A Plan for Rescuing America

Americans who have taken off their blinders now realize that our country is systematically being disassembled from the inside.

Our laws, our morals, our views about life, family and justice, have been under assault for the last 40 years. Our basic freedoms of speech and religion are almost gone along with the right to bear arms.

The institutions that we trusted and relied on to keep us safe have been corrupted. A majority of the press, the media, corporations, doctors, scientists, our education system, and social media now actively work against the best interests of the United States.

Our justice system has been so compromised that a citizen can be given solitary confinement for two years for the political equivalent of jay-walking — without a trial - and a violent criminal with a mile-long rap sheet who attempts murder on a senior citizen is released by a Soros-controlled prosecutor within hours.

No longer can an ordinary American, no matter where they came from, get ahead simply through hard work. Owning a house is now out of reach, under-measured inflation means that saving money for the future is an illusion, investing money in the stock market is a losing game for the average citizen while congressional insiders benefit from every upward and downward swing.

Our dollar is purposely weakened through insane spending bills slid through Congress at the 11th hour containing hidden provisions that weaken our voting laws. Anyone who voted for the recent 4,000-page bill has pinned a badge on themselves as being an anti-American member of the OmniParty.

We think of the competition between the two political parties as a balance of power. Conservatives look at African-Americans and shake their heads, wondering how they could be so blinded to the deception of the Democrat leadership that has ruined the inner cities - while still demanding their votes. Wake up Conservatives, the GOP sees us as just as gullible — they pretend to care about America, but whenever they can, they cave to the Democrats.

There is no two-party system — we are a government of the Elites, by the Elites and for the Elites. Oppose them and you will be destroyed.

Worst of all, we've lost our right to vote to change the system peacefully from the inside.

Their goal is to make patriotic Americans feel hopeless and intimidated, "resistance is futile." America is the ultimate prize and the only obstacle to total world control.

But the truth is that they can only win if we let them.

So what can one person do?

First, realize that you are far from alone. Even liberal polls say over 70% of Americans know that the last two elections were corrupt.

Second, know that we are not helpless, we are Americans, freedom is baked into our DNA. Other countries have histories of tyrants, dictators, czars and kings. We rose out of rebellion to tyranny and have fought it successfully for the last 250 years. Patriots voluntarily join the military and law enforcement in order to serve and protect. Even if they are no longer in service, they're still around.

Third, understand that technology, even though the Elites try to control it, is more powerful than we can imagine. Everyone now has a video camera on their phone and can upload what they see to uncensored video websites (Rumble.com and BitChute.com), which can be picked up by uncensored news websites (American Thinker, American Greatness, Canada Free Press, Washington Examiner, and The Gateway Pundit), and shared through uncensored communications (ProtonMail.com).

Elon Musk, no matter how you feel about him, has given us a platform to use to communicate with each other on a mass level. Use it.

Fourth, nothing beats person to person communication. Quietly thanking police officers or military members for their service, a few words at the grocery line about insane prices, a comment in church about political immorality, shows we're not alone and there is hope. Find ways to share this article and others like it that show how to take our country back.

Fifth, the riches of America that the OmniParty tries to control is another key to their weakness. Americans spend trillions of dollars a year on the very institutions that have abandoned us. Turn off Fox News, which is a shell of its former self, spend your money on local and American businesses, even if it costs a few pennies more, take your kids out of liberal colleges, never give another cent to the GOP, instead support Conservative candidates directly.

Finally, get involved politically on the local level. Become a poll worker. Join the GOP and lobby for conservative principles from within, run for school board. Vote for conservatives in local elections — especially for sheriff.

Where should we focus right now?

Our first action is to get the right leader in the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy is a RINO in sheep's clothing tainted by contributions from FTX. He's suddenly become a staunch Conservative making all sorts of promises, but he hates Trump and worked overtime to undercut MAGA candidates, even when it meant the "Red Wave" became a red trickle.

If he is elected Speaker he'll pretend to be Conservative, but there will always be excuses why he can't fix anything. There will be a vote on January 3rd, and there are five brave congressmen (and seven more) who oppose him and want Andy Biggs as an alternative. Biggs has promised real investigations into all levels of OmniParty corruption.

Even if we get new leadership in the House, there is little we can do legislatively other than to slow down spending, although the Omnibus Spending Bill has tied our hands. But controlling the House has one huge advantage, we would have subpoena power to hold hearings on every issue that is threatening our country. "Sunlight is the great disinfectant" and we need a nationwide solar collector.

The January 6 hearings are the prototype. Each committee in the house can begin investigations and have preliminary hearings on

  • COVID and how the science and medical establishment lied.
  • The FBI and the DOJ conspiracy to suppress free speech on social media.
  • The pork and hidden voting changes inside the latest Omnibus spending bill.
  • Inner city crime and how Soros prosecutors have allowed criminals to go free.
  • The truth about the J6 hearings and how scores of Americans are rotting in prison with no civil rights.
  • Election fraud, including voting machine vulnerabilities, voter roll inaccuracies, and mail in ballot laws.
  • Our education system and how they abuse their power to influence our children.
  • Corporations and investments being pressured to use ESG rules to weaken America.
  • Insider trading for congress and their staffs.

Each can culminate with a well-organized public hearing where testimony is heard for all Americans to see. Since the media won't cover it, patriots can load the hearings onto Rumble and BitChute and share via email and twitter.

Imagine if there was a new hearing from a different committee every few days. When you turn on the lights, roaches run for a place to hide.

If we can't get back control of the GOP, everyone says that a third party will only be a spoiler. That's right, properly organized, a new Conservative Party would turn the GOP into politics' new CNN — irrelevant. The alliance of independents and conservatives voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and can strengthen America for the next 50 years.

Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer.  For reprint requests on other websites, inside information for important issues, article requests, or comments, contact him at jackgleason9@protonmail.com.  Recent articles: https://canadafreepress.com/members/1/JackGleason/1249 and https://www.americanthinker.com/author/jackgleason.

Image: Jeff Turner via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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