Guerrilla Information War

“There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years.” George Orwell

We have the receipts: New York Times headlines from the 1930s prove the left has always made promises of progress, but only delivered death.

Do you ever feel like you’re seeing history repeat itself and yet you cannot wake people up to the danger? This can be maddening at times, especially when you look back at records from the period before WWII, and you see the same themes, propaganda, and lies. Meanwhile, the fascist far-left — the party of projection — keeps up with their constant barrage of BS.

They must do this because deception is the only way they can attain power. Dividing people by sowing chaos and confusion until they can consolidate enough control. Getting to a point where they can control free speech and punish those who dare speak outHorrifying, and we’re almost to that point now.

They have lies that make no sense like modeling the entire political spectrum as “Liberal-Conservative”; claims that fascism belongs on the “far right” or that anarchism belongs on the “far left.” Repeating the same lies until they can bluff their way into pretending it’s the truth.

They won’t have a straight answer if you ask how one would place a totalitarian ideology on the pro-freedom side of the political spectrum that values liberty and limited government.

As will be the case if you ask how an ideological concept that means “no ruler” would sit alongside an ideology based on a dictatorship with centralized, totalitarian control.

If they push the absurd “Liberal-Conservative” political scale, ask them if Stalin was a liberal. Then watch as they tie themselves up into knots with bizarre excuses about the political spectrum being a ‘horseshoe’ or ‘ring’ shape for absolutely no reason.

Repeating history.

Modern civilization has gone through the same horrible events either because of the outright lie that “socialism has never really been tried before” or this time it’s going to be different because the fascist far-left is “saving the planet.”

No one wants to take the time to learn the hard lessons of history and what not to do. Put a bunch of fascist far-left megalomaniacs in charge of the economy and the world? No problem! Just don’t ask them about chromosomes and or to define what a woman is.

That worked out so well the last time we tried it, with millions dead, and utter devastation around the world.

Each time the sequence starts the fascist far-left takes over, asserts tight control, and then starts piling up bodies like cordwood. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the cause of Lebensraum or reducing the population to ‘save the planet’ from global cooling (or was that global warming this week?). 

There is something seriously wrong with an ideological cult that worships nationalism or internationalism interchangeably and death, “Patria o Muerte” (“Homeland or Death”).

History always repeats itself because it’s based on the same human frailties and motivations.

See if you pick up some of the glaring similarities between what is happening in Davos with the WEF, and the last time, the fascist far-left tried one of their grandiose schemes of Utopia.

Start with this glowing report on Italy’s “Corporative State” from World Problems in Review, April 1927:

Fascist Italy is on the eve of making a daring social experiment—that of bringing into being the so-called Corporative State. To understand this experiment, it is necessary to keep in mind what constitutes the foundation of the Fascist doctrine, which may be thus defined: (a) The interests of all classes must be subordinated to the supreme interest of the State; (b) The interests of the employers, as much as those of the men, must be subordinated to the interests of production; (c) 

The State has the right and the duty to intervene and to regulate all these interests. The individual is thus to be absorbed in the Corporation and the Corporation in the State. The new system is not yet in operation, but almost all the preparations for the experiment have now been made.

Everyone wasn’t exactly pleased with this ‘daring social experiment’ at the time. William Green, President of The American Federation of Labor condemned the growing autocracy and enslavement in the socialist nations of Russia and Italy, published in the 1927-06 edition of Current History:

The Charter of Labor promulgated by the Italian Government on April 21, 1927, indicates that Premier Mussolini has not abandoned his Socialist philosophy.

The world is watching with apprehension the performance of autocratic government in two countries, Russia and Italy. Regardless of what group may constitute the autocracy, the substitute of State control for voluntary institution means loss of freedom.

Remember that fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. People can own private businesses, but they are tightly controlled by the state.

Under fascism, the state, through official cartels, controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and agriculture. Planning boards set product lines, production levels, prices, wages, working conditions, and the size of firms. Licensing was ubiquitous; no economic activity could be undertaken without government permission.

Collectivist ideologies are variations of the same societal slavery. These public/private partnerships as we call them now were epitomized by the definitional relationship between the government and corporations promulgated in the La Carta del Lavoro (Labor Charter) of 1927 and in particular one part of section VII:

L'organizzazione privata della produzione essendo una funzione di interesse nazionale, l'organizzazione dell'impresa è responsabile dell'indirizzo della produzione di fronte allo Stato.

Translated this reads: “Private organization of production being a function of national interest, the organization of the enterprise is responsible to the State for the direction of its production.”

Far-left fascists always conveniently forget these historic facts and base their facile assertions on a bunch of made-up subjective criteria; then they just say those subjective criteria apply to whatever the freedom community happens to be doing at the moment.

Meanwhile, they regurgitate the same old lies to trap a new generation into societal slavery.  

Do any of the following far-left themes sound familiar even though they are paired with historical names that are now reviled? Such as this headline and short segment from a March 1, 1934 piece in the New York Times:

GIBBS SAYS HITLER HAS CURED DESPAIR; Finds Unemployment Relief Has Effected Moral Rescue of German Destitute Classes. PEOPLE ‘CAN HOPE AGAIN’ Youth Regards System as a Splendid Adventure, Though Propaganda Gets Tedious.

Berlin, Feb. 28 (By Wireless). -For three days since I have been here Berlin has been a city celebrating as a great victory the day fourteen years ago when Adolf Hitler started his campaign with a small group of friends in a beer hail in Munich, where last Saturday he made a speech as the ruler of Germany.

Does some of that sound shockingly familiar? Change out a few names and that might sound like the New York Times of today.

Then consider this New York Times headline from the socialist holiday May Day, 1934, with a socialist worker’s party inaugurating a collectivist labor code with the slogan “The Common Good Before the Good of the Individual” — they believed in it so much they stamped it on their coins:

NAZIS INAUGURATE LABOR CODE TODAY; ' The Common Good Before the Good of the Individual' Is Slogan of New System. STATUS OF JEWS AN ISSUE Law Says They May Be 'Leaders' in Their Businesses, but Public Opinion Protests.

BERLIN, April 30. -- The new Nazi labor code with its system of "leaders and followers, confidential shop councils, courts of honor and labor trustees" goes into effect tomorrow. In connection with the May Day observance.

We know that this is ‘preaching to the choir’ because you already know a lot of this. The key is that you must take what you have learned and look at the same sources to see other examples of the fascist far-left doing this in the past.

Then you must present what you know to others to warn them, a guerrilla information war if you will. Ask leftists those questions we presented earlier; they won’t have any good responses. 

We know the fascist far-left is on the wrong side of history, now we have to let everyone else know that as well.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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