Republican Babes-in-the-Woods Will Soon Meet the Democrat Realpolitik

When they take control of the House, Republicans have said that they will investigate Joe Biden.  

Democrats will not sit still for this and are already preparing to attack any investigations and any Republicans who are involved. 

Republicans have made no secret of the fact that in the new Congress, they are planning to use their oversight powers to launch investigations of the Biden clan’s finances, the fiasco at the southern border, and the politicization DOJ/FBI – among other things.  

They likely believe that their Democrat colleagues will sit still for this the same way that the Republicans did when they were attacked and demonized over the past six years.  

And usual, they’d be wrong.   

The Democrats have no intention of sitting quietly while the truth about the Bidens and their ties to China comes out.  They intend to not only fight back, but to fire the first shots.  As Admiral David Farragut said during the Civil War: “The best defense is a well-directed fire from your own guns.”  They see this as a war and intend to fight to win.  The Republicans have not yet learned this lesson. 

Being early on the attack is nothing new for the Democrats.  In 2008, a group of leftist/progressive activist political reporters, bloggers, academics, magazine authors, and policy types led by Ezra Klein formed a group called “Journolist.”  Among other things, they reportedly coordinated talking points used in the media to unify the leftist messages attacking conservatives.  

An article in the Daily Caller was titled “2008 – The year journalism really died.” 

In it they explained how Klein’s group worked to kill any articles linking Barack Obama to racist sermons by Jeremiah Wright when the Obama family attended his church.  Their chief tactic was to call anyone supporting the stories racists. Journolist members then denied being partisan propagandists, but outside the Fox News coverage, the Obama/Wright stories ceased in the mainstream press.  Coincidentally, Democrats calling political opponents racists for any reason at all is a tactic that continues to this day.  

More recently, the Biden administration tried to set up an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” that they called the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB).  Leaked reports say that as early as September 2021, DHS Secretary Mayorkas had begun work on the DGB.   

At first, Secretary Mayorkas said that the DGB would concentrate on disinformation from foreign adversaries and drug cartels.  Later he said that the board would focus on international criminal organizations and human traffickers.  But leaked documents indicated that from the beginning the DGB was designed to monitor (and intimidate?) the domestic free speech of American citizens on politically controversial subjects such as: 

  • Election security and validity; 
  • Efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines; 
  • The usefulness of mask mandates; 
  • The origins of the COVID-19 virus.   

It’s likely that anything disadvantageous to the Democrats – would have been called “Disinformation” by the DGB.  (First cousin to the KGB?) 

Fortunately for Americans, the DGB was dropped due to massive pushback, but there are still issues.  Sen. Josh Hawley complained that Mayorkas had lied to him about the DGB not meeting, when its steering committee had met on a weekly basis.  Then, since Mayorkas repeatedly said the DGB would only be concerned with foreign entities – did he lie under oath to Congress when it also targeted Americans?  And if so, will the Biden DOJ do anything about it? 

The real tipping point for new censorship of conservatives came in 2022 when Republicans won the House of Representatives in the midterms.  This made it necessary for the Democrats to take control the narrative so they could defend the Biden administration’s globalist agenda.  Their plans were to implement information and perception warfare activities – with American voters as the targets and the media as their allies.   

A November news report said that the Democrats had set up what they call a “Congressional Integrity Project” – basically a war room to turn the facts surrounding Biden’s corruption into simple political narratives.  This as they feel that with a compliant press they can win a battle of perceptions more easily than they can a battle of facts.  One thing they will do is call anything printed by the Republicans as coming from the typical Trump playbook of personal attacks (and racism).  This, of course, comes from people who for the last six years have specialized in nothing else but personal attacks on Trump and any non-Democrats – calling them traitors, extremists, and racists. 

Another article the Politico (D?), said that the “Congressional Integrity Project”  was simply: “Investigating the investigators: Dem strategists to launch counterpunch to House GOP.”  They said that it was a multi-million-dollar hub to counter any attacks shedding light on the Bidens, the Dem leadership, and the communist Chinese.  They said: “investigate the investigators, expose their political motivations and the monied special interests supporting their work, and hold them accountable for ignoring the urgent priorities of all Americans in order to smear Joe Biden and do the political bidding of Trump and MAGA Republicans.”  Translation – forget the truth and focus on how we present our fake talking points + Orange Man Bad.  (A multi-million-dollar hub – they always seem to be extremely well funded.) 

Along these lines, Biden’s White house recently dismissed the Hunter laptop stories as – Old News.  Old News, while at the same time Democrats continue to go back centuries to find dirt on anyone, including Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson – if it serves their modern socialist propaganda purposes. 

At this point it’s good to remember what Paul A. Goble, a former State Department official, said in his article: “How Russian and Soviet Propaganda Differ.” 

The Russians he said, had learned that in an information era they could count on deceiving only those who wanted to be deceived.  Fortunately for them, he continued, these gullible individuals are extremely numerous.  An addition to this would be – and you can count on the American press to keep them gullible and accepting of the socialist messaging. 

There are two considerations here.  First, much of this came out before Elon Musk released the Twitter emails that exposed the collusion between social media, the DNC, the Biden campaign, and possibly government agencies.  But it sure fits the way they have always done business.  Second, the empire is already striking back.  The mainstream press is already working with/for the Democrats trying to downplay the Laptop from Hell scandal.  Additionally, Wikipedia is reportedly considering removing entries on the collusion Twitter Files Elon Musk has released from their site.  One reason they gave was that they were nothing new and had been ignored by the media. 

Ignored by the media.  There you have the Liberal media’s playbook and their most dangerous tool.  First, they ignore an inconvenient story – then they say it never happened because they didn’t report it.  And if you argue the point they (and all their friends) will call you extremists and racists. 

As they say in advertising, if you're explaining you're losing.  Democrats attack.  The Republicans snivel and defend and never attack.  That’s why no one pays any attention to their arguments.  This must change if things have any chance of getting better.

Image: Hippopx // CC0 public domain

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