The Long Con

We are the victim of policies that sound good and feel good but have the opposite effect, all by design. Too many examples of what amounts to malign intent should be readily visible to all. I have come to realize that our basic foundational teachings, our tribal law, and the social acclimatization that evolved over eons, no longer work. Many of us, especially our young, are no longer our authentic selves. We have morphed into an artificial social construct that sees us dazed and confused. Without knowing who we are, and what is important versus what is trivial, we have become overly compliant and frequently nothing more than useful idiots willingly following corrupt leadership.

Voting is no longer determinative. Our votes don’t matter, which goes a long way to explaining why people, despite their anger and frustration, are passive. Law-abiding citizens feel there’s nothing they can do short of taking to the streets.

The sole exception to law-abiding passivity is education because parents are galvanized on their children’s behalf. Local governments feel vulnerable because the Federal government is constantly testing the limits of what it can overtly do. Gov. Youngkin’s win in Virginia was a setback for government, but don’t think for a moment that parents won the war. The career Woke bureaucrats who really believe those are not your children but, instead, are theirs are just weathering the storm and then they’ll be back with a vengeance.

Image by Andrea Widburg using public domain material.

We live in the age of the Long Con. The government promises that its policies will improve our lives when those same policies only expand their powers and protect them from citizen wrath. The ongoing con sees many of us closing the door to traditional instincts because of the total frustration we feel.

The Constitution no longer functions according to long-standing tradition. The Left takes potshots at the Constitution every day, making a mockery of what was previously understood to be an inviolate document, but is no longer—at least not for those Leftists seeking its undoing. Even our Unalienable Rights, the cornerstone of our Republic, are frequently under attack. When they say, “Speech is violence,” where does that leave free speech?

Here are just some of the issues dragging us down.

  • The Religion of Climate Change
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Woke Educational Policies
  • World Instability
  • Assault on Privacy
  • Instant & Unfiltered Communications

All these issues are media driven to buttress efforts to extinguish personal rights at a rapid clip while, at the same time, the government creates new protections for itself. The Affordable Care Act is an excellent example of the government creating a false right to healthcare, when the truth is, the government is deciding the level of healthcare it allows us. This is, in effect, a limitation and not an expansion of rights. Another example is the Inflation Reduction Act, which will reduce freedom in many powerful ways.

According to the Heritage Foundation:

After reaching a high score in 2006, the United States fell from the “Free” category to “Mostly Free” in 2010. Economic freedom has continued to slide, hitting an all-time low this year, ranking America behind 24 other nations.

A free nation without Freedom? How does that work? Who decides what is constitutionally permissible? With the ever-expanding powers of the judiciary, the personal politics of a judge now frequently trumps time-honored Constitutional determinations. Where’s any restraint against this?

To see how the government decides our “freedom,” think of Biden’s plan to forgive a trillion dollars in student debt. Pelosi said Biden does not have the power to extinguish student debt. Biden claimed Congress gave him that power, which is blatantly false. Biden wanted the debt relief for political reasons. It likely was a major factor in killing the predicted red wave along with the Supreme Court’s correct decision to return the abortion issue to the states. When the dust settles, the constitutionality of indiscriminately canceling debt will likely be deemed illegal. Biden knew this before he went down that path. He just needed to play with the idea to enhance Democrat changes in the midterms.

Intentionally acting against what is in the best interests of our citizens is part and parcel of the Long Con. The lack of clarity Biden exploited is not just likely illegal, but also rises to the level of immorality. And that should be your big takeaway when you look at how the government plays with “liberty”:

A person who will do one immoral thing will attempt other immoral acts. Why? Because he is doing it for personal gain. Nobody just steals a little; once a thief, always a thief.

In this case, the theft is of the public’s trust, a crime against the People. We also call that corruption. None other than the Justice Department states: “Public corruption is a breach of the public’s trust by government officials who use their public office to obtain personal gain.” That’s accurate and true whether we are discussing some government bureaucrat offering favors, or the President of the United States swaying an election by promising impressionable young people $10,000 to $20,000 in debt forgiveness in exchange for voting in an election a week or a month away. This is but a single example of what Republicans believe are unfair election practices.

Corruption has existed in our political process forever. There’s always been horse trading (e.g., “I’ll give you this for that”), and it’s always been a morally reprehensible “cost of doing business.” It made us a bit poorer, but nobody was selling the crown jewels.

Today’s corruption, though, is not like yesterday’s corruption. What’s up for grabs today is not just money, but something much more important…our hearts and souls. Our place in the world and our children’s future. The Barbarians are at the gate, and they are attracted to our weakness. Like a Star Wars Bazaar, where anything and everything is for sale, our freedom is on the block. All the bedrock ideals we depend on are moving targets for anyone to pick off at will. There should be no need to enumerate the many aspects of our American civilization that are being redefined; most of you are keenly aware yet powerless to intercede.

Ultimately, woke politics and, especially, the new religion of virtue signaling have quieted too many of us, leaving us unable to holler at the top of our lungs how absurd our culture really is. Current issues suck up all the oxygen and dominate our culture. We now live with an artificiality of thought that is neither logical nor true but has become central to those that wish to reset all our lives by pounding us with their lies.

A major pushback is coming because we are fighting hard for all the marbles. Some will look away, others may seek legal redress, while still others see the writing on the wall and plan to take a different kind of action. What’s important for the moment is to observe and decide exactly what you are willing to risk (Your friendships? Your job? Your reputation?) to fight what’s coming. Discover your authentic self, which then will guide your actions in the not-too-distant future.

God bless America.

Allan J. Feifer

Author, Businessman, and Thinker. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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