Diversity Improves Performance — So They Say

The diversity industry is a collection of consultants and trainers who make wild claims about business practices because they fit the diversity, equity, and inclusion narrative.  They assert that diversity in the workforce is good for business.  According to them, the presence of differing life experiences in the workforce enhances creativity, provides better customer service, and improves the bottom line.  Executive leadership can't go wrong by checking some intersectionality boxes with their employee placement. It's a path to instant success.

Does that sound like a load of garbage to you, too?  Corporate CEOs have been paying for that baloney sandwich for years.  Businesswire estimates that corporate and government managers spent $9.3 billion on diversity and inclusion "help" in 2022.  The industry is expected to grow to $15.4 billion in the next three years.  Keeping people divided into categories is big business.

Apparently, Ivy League training hasn't taught business leaders that employees with better skills will outperform employees with worse skills but more diversity — every time.  Just look at professional sports.  Are players drafted for their diversity or their skill?  Coaches know the truth even if business executives don't.

One executive who has embraced the diversity ideology is Joe Biden.  He's been working to maximize the performance of his administration by checking as many diversity boxes as possible.  He even declared that diversity is his primary staffing selection criterion.  He's determined to prove the claims of the diversity industry, or go down trying.

So how's it working?  Is Biden helping the credibility of the industry "experts"?  Let's take a look at his staffing decisions.

Joe picked Karine Jean-Pierre to be his press secretary.  She's a black, gay female immigrant.  That's good for four checked diversity boxes — not bad.  Jean-Pierre's incoherence is exceeded only by her boss's — oh, and the V.P.'s, of course, who's in a league of her own.  World-class incoherence seems an odd qualification for a communications expert — unless transparency isn't the actual goal of Joe's administration.

Next, we have Dr. "Rachel" Levine — excuse me, Admiral Dr. "Rachel" Levine.  Levine is a "transsexual woman" — a man who dresses as a woman.  Joe gets one checkmark for hiring Admiral Levine.  Heck, let's give him one extra checkmark because Levine isn't a very convincing woman.  Surely, "Rachel" has been victimized by that handicap somehow.

Admiral Levine is a pediatrician who was appointed to be the assistant secretary of health.  That would be the same health department that gave us pandemic protocols that stopped the economy but not the virus.

I have a question for parents.  Would you entrust the care of your children to this pediatrician — him being such a shining example of mental health and all?  I also have a question for Levine's alma mater, Tulane University.  How did he become a doctor without understanding basic biology?  That seems relevant to providing health care, doesn't it?  It would also seem relevant to leading a department that oversees health care — no?

Speaking of biology, Joe appointed Ketanji Brown Jackson to be our newest associate Supreme Court justice.  She's a black female — we think.  Joe gets two checkmarks for her.  During her confirmation, Jackson said that, not being a biologist, she was unable to define what a woman is.  Her claimed inability to discern men from women means that she's either a moron or a liar — and I don't think she's a moron.  I guess honesty isn't as important as diversity in a judge.  Let's give Joe one extra point for her chutzpah.

Pete Buttigieg is the secretary of the Department of Transportation.  He's a "married" gay male — two checkmarks.  Pete stands out among administration performers — and not in a good way.  Since becoming the DoT Secretary, Pete has broken the shipping industry, the airline industry, and our supply chains.  Congress had to step in to prevent a nationwide rail strike, because Pete was on vacation somewhere.  Luckily, he's making our roads and bridges less racist.  There's some diversified creative thinking for you.

Kamala Harris is our vice president.  She's a mixed-race, sexually exploited female — three or four checkmarks (depending on how you count her mixed race).  She made it to the top of her profession the old-fashioned way: she slept with the most powerful men she could hook up with — in the name of breaking the glass ceiling.

Since nearing the pinnacle of politics, Harris has fumbled the border, the COVID vaccine push, and international relations.  Her public speaking is always newsworthy — confusing more than one listener with her legendary word salads.

If she eventually becomes president, I'm sure she'll be a box-checker too.  She'll be diversifying her administration by looking for diversified ways to diversify it.  I think she said something along those lines recently.

For the queen mother of all diversity hires, let's not forget Sam Brinton.  He's a non-binary something that I can't figure out — and I aced biology in high school.  I have no idea how many diversity boxes he checks, but it has to be a butt-load.

He's a nuclear engineer who was appointed to be an assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition.  He wasn't on the job very long before Joe had to dispose of his waste — because he's about to identify as a felon.

I have no idea if he was good at waste disposal, but he has impeccable taste in women's footwear and other people's luggage.  Nobody can rock the red carpet like Sam.

Joe also gets one checkmark himself.  He's our token senior citizen and is clearly a diversity hire himself.  He has broken wind in front of English royals, stored classified documents next to a Corvette that his crackhead son drives, and thinks the Easter Bunny is in charge of the White House.  To be fair, Joe may be right about that last one.  Joe's contribution to diversified creativity is the notion that taking money from taxpayers, and giving some of it back, provides them with more money to spend.

The diversity "experts" have made a fortune convincing government and industry that performance improves when all races, ethnicities, genders (including the non-binary ones), and lifestyle choices are represented in the workforce.  My counter-argument is the Biden administration.

Joe has checked at least 18 or 20 diversity boxes with just those six staffing selections.  His administration should be running on all cylinders — if the consultants are correct.  But instead, his administration is what pilots call "out of airspeed, out of altitude, and out of ideas."  His engines are on fire, and he's about to drill a great big hole in the ground.  The Biden administration is a case study for the argument that diversity is no substitute for meritocracy.

I have a couple of questions for the diversity "experts." Are government operations an exception to their diversity theory?  Or have they been lying to everyone all along?  Is it possible that diversity "experts" don't really know what they're talking about and are just getting rich by keeping us divided?  Sorry, I mean diversified.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho.  He has written for American Thinker and American Free News Network.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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