The Tyranny in America

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear media talking heads plaintively ask, "Why won't Biden or Harris visit the border?"  They ask the question genuinely believing that if either the President or the Vice President saw the looming existential disaster, it would change their minds. 

Such naiveté confirms Dr. King's idea that "nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Daily, we see the dictatorial moves by Biden and his administration.  We view the tears of those at the southern border who fear for their lives and property.  As the illegals surge into the country, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, crime, rampant drug use, violence, disease, death, and soul-searing fear continue to suffocate Americans.

Why, the reporters ask would be the reason for this?  There is a simple answer, but it is constantly skirted.  The Left lives to see absolute destruction of freedom.  Communists exult when liberty is tattered.  Progressives rejoice in limiting freedom.  It is the epitome of dictatorship whether it is a jab for a poison or a useless mask or the destruction of the sanctity of one's property. This is the picture of tyranny. 

The media who have sold their souls to Satan neither care nor want to learn the truth of the dire situations that beset the United States.  The fact-checkers are usually the handmaidens of the very sources of evil.

Many scoff at Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's assertion that "history" proves that Democratic President Joe Biden is leading a "communist takeover" of the United States. 

It's a communist regime. It's been a communist takeover of our country, and it happened on January 21. And that is who Joe Biden is.

The administration counts on people who admire communist ideas.  

The new comptroller of the currency selected by President Joe Biden is fresh off the Marxist bus, having graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 and since, spoken in glowing terms about communism

Biden—dementia and all, is the master stroke of the leftist ideology that Barack Obama ushered in when he promised to transform this country.

As explained in David Horowitz' The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America, "Black Lives Matter leaders identified with Communist totalitarians and with Islamic imperialists and terrorists" . . . [and] introduced a new dimension to American politics. 

It is one that Biden and his administration embrace.  Identity politics, incitement to violence, tolerance for anti-white bigotry, heralding corrupt school systems and defending the most egregious acts by communists are all palatable to Joe Biden and company.

The country is continually being fed a host of lies about equity, while true merit dies on the vine. i.e., Supreme Court Judge Katange; press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre – both checked off the correct boxes for diversity and inclusion even though this is an "anti-democratic ideology packaged as a democratic enhancement." 

Racist to the core, diversity-inclusion-equity (DIE) has now infiltrated the military and it is a "replica of the Bolsheviks' creation to shape a society and political order" and ensure that the Communist's Party's ideas will be carried out. Biden enshrines DIE ideology and the Democrats' all- encompassing dream to create a one-party state. 

Of course, illegal immigration will continue.  In the next two years of Biden's rule, another five million illegals will enter the country and thus an entrenched dictatorship will take hold.

Joe Biden's ties to communist China vis-à-vis Hunter Biden indicate the comfort with which the leader of the free world has concerning China.

Michael Walsh has written that "Make America Great Again" has become "Make America Grovel Again."  And this is exactly how the "punitive progressive left wants it as it goes about refashioning the country along the lines of its own fascist antecedents."

In good communist fashion, "justice is replaced with the overthrow of the rule of law and a replacement by a vengeful one-party state."  Biden's rule-by-decree continually shreds constitutional protections.  Walsh cites the word ukases or edicts as he describes the Biden presidency.  How apt a word as with a stroke of Biden's pen, Americans now have to deal with "command from the highest levels of government that could not be disobeyed -- ones that are final or arbitrary."  Think Covid shaming, lockdowns and jabs, anyone?

At the site, this constitutional attorney makes the case that Biden is creating an agenda "to repeat the Stalinist experiment of Marxist communism."  See in particular 26:08-31:47. She asserts that this presidential administration wants to expand presidential power beyond its current bloated state because the leaders claim that they are doing everything they can and yet the crisis still exists. 

Ergo, in order to alleviate the crisis (which the government brought about), the people end up wanting the government to do more.

The psychology of these statements as they are being released is to make the American people beg for the government to have more power.

When the government controls the schools, the government controls what can be taught but when the government controls the supply chain, then, the government can control what you can and cannot buy.

Think baby formula.

When the government controls the oil industry, then, the government can control how much you have or don't have. 

Think Keystone Pipeline.

When the government controls childcare, they can control what you have to do to get it.  Maybe not a job you have to have but a certain political ideology you must keep in order to have your childcare.

When government controls these things, this narrative, the psychology behind this constant barrage is to make the American people ... beg for the president to have more power.

Ultimately, "the overall agenda in expanding power beyond the Constitutional Authorization – the end result is to make the American people beg for communism."

In effect, government control of private industry, food and medicine is communism -- Marxism. 

It is why our Constitution was written to exclude government from these things especially the federal government.

All Americans should heed the words of W. H. Auden's poem "Epitaph on a Tyrant."

Perfection, of a kind, was what he was after,
And the poetry he invented was easy to understand;
He knew human folly like the back of his hand,
And was greatly interested in armies and fleets:
When he laughed, respectable senators burst burst with laughter,
And when he cried, the little children died in the streets.

Kris-Anne Hall asserts that her message "is a Constitution-predominates message.  This is an anti-Marxist communist message.  This is a pro-Constitutional Republic message."

Never in the history of America has such an aggressive front towards the establishment of a Marxist Communist country been mounted. 

Until now. 

So the next time gullible reporters of the Fourth Estate ask why, it is high time to educate them on the perils of communism.

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