Twitter Files: Yet It's Still a 50/50 Country

What's comforting about the Twitter Files is the satisfaction of knowing the exact connections between the wokey useful idiots at Twitter and their Deep State masters.

It's easy to think of the social-media big boys as cunning and malevolent monsters, but if they are anything like the world of SBF and FTX, it seems to me that they are shallow fools -- naifs, silly wokey putty in the hands of the regime security police. I just can't take a woman like Vijaya Gadde seriously. Or a man like Yoel Roth.

Maybe that's the point of today's woke education system. To train up weak, conformable non-binary Kates that literally know nothing but doing the bidding of their regime handlers -- without question.

The message that I get from all this is that our educated ruling class is in worse shape than we thought.

For instance: our culture is utterly dominated by our lefty friends in the educated class. Education is completely Democrat party stuff from K to college president. The media that ordinary people watch is completely Democrat. The media that educated people read is completely Democrat. The government administrative bureaucracy -- federal, state, and local -- is completely Democrat. Ordinary educated-class people that I meet in North Seattle are all completely satisfied by the liberal narrative.

And yet, a complete newcomer could be elected president in 2016, despite the dirty tricks of the Feds. After six years of Deep State shenanigans, the U.S. is still a 50-50 nation with neither party dominating either the presidency or the Congress. And that despite the leftist control of the culture and the puppet-masters pulling the strings of their social-media puppets.

How could the United States be a 50-50 nation when the culture is completely dominated by the Left? How could a complete newcomer win the presidency? Oh yeah, I forgot: Russia, Russia, Russia.

I was reading a piece by Matt Johnson on Francis Fukuyama and his End of History and the Last Man over at Quillette. To Matt, Fukuyama is a champion of "liberal democracy," which is the only political idea with any weight since the fall of the Soviet Union. In a 5,700-word piece, he gets to mention "liberal democracy" 22 times.

About which, I assert, there are two problems. First, the governance of our present educated ruling class is not "liberal." And second, it is not "democratic."

Presently, our educated ruling class imposes its educated-class worldview and narrative on everyone with a heavy hand, and any other opinion or narrative -- thanks to the Twitterati -- is marginalized and crushed. That ain't liberal.

Presently, our educated ruling class preens itself on "our democracy." Really? In no country on this Earth, so far as I know, does the people -- the demos -- get to rule. The closest the people get to ruling is electing politicians that are slaves to educated-class nostrums and narratives. And GOP officeholders well know that if they step off the received-narrative plantation the Dems will send the slavecatchers after them. That ain't democratic.

If the Twitter Files surprised me at all, it was the up-front involvement of the regime security police. In my "liberal democracy" the connection between the regime and the social media dupes would have been more "nod nod, wink wink, say no more" than appears to be the case. Because, really, if you noble lords flaunting your silk stockings and embroidered breeches in the royal courts of "liberal democracy" need to depend on Inspector Bucket of the Detective, you really need help.

If things are as bad as they seem, dear Deep State, I suggest that you suspend all anti-racism training for two years and mandate a course in Gaetano Mosca's The Ruling Class for everyone above the rank of Slavecatcher, Second Class.

One more thing. If Twitter chappie Yoel Roth, Global Head of Trust & Safety, was meeting regularly with the FBI and DoJ & Co. then, at some point, the regime was going to need a reason why the FBI was needed to help censor the bad actors on Twitter. Hey, I know! Why not gussie up the January 6 riots into a full-blown insurrection! That would prove that the censors were right all along! Donald Trump and everyone that stood with him were dastardly insurrectionists who should molder away in durance vile -- that's a fancy word for jail -- pre and posttrial.

Up to now the J6 Thingy has never really added up for me. After all, the Dems won in 2020. So why make such a big deal out of a bunch of peasants rioting? President Trump told his supporters to go to the Capitol; Dems encourage their supporters in mostly peaceful protesting. Fair is fair. But J6 starts to make sense if all the usual suspects feel they need a cover for using the FBI to get Trump. Just to be safe.

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