The Democrats' Contempt for the American People

The inflation rate is still hovering around 8-9%, in contrast with the 1.4% when Donald Trump left office.  A record number of people (853) have died at the U.S. southern border in the past 12 months (and those are only the ones we know about and not including the people, including children, that were raped, robbed or killed on the trek through central America to the border).  Fentanyl pouring across the Southern border is killing 100,000 Americans a year.  Crime is way up in all major cities.  North Korea has resumed firing ballistic missiles over Japanese territory and has restarted its nuclear weapons program, both of which had been stopped under the Trump administration.  China has humiliated the United States on U.S. soil and is preparing to invade Taiwan.  Russia, which, according to the Democrat-media storyline, was supposed to be Trump’s boss, invaded Ukraine soon after Biden’s inane remark that a little invasion might not be a big deal, resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and massive economic dislocation around the world, while Trump remains the only president in the past four presidents that has not presided over Russian aggression against a neighbor.  Biden, who criticized Trump for cozying up to dictators, has gone begging to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, for oil to bring down U.S. gas prices.  Economic experts are once again talking about a major recession in the near future.  Trust in American institutions, including the media, the FBI, etc., is at an all-time low.  One would think that in such dire circumstances Biden would display some humility, but no!  Instead, he acts as if he has once again vanquished the ever elusive Corn Pop from a 1962 Delaware swimming pool.

In a press conference on November 2022 Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer questions after New York Post reporter Steven Nelson yelled out a question to Dr. Fauci concerning what he had done to investigate the origins of COVID:

We have a process here.  I'm not calling on people who yell and you're being disrespectful to your colleagues and… to our guest [Fauci].  I will not call on you if you yell… I'm done! I'm not getting into a back-and-forth with you.

It is not clear why Jean-Pierre is so snippy because shouted questions to the WH press secretary, guests of the press secretary or even the President of the United States by reporters have been quite common over the years.  If one wants to see rude and disrespectful shouting by reporters recall some of the press behavior at Trump press conferences when, for example, he tried to tell the truth about the Steele dossier that Hillary Clinton and the DNC had purchased to frame him. 

One must infer that the Biden administration does not believe that the peasants have a right to know about the origins of the Coronavirus that has, so far, killed over 6.6 million people in the world and over 1.1 million in the United States.  

When Trump, who had been blindsided by the virus, was the president, Biden stated that no one who had presided over 220,000 virus deaths should be the president of the United States, but after he was installed as president with a big “D” behind his name and the death toll is almost five times what it was under Trump, Joe’s calls for the resignation of any president who has presided over so many deaths has been cancelled.  The Biden administration’s and what passes for our “news” media’s new mission seems to be to prevent anyone from asking the Biden administration’s beloved Dr. Fauci, who, with his close ties to the Wuhan Lab, if he or his communist Chinese comrades had anything to do with the origins of the pandemic.  One would certainly not want to embarrass Hunter’s paymasters in the Chinese Communist Party.

In fact, Democrats like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Swalwell, etc., regularly refuse to answer questions concerning the people’s right to know how their country is being run.  By contrast, the despised Donald Trump, acknowledging the peoples right to know, was very accessible to the “news” media.

Janet Yellen, who always sounds like someone found at the Arts and Crafts Room at Bellview Psychiatric (or perhaps a Harvard faculty lounge), now blames the high inflation (which, by the way, she had earlier said would not be a problem), not on herself or the Biden administration that has been printing money like it’s Monopoly money, but on the peasants for “splurging.”  The American people deserve a government, not a clown show.

When asked by Zeke Miller "What do you intend to do differently," following the midterms, Biden replied "Nothing." Biden appears to have forgotten that the democratic process is supposed to be about the well-being of the American people, not that of the Democrat Party. The facts that his party -- via its ballot-harvesting schemes, its bankrolling of “extremist” Republican candidates that it knew would not win in the general election, its dishonest representation of the consequences of overturning Roe vs. Wade, and Biden’s cynical buying votes with his unconstitutional student loan forgiveness scheme -- has managed to avoid a large “red wave” does nothing to solve problems for the American people.  Despite the Democrat party’s good fortune in the mid-terms, polls indicate that a vast majority of the American people see the country on the wrong track and disapprove of the Democrat’s and Biden’s extreme leftist policies

Biden and the Democrats clearly do not care about the suffering of the American people or the immigrants, but only for their own money and power. They obviously see the American people as sheep to be played with one hoax after another rather than answering their questions.  The fact that the Democrats managed to stave off the “red wave” has literally nothing to do with Joe Biden’s enormously unpopular policies. 

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