What are Senate Conservatives Going to Do about McConnell?

The script is sickeningly familiar by now, isn’t it?  Establishment Republicans -- led throughout the ’22 elections and in their aftermath by the notorious Kentucky senator-for-life Mitch McConnell -- betrayed their party’s base, which is staunchly conservative, increasingly in an America First sorta way. 

Yes, lest one is confused because of all the serial betrayals, we’re referring to the gross obscenity called the “$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill.”  For true-blue conservatives, the brazen middle-finger thrust rudely into their faces by McConnell and seventeen other Senate go-alongs should be an act of war.  Political war, that is. 

The first major offensive in this war needs to be led by Senate conservatives.  The mission is audacious, as well it should be given the stakes: bringing down D.C.-lovin’ Mitch McConnell as Republican Senate leader.  Ace out dull John Thune as heir-apparent.  Install Rick Scott as the new leader.  The grassroots needs to undergird the fight and sustain it. 

Why war?  Because the character of this betrayal is precedent-setting.  It sticks out defiantly like owlish Mitch’s raised middle finger.  You see, as stupid as Republicans are -- and, by God, they can be an awfully dumb bunch -- McConnell and his troop of monolith-agitated apes have realized in their dull-wittedness that they really aren’t beholden to their voters, other than tossing them bleach-whitened toothy grins and occasional bones.

In this budget vote there’s an underlying decision of momentous importance.  It’s downright troubling. 

At a chilly December crossroads, McConnell and his gaggle trudged across Democrat lines.  Like Benedict Arnold in his day, these Republicans aren’t just visiting Schumer’s HQ for a spot of tea.  They’ve crossed into the enemy camp because that’s where they intend to stay.     

This deeper betrayal has far less to do with an ideological flip than a declaration that Mitch’s RINOs will boldly act with the Washington establishment and the nation’s cynical, power-hungry elite.  RINOs are publicly declaring their interests are aligned with the aforementioned.  Tough luck for the grassroots.  Bypassing the incoming GOP House to support the Democrats’ hydra-headed budget is casus belli.

There’s far, far more here than switching sides for more booty. 

RINOs are affirming Democrats coming out as authoritarians who mean to centralize ever-greater power in Washington, D.C.  The purposes are undercutting the people’s liberties,  radically altering the nation. In fact, cementing alliances with elites in corporate suites, the leftist academy, and other major institutions to monopolize power.  RINOs, in turn, are “transitioning” to full statist. 

Need we detail two years of Biden administration policies and Pelosi and Schumer-led efforts to have Uncle Sam control all elections, attack our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, promote the unrestricted killing of babies in the womb, destroy conventional energy exploration and production, erase the southern border, spend like crazy drunks, and… oh, what else?  If you need convincing at this juncture about Democrats’ and their allies’ intentions, you've got some hard work ahead of you.     

Whether RINOs are going statist because they’ve put a wet-finger-in-the-wind and reckon that’s where the wind is blowing, or because they actually believe that America shorn of freedom and borders, and glad to fight -- via proxy for the time being -- with nuclear-armed Russia, is TBD.  The guess is they’re hopping on the supposed statist trend to gain seats at the kids’ table.       

Of course, bigger picture, we needn’t believe that the amalgam of elites here and across the planet will stop at authoritarian rule, which, at least, gives a few inches of wiggle room to the oppressed.  No, the Great Reset -- the striving for techno-statist domination -- is underway. 

The nuts who failed to hitch a ride on Hale-Bopp back in ’97 are leading yet another attempt in the dreary annals of human history to impose a deadly utopian fantasy, this time not just on Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Germans, French, Cambodians, and you pick ‘em, but on the entire human race. 

What these cold Malthusians want to mold -- with the guidance of their Rasputin, Yuval Noah Harari -- out of the winnowed humanity they desire is a global hive, where a rarified few are the queens, while the rest -- when not stupefied by narcotics and video games -- are forced to labor with the odious clubby expressions of establishment Republicans.  Their aim is truly that wildly bizarre and potentially devastating. 

The point being that if totalitarianism emerges on these shores, it’ll be but a subset of a global totalitarianism, as articulated by Harari and his ally, German fanatic Klaus Schwab, and lesser known but dangerously vile accomplices.

Assuredly, the global picture is a few hundred pay grades beyond Mitch and his gang.  Connecting the dots beyond Democrat aspirations to thoroughly top-down America isn’t something these enablers and goody-gatherers do.  

The inevitable counter to this call for war is “But if we split the party, it’ll help the Democrats win in ’24!” 

Think establishment-enmeshed Mitch is going to pitch in to help Trump if nominated?  Mitch, who dumped Blake Masters and Don Bolduc to pour more money into Lisa Murkowski’s defeat of conservative Kelly Tshibaka?  Think Mitch regards DeSantis as more than Trump minus Twitter spats? 

Isn’t the party already spilt, de facto?  Yes.  RINOs are the minority, among whom are the McConnells, McCarthys, and Ryans who climb the greasy poles to leadership positions.  The tail wags the dog.          

What is a “unified” Republican Party accomplishing, anyway?  In 2023, will Mitch work for or scheme against conservative House initiatives?  What did Mitch and Paul Ryan do when the GOP controlled Congress, 2017-19?  Stymie Trump’s border measures, for one.      

Accomplishing what already, pray tell?  The wholesale capitulation by 18 traitorous GOP senators to Democrats on their gross pork-express of a budget

Must we continue to endure Mitch McConnell and his sellouts who pronounce solemnly that the Republican Party’s tiptop priority is further opening the spigot to pour $45 billion more of taxpayer dollars into the suspiciously “pro-liberty” Zelenskyy government’s war with Russia? 

What is the endpoint goal of that conflict?  Ousting Putin’s legions from Ukraine or, as loose cannon Lindsey Graham claims, to use Ukraine as a means of overthrowing Vladimir Putin, thereby leaving a power vacuum in Russia that may well be filled by an uber-aggressive, blood-lusting strongman who pales Putin by comparison? 

Yes, stoking the Ukraine War and giving the heave-ho to Putin is the GOP’s noblest aim, Mitch announces.  Or the Deep State’s.  A negotiated peace?  Nah. 

Meanwhile, the U.S.-Mexican border has evaporated as if Biden’s handlers detonated a series of Daisy Cutters along its length.

5.5 million illegals have surged mostly across the Rio Grande in less than two years.  Millions more will do so over the final two years of Biden’s term.  Deadly drugs enter the nation in torrents.  Americans are dying as a result.  Criminals slip into the U.S. along with “migrants.”  But, hey, Mitch’s Big Business check-strokers love cheap labor, so…  

McConnell has been Republican Senate leader since 2007, succeeding mostly forgotten Bill Frist.  It’s obscenely stifling for McConnell to be helming the Senate Republican Conference that long. 

Conservatives mustn’t wait for McConnell’s term to expire as leader in January 2025.  The 2024 elections loom, and McConnell will connive every which way to undermine conservatives in nomination fights and, as he’s proven, the General Election.  Rick Scott and Senate conservatives owe it to the grassroots to find ways of pushing McConnell toward the exit, rather sooner than later.   

The war is upon us, like it or not.  First step in winning, ditch Mitch. 

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.  He’s just returned to Twitter.  His Twitter handle is @JRobertSmith1.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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