America's Border Remains Open

President Trump's immigration policy reduced the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.  This was a significant accomplishment.  One of the most important aspects of Trump's strategy was the "Remain in Mexico" Policy, referred to by DHS as Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).  "The MPP are a U.S. Government action whereby certain foreign individuals entering or seeking admission to the U.S. from Mexico — illegally or without proper documentation — may be returned to Mexico and wait outside of the U.S. for the duration of their immigration proceedings."

The federal government is responsible for securing the country's borders.  President Biden has shirked this responsibility.  Biden issued an executive order ending Trump's successful immigration policy.  A few months later, DHS director Mayorkas ended MPP, opening U.S. borders.  Illegal aliens encountered on the southwest border totaled 458,088 in 2020; 1,734,686 in 2021; and 2,766,582 in 2022.  Nobody knows how many aliens have entered the U.S. unencountered.  In 2017, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimated that the cost of illegal immigration to American taxpayers was $116 billion

President Biden's border policy has been under increasing scrutiny by Democrats.  Gavin Newsom, Eric Adams, Michael Hancock, and others have complained about his policy publicly.  As a result, Biden announced a new immigration policy on January 5 at the White House.  Biden is expanding a "parole process" put in place for Venezuela "to nationals from Nicaragua, Haiti, and Cuba."  An immigrant with a "qualified sponsor" who is vetted can come to the U.S. and work for two years.  Biden's new policy appears to make it easier for migrants to enter the country legally by streamlining the process and eliminating obstacles. 

There are some elements of the policy that could reduce the pressure of illegal immigration.  Illegal aliens will be "increasingly subject to expedited removal to their country of origin and subject to a five-year ban on reentry."  "Individuals who irregularly cross the Panama, Mexico, or U.S. border after the date of this announcement ... will be subject to expulsion to Mexico, which will accept returns of 30,000 individuals per month from these four countries."

Mexico is a country filled with millions of industrious people.  Mexico is polarized.  Hardworking people making an honest living revolve around one pole.  The other pole is dominated by hardworking people making a dishonest living.  The dishonest people are employed by competing cartels that, among other criminal activities, extort tribute from emigrants trying to enter the U.S.

Mexican government authorities are accepting bribes from cartels.  The Guardian interviewed a coyote, Rosario Morales, and reported, "Mexican migration and security forces — including state and local police, the navy, army, and national guard — patrol the highways which Rosales will drive, but the group will not be stopped.  Rosales sends his contacts the travel schedule, and photos of the car and his clients, to guarantee a blind eye.  'Everyone gets paid, so I never have problems,' said Rosales, who claims to spend 70% of what he earns on bribes."  Mexican authorities take bribes from the cartels while accepting U.S. foreign aid to take back 30,000 illegal aliens each month.  Everyone wins except American taxpayers.

Border porosity has made the illegal importation of drugs a deadly problem.  Fentanyl has become the opiate of choice.  It is more powerful than heroin, costs less, is easy to move across the nonexistent border, and kills with increasing frequency. 

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has apprehended 78 terrorists entering the country illegally.  Nobody knows how many terrorists and criminals have entered the U.S. unencountered.  Criminals rarely check in with authorities when they enter a crime scene.  Mexico and the United States don't control the border between their countries; Mexican cartels do.

Immigration law is covered by USC Title 8.  If a person entering the country illegally has "credible fear of persecution or torture, [he] may seek asylum."  Asylum is the legal loophole that Democrats use to allow the massive influx of illegal aliens.  Biden and Democrats know there may be more terrorists entering the country than people legitimately seeking asylum.  They don't care.  In paragraph (C), Title 8 stipulates, "Any alien who, by fraud or willfully misrepresenting a material fact, seeks ... admission into the United States or other benefit provided under this chapter is inadmissible."  An alien falsely claiming danger or persecution in his homeland to acquire asylum is misrepresenting facts, which makes him inadmissible to the United States.  Federal, state, and local police have authority to arrest aliens in violation of immigration or any other law.

Biden referred to asylum in his policy statement on January 5.  "There are laws to get here legally.  That includes another legal way for someone to come to America by seeking asylum because they're fleeing persecution."  In the same statement, he said, "People come to America for a whole lot of different reasons.  To seek new opportunity in what is the strongest economy in the world.  Can't blame them wanting to do it."  If an alien enters the country illegally to obtain a better job using asylum as a guise, the alien is violating immigration law and is not admissible to the United States.  Biden legitimizes any reason for alien entry.  He still ignores the law.  The border is still open.

There is no coherent policy informing the public why Biden encourages calamity at the border.  Insecure borders invite chaos, suffering, and death for many illegal aliens.  It allows easy entry to cheap and plentiful opiates.  It assures job loss and lower wages for American workers.  Illegal immigration requires an increased consumption of government resources at taxpayer expense.  Why would Democrats implement such a destructive policy?

Democrats want a new immigration bill.  Biden alluded to this in his policy statement: "On my first day in office ... I sent Congress a comprehensive piece of legislation that would completely overhaul what has been a broken immigration system."  Democrats demand a new law that will allow anyone in the country illegally to become a citizen in three years if he meets minimum requirements.  They believe that these new citizens will support Democrat candidates in elections.

Importing new voters dedicated to the success of the Democrat party is now the immigration policy of the United States.  If Biden won't enforce current immigration law, why would he enforce a new law?  Democrats will obtain the goals they seek with the new law and continue to ignore the sections that don't benefit them.

Some Democrats contend that Trump's policies were cruel, forcing people to live in the countries where they were born.  Americans have no obligation to allow unfettered immigration.  The government has no authority to ignore its own laws to open U.S. borders.  The purpose of American government is to ensure the security of its people.  Allowing an amalgam of aliens to take jobs, reduce wages, and absorb resources is not government of, by, and for the people.  It is government of, by, and for the Democrat party.

Democrats will ignore the rule of law so long as they control the mechanisms of government.  They use the government to damage the people they were elected to protect.  They import new voters in a cynical strategy to obtain and retain power.  This is not conjecture.  The evidence strolls across the country's open border every hour.

Image: woodleywonderworks via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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