Flashers, Peeping Toms, and the Men Invading Women's Locker Rooms

In 2020, 54-year-old Michigander Steven Pastoor was finally nabbed.  He had been dubbed the "Cascade Flasher," confessing to having exposed his genitals to unsuspecting victims for decades.  He eventually targeted one woman in particular, who set up a camera to catch him in the act.  The police made a hasty arrest.

"We take this crime very seriously," the police said.  Indeed, the law certainly allowed a serious penalty for the extent of his crimes, which could range from one day in prison to life in prison, the Detroit News reported.  But in the end, a seemingly repentant Pastoor pleaded guilty to just three counts of aggravated indecent exposure, which is a "two-year high court misdemeanor."  He claimed to have been sexually abused as a teenager by an older family friend (suffering that went curiously undisclosed until he faced the prospect of a long prison stint), and that this was the root of his sexual deviancy. 

"The prosecution and victims sought the maximum sentence," Michigan Live reports, "while the defense asked that Pastoor only serve probation, with the threat of a jail term for any violations."  The judge "received many letters of support for Pastoor, as well as letters from the victims," and while he said that the crime "has to be taken seriously," he was apparently more moved by Pastoor's defenders, sentencing him to only 180 days in jail and five years of probation.

A pervert who derives sexual satisfaction in showing his genitals to women and children is quite obviously the victimizer and not a victim, but it says something about our culture that he won a competition for victimhood status, in both the public square and in the legal system, against his actual victims.  And what says something even more about our currently sick and deranged culture is that Steven Pastoor could have saved himself half a year in jail and some probation time by simply pretending to be a woman and getting a gym membership.

Rebecca Phillips is a 17-year-old who works in a suburb of San Diego.  After a swim at a nearby YMCA, she decided to take a shower when she "saw a naked male in the women's locker room."  "I immediately went back to the shower, terrified, and hid behind their flimsy excuse for a curtain until they were gone," the traumatized girl said.  Particularly, she is worried that her 5-year-old sister and other young girls would be exposed to naked men and their genitalia, as they commonly have summer and childcare camps for young girls, and "the locker room was supposed to be her safe haven to gossip with her friends, and shower and change."

When she went to the YMCA to complain, she, like Steven Pastoor's victims, suddenly found herself in a competition for victimhood status against her victimizer.  She said she felt "shamed" by the YMCA for being bothered by the fact that "a grown male can shower alongside a teenage girl at your YMCA," and that the "indecent exposure of a male to a female minor was an inconvenience to them."

Like the judge in Pastoor's case, the YMCA feigned seriousness before siding with the man who wished to expose his genitals to young girls.  "We recognize that birth and gender identity are sensitive subjects," the YMCA said in a statement, but they "rely on subject matter experts, laws, and guidelines established by the State of California."

That law suggests that a man who claims to be a woman can go into a women's shower, so long as he does not appear on a sex offender registry, as Rebecca Phillips relates. 

Interestingly, Steven Pastoor could not now go into a women's shower in California, but that is only because he had already been caught exposing himself to his traumatized victims.  But had he not been caught for his crimes, he could legally indulge in his sexual fantasy by simply walking into a women's locker room.

And he wouldn't have to make any serious changes in his life in order to do so, as one Arizona woman recently discovered.  She called the police on one Paul Bixler, whom she discovered in the women's locker room looking at her breasts.  Peeping Toms apparently get a pass to indulge in their sexual desire to steal unwelcome glances at naked women — so long as the peeping Toms pretend they are women themselves, even if the pretense is as unconvincing as Paul Bixler's.

Paul Bixler is a board member at Liberty Elementary School District, and his woman costume is entirely unconvincing, to say the least.  He looks exactly like what he is: a 72-year-old man in a blouse, somewhat resembling David Crosby without the moustache.  But what's most striking about Paul, beyond the minimal effort to disguise himself, is the fact that Paul still goes by "Paul."  It's as if he's making a conscious effort to heighten the confusion and to force others to accept something that is so obviously absurd on its face as fact. 

This power move clearly seems to be a motivating factor for all men and women who pretend they're the opposite sex, I argue.  In Paul Bixler's case, he's demanding that reality conform to his fantasy without even making a meaningful effort to convince anyone, and, solely on the strength of his unconvincing proclamation, he claims for himself the right to enter the women's locker room whenever he sees an attractive woman enter — which one can presume may be the case here, given that the victim claims that Paul often uses the men's locker room, signifying that he understands the level of discomfort that his presence typically causes for women.  He chose, in this instance, to go into the women's locker room and look at this woman's breasts.

Very likely, this woman will be met with the same woke posturing as poor Rebecca Phillips, and there will be a competition for victimhood status, which the victimizer may ultimately win. 

What's important for us to understand as a culture is that the incentive structure that has been created for sexually deviant men to legally victimize women.  Steven Pastoor was also a flasher and a peeping Tom, peering into women's windows and exposing himself to them.  The impulse that drove him to do both things was so strong that he went to great lengths to do so, at tremendous risk of legal penalties.  Pretending to be a woman requires no great lengths to achieve, and not only does it eliminate the legal risk involved in these perverted acts of sexual deviance, but efforts to engage in them are stalwartly protected by woke mobs and the legal system.

It is nothing short of delusional to think sexual degenerates are not incentivized by this outrageous loophole, or that they are not actively exploiting it in order to legally victimize our wives and daughters.

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