never failed to get elected, again and again. I started to notice that this phenomenon was also going on in other blue states. Was it possible that so many voters in those other places were idiots, too? According to, only a very small fraction of people have an IQ below 70, so it couldn’t be that. I realized that something more nefarious has been afoot all along. 

The fact is that progressives have been actively working to take over the Democrat party - city by city, and state by state - for years.  Even though progressives are never the majority anywhere, they’ve gotten their grubby little mitts on all the levers of power, corrupting voting laws and elections, instituting destructive policies, and securing permanent rule for themselves.  Places like California, New York, Illinois - and sadly, Massachusetts - might be past saving at this point.  No wonder so many are leaving.

Progressives have finally succeeded in taking over the Democrat party at the national level, too.  They’ve shoved aside all the normal, moderate Democrats, like the kind you used to see.  Can you think of a current Democrat politician who doesn’t stick to the progressive narrative, even when it’s obviously ridiculous?  You always see them voting in complete lockstep, with no defections.  Look at the recent Democrat House Speaker votes.  Hakeem Jeffries; 212 – round after round.  It doesn’t matter that Jeffries only has a 35% approval rating with Democrat voters.  Unfortunately, most Democrat voters don’t yet realize what the progressives really are, and what they’ve done to the Democrat party.

How do progressives govern?  During the COVID debacle, we got a good look at progressive blue state governors and then a progressive president in action.  They govern like absolute monarchs, decreeing mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and destructive lockdowns.  They abusively utilize ‘emergency powers’ that have no end date.  They impose unconstitutional executive orders that bypass legislative approval. 

Elon Musk has done the country a great service by releasing the ‘Twitter Files’.  We now know that the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ (among other agencies) have been corrupted by installing progressive leadership.  These agencies are now weaponized against conservatives.  They are now used to defend progressives and their policies.  They have co-opted all mainstream news media and big tech, preventing accurate information from getting to the people.  They’ve worked to silence conservative voices, suppressing all opposition.  Even the White House is in on it. 

What’s on the agenda?  Progressive Democrats plan to federalize elections, violating the Constitutional requirement that state legislatures control elections. They want to pack the Supreme Court to bend it to their will.  They plan to add D.C. and Puerto Rico as new states, thus giving themselves more Democrat senators and representatives, as well as additional electoral votes.  Ultimately, they plan to abolish the Electoral College altogether in favor of a national popular vote.  They want immediate amnesty for all illegal aliens.  Progressive presidents have also installed corrupt federal judges to block any attempt by conservatives to ‘right the ship.’  What destructive, evil, self-serving people these are!  They are heedless of the damage they are causing to the country.

What are progressives trying to accomplish?  They are trying to steal the country from We the People.  As you see, they plan to nullify your state’s electoral power. They plan to effectively disenfranchise your voters.  They plan to seize all your voting procedures and corrupt them, while cutting off every legal avenue you might have to thwart their plans.  Georgia and Pennsylvania were once reliably red states.  Now you can smell the stench of the 2022 Arizona election all the way up here in Massachusetts. 

Having a largely Republican electorate will not protect red states, any more than it protected those other states.  Maybe you’re used to things in your state working out right most of the time, so it’s hard to imagine that this can happen to you.  You can’t afford to be complacent.  Remember this heart-warming little speech?  Make no mistake, red states, these people are coming for you.

It's time for red state legislators to go on offense.  They must tighten up their voting laws while they still can.  They must expose the slimy progressives who have wormed their way into their state legislatures and institutions.  Work to kick them to the curb.  Voters are watching, and trust me, they want that, and they will reward these legislators. 

I love Ron DeSantis, but he didn’t single-handedly cause progressives to lose in Florida in 2022.  The media pushes that idea, hoping we’ll dump President Trump for DeSantis.  Florida’s election proved it - ‘If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.’ 

Florida made a national laughingstock of itself during the 2000 presidential election.  It was a three-ring circus, complete with ‘hanging chads’.  Since 2000, successive conservative governors and representatives in Florida, including Ron DeSantis, have worked to repair all the loopholes that enabled that embarrassing debacle.

Cheating in Florida was prevented through ironclad voter I.D. laws, tight absentee ballot rules, and keeping accurately maintained voter rolls.  Florida enacted prohibitions against mail-in ballots and ballot-harvesting.  These steps are essential to protect every state, too.  In addition, legislators must insist on paper ballots only and set a firm deadline for accepting ballots - no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, no exceptions.  They must commit to finishing the count on election night, and plan to announce the results by 11:00 p.m.  If red-state legislators talk to Florida about their strategies, they’ll be happy to help.  They’re on our side.

It really is ‘all on the line’ for red states now.  In Massachusetts, our pieces got taken off the board before we even knew the game had started.  At least the remaining states have some advance warning.  Please, from the state of Paul Revere, don’t let the progressives slither in and take over red states, too.  If they succeed, America, as we all knew it, may be lost forever.  The choices we’ll have left at that point, those of us who yearn to breathe free, will be drastic and are disturbing to contemplate.

 Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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