For Biden Supporters, No Lie Is Too Much To Break The Faith

The Constitutional Crisis that is the Biden regime continues to exceed previous levels of cover-up, denial, and dishonesty. Through it all, media members and other Biden supporters keep getting played for fools, but they always come back for more.

Beginning last year, each version of the “Twitter Files” revealed in astonishing detail the level of collusion, fraud, cover-up, and corruption between the FBI, the “intelligence” community, the medical establishment, and corrupt corporate and social media. Most recently, after the story broke that Joe Biden had mishandled classified information, the media ran interference and attempted to spin the whole thing, in comical fashion, as “not as bad as Trump.”

They knew about the documents discovered at the PennBiden office in November, before the midterm elections. Now there are revelations of a second tranche of classified documents that were found in Biden’s Delaware garage and a third tranche found somewhere else.

Journalists should be really, really angry that they have been lied to—again—and as they were directed to run interference and damage control for Biden—again. After all, they’ve been thoroughly embarrassed because they have stepped on a rake and have been smacked forcibly in the face with the long handle of inescapable truth. And yet they’ve still got Biden’s back.

Image: Retro TV with fake news by freepik.

A Special Counsel has been appointed as of midday Thursday, January 12, 2023. Forgive me, but I will not be holding my breath for an honest investigation.

For proper context, I detest being lied to. I consider it to be the worst of all personal insults because one must have an exceedingly low opinion of those to whom they lie, as well as the belief that they are stupid enough to believe their lies.

Hence, the media’s lies on behalf of anything and everything the Democrat Party apparatus and its deep state machine have done at the behest of any and every Democrat party interest are infuriating. What is simultaneously dumbfounding is that these people can be relied upon to rush to any Democrat party official’s or politician’s defense, no matter the charge, without fail. It can be scientifically established as consistent, predictable, repeatable behavior.

Why these people have any patronage, any readers, or any viewers of their media outlets is equally dumbfounding. Nearly everything they say is part of a crafted, manipulated, rehearsed, unified, and fundamentally dishonest narrative.

Is there any integrity in media anymore? Is there any intellectual honesty among those people or, for that matter, their viewers? All those people who have consumed and repeated every lie they have been told for nearly a generation should all be really, really angry by now.

Five months ago, I wondered, “after 19 months of predictable results for (Biden’s) failed policies, when are Biden voters going to get angry?” In a logical, sane world in which people had any measure of integrity and intellectual honesty, Biden voters would be absolutely livid at the lies they have been told, the same lies they have believed and gone forth to re-tell and defend and the way they have been made fools for the whole world to see.

Are Biden voters ever going to understand what the swamp, the “deep state,” the FBI, the “intelligence” community, and corrupt corporate media have said and done for these many years? Are those people capable of realizing how they have been played, duped, suckered, and have been told so many bald-faced lies? The corruption, collusion, the election interference, and the lies told to cover it all up go back about as far as one can reasonably recall.

This is nothing new, of course. More than a year ago, I bemoaned that it was “a pitiful sight to behold another family member, friend, or neighbor who has lost all ability to reason but instead chooses to remain wedded to the long and ever-increasing list of lies the Democrats tell them.” A terribly abusive relationship has been allowed to exist, and those people who are consuming the prescribed daily dose of lies have lost the ability to objectively discern the truth.

The implications of the lies which have most recently come to light are stunning.

As far back as December 2019, the FBI knew about and apparently had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he abandoned in a Delaware computer shop. At nearly the same time, in December 2019, President Trump was impeached in connection with a July 2019 phone call to Ukraine’s President Zelensky, in which he asked for cooperation investigating Joe and Hunter Biden’s potential corruption.

If the FBI had released any information about the laptop or acknowledged an investigation was underway, that would have torpedoed the Democrat’s impeachment hopes and, instead, would have completely validated President Trump’s request for cooperation from President Zelensky. In addition, Joe Biden’s political aspirations would have likely ended (the 2020 primaries had not yet begun) had there been an honest and timely announcement of the need for an investigation of the Biden Crime Family.

Joe Biden should never have been the Democrat Party nominee. But the DNC powers-that-be sorted out the cast of goofballs running for president and selected Biden as the nominee. When the New York Post ran the Hunter Biden laptop story, the FBI’s little laptop problem could not just go away.

Therefore, acting straight from the 2016 “Russia hacking” playbook, the FBI plowed the field of corporate and social media and sowed the seeds of “Russian disinformation” so that if or when the story broke about Hunter’s laptop and his emails citing “10% for the Big Guy,” everybody involved had their “plausible deniability,” and could spike the story citing adherence to “journalistic standards.”

Recent opinion polls indicate that honest reporting would have caused voters not to vote for Biden. Therefore, Joe Biden is an illegitimate President. Additionally, because of what has been revealed and, more so, because of what we don’t know about what the Biden Crime Family has done and is doing, Joe Biden is a dangerously compromised chief executive, and America is imperiled because of it.

Too many of our fellow citizens, neighbors, friends, and family have believed the litany of lies we have been told. If I were a Biden voter and were faced with the truth of the wholesale corruption, the lies I was told and believed, how I was suckered, duped, and played so that I would not only repeat, but defend their lies—I would be furious.

To date, no prominent Democrat, Biden voter, or member of the corporate media has announced that he or she has had enough. No prominent voter has expressed regret for casting that vote. Seemingly, America’s well-being and prosperity are low on their lists. They are unwilling to reject the Democrat party’s and the left’s double standards and hypocrisy. Instead, they’re all too happy just being close to the kind of power that can act with impunity, with no fear of accountability, and they do so for no other reason than being able to say they are on the “winning” team, America be damned.

It matters, though, that those of us on the opposing team, those of us who have remained steadfastly devoted to the Truth, have been vindicated.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran and professional pilot who continues to proudly serve America.

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