It's 'Trump Will Never Be President' All Over Again

We have entered a time warp and are now in 2015 and 2016.  Donald Trump will never be president, we hear from everyone.

Evidence for same includes that Trump-endorsed candidates for Senate were defeated in the recent midterms.  He must be the kiss of death the national media proclaim.

The "let's blame Trump" crowd forget the Dobbs decision "ending abortion," the great student loan scam, the marijuana legalization ploy, and the Big Lie about losing our democracy.  All of these are chimeras.  Abortion is not illegal — just turned over to the states which are mostly protecting it quite well.  The student loan scam was ruled unconstitutional, and marijuana is not going to be legalized on the federal level any time soon.  As for our democracy, we'll lose it a lot quicker with fraudulent elections than by discussing how to prevent fraud in the future.

But the base looking for handouts afflicted with low information fell for the 24/7 media bleating and the ravings of a demented old man and turned out to save something of Democrats' dignity.  Yes, Republicans lost the Senate, but the prognostications before the media hype about the Red Wave said they would anyway.  Last I looked, Republicans took the House.  Imagine if Trump hadn't campaigned for them to "end Nancy Pelosi's career"!

Mitch McConnell, who is a lot more responsible than Trump for the Senate loss and was also in 2020, says a candidate who has dinner with anti-Semites will never be president.  Must be so.  Even Victor Davis Hanson has jumped on that bandwagon. 

Getting that out of the way: Trump's dinner with Ye and the other lunatic should never have happened, and whoever vets who gets to have dinner with him should be fired.  Full stop.

But let us not forget this is a man that five grandchildren call Zayde, with a daughter who is an Orthodox Jew, a son who did business with Jews his whole life, whose father financially supported a synagogue in Queens, N.Y. until the day he died and which Trump continued to support, who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel when no one else had the courage to do so and brought some measure of peace and hope to the Middle East with the Abraham Accords, who bought Mar-a-Lago because they wouldn't let Jews and Blacks play golf there.  If that man is an anti-Semite, he does a poor job of it.  So the dinner was stupid.  He's got some weird soft spot for Ye; God knows why, and the other guy he did not know.  In his own bizarre way, he did apologize: "I didn't know who he was."  That's an apology for Trump.

VDH says he has to change his behavior.  But it is precisely Mr. Trump's social media escapades and sometimes intemperate remarks from 2016, when the press announced his campaign's demise, that led people to join up with him and elect him president.  Have you had any discussion with a regular person in real life about it?  Someone who is not a Twitter accolade or a liberal pundit?  He said a lot of stuff on Twitter, but look at what he did for the country: low unemployment; no new wars; keeping Putin and Kim Jung-un at bay while negotiating the first Mideast peace in 25 years; destruction of ISIS and the elimination of two of the world's worst terrorist murderers of Americans; the roaring economic progress; lowest unemployment ever for Blacks, Hispanics, women, and pretty much everyone else; creation of a new military branch (the Space Force); reform of the V.A.; the Sentencing Act, which did more for Black inmates than any whining and complaining about "over-incarceration" ever did.  Who else did that?  Who else do you think could do that with investigations, bogus prosecutions, and Clinton hoaxes hanging around 24/7?

Who else can withstand that onslaught?  Ron DeSantis?  He's already running to the RINOs to support him over Trump.  Do you think DeSantis has the intestinal fortitude to deal with the barrage of invective, investigations, character assassination, and destruction from the left on a national level?  It has already started with questioning his service in Guantanamo.  "Secretive, took part in torture, blah, blah."  Just wait.  They're lining up the liars as we speak.

DeSantis is a politician.  Trump is not.  For instance, can you imagine Ron DeSantis standing up for a defamed Supreme Court candidate as Trump did for Brett Kavanaugh?  A politician would cut the losses.  Trump hung in there and defeated the maniacs.

Consider this as well: almost everyone wants something and can be bribed with it.  Not Trump.  What would you bribe him with?  Anyone else would have two or three Nobel Peace Prizes for what he has accomplished already.  But he's not in it for that.  Or for money or anything else people want.  He's in it because he thinks he can save America.  That's powerful protection from the corruption of high office.

Trump is the man — the last chance we have to save ourselves from a dystopian future, from humiliation at the hands of China and Russia, from the exploitation and sexualization of our children, from the woke craziness of equity and communism masquerading as political correctness.  With him we have a chance to stop all the lunacy, to bring back some sense to our foreign policy, sense to our economic policy, and eventually bring the people of this country together while setting this country back on its feet as the leader of the free world. 

Trump doesn't need any of this Kafka trial he finds himself in.  But he says that it is his duty — remember that word: duty — to put aside the part that says, "Donald, go retire and play golf."  He believes he can restore the country he loves and all the Americans in it, because, like Ronald Reagan and even Abraham Lincoln, he truly believes that America is a shining beacon on the hill with a sacred duty — there's that word again — and a destiny to make the world a safe and better place.

I don't think DeSantis can survive the onslaught.  Look at his silence now.  He has been hooked by Republicans who want a return to the old days, when they were allowed to be part of the elite — if they behaved as the Dems instructed.  Pretty seductive — just go along, Ron.

It is the going along that has destroyed the Republican Party — and, ultimately, can destroy the country. 

So pardon me for backing Donald Trump and not the pundits or pols.  We need Trump, the man who doesn't go along.  Trump fights for America and Americans, and that is why we need to do everything we can to help him be re-elected in 2024.

Correction: Lara Trump, some news stories to the contrary, is not Jewish. Language to the contrary has been deleted.

Image: via YouTube, CC BY 3.0.

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