In Elections, It's Not The Votes That Count, It’s The Ballots That Count

Politics may be a blood sport, but frankly, when the stupid party (Republicans) insists on “issues,” the evil party (Democrats) quietly laughs. When you’re at war, you must overwhelm the enemy, and that’s what Dems do. With ballots, not votes. Ballots are the lifeblood of politics, while graft is the mother’s milk. Get enough ballots, and you win. It’s just that simple. Until the Republican Party understands this, it will always lose, and America can’t survive much more losing.

Mail in ballots. In-person early vote ballots. Election Day in-person ballots. Ballots that arrive days after the election is “over.” Those are what get counted, and that’s not what should be counted. The audit of the Maricopa County election in 2020 recounted all those ballots, and came up with…

Bupkis. The machines did a good job of counting ballots. They couldn’t identify bad ballots because that’s not what they’re built to do. Is the problem that Republicans have “bad candidates?” That’s what Cocaine Mitch says. But he’s mostly wrong.

Theories about machine errors are a lost cause. We can prove that someone hacked the election, and no Court seems interested. As Ben Franklin supposedly said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Or in legal terms, we are better off preventing a legal conflict than trying to resolve one in court.

Republicans try to get voters to the polls, while Democrats really don’t care about voters. (You can take that any way you like, and you’d be correct.) They want to get ballots to the polls. Which again proves that Democrats are the evil party while Republicans are the stupid party. You don’t fix food poisoning after you’re sick. You use good food and cook it properly. The same applies to elections. Therefore, we must start with a definition that Trump attorney Jenna Ellis thought was actually important.

“An election is the counting of preferences expressed by eligible, properly registered voters in the time place and manner prescribed by the legislature.”

The first step must be to clean the voter rolls. One tool is databases that list change-of-address, utility service, driver’s license changes, and so on. Unfortunately, there’s a delay between those events and the time the information shows up. If you want to look a year later, you may get good data, but the election is long past. You can’t mount a defense after the enemy has already overrun your position.

Image: Stacks of ballots in 2016 all addressed to people living in one elderly person’s apartment.

One method was used in Wisconsin. Using those databases—again less than timely, but working long before ballots are mailed—they identified 12,555 vacant addresses with registered voters in Dane and Milwaukee counties. Another 29,000 were in the NCOA database. Another 22,500 address errors were found. That’s about 60,000 excess voters in just two counties. Donald Trump lost Wisconsin in 2020 by 20,682 “votes”—about one-third of just these excess “voters.” Curiously, after these counties were cleaned up, Republican Ron Johnson was re-elected by 26,718 votes. Did the Dems lose the ammunition they needed to win that battle?

This problem is widespread. Judicial Watch has identified 353 US counties with more registered voters than voting-age adults. Los Angeles County has 12% more voters than adult citizens. California has 101% of its adults registered. Judicial Watch had to sue to get the rolls cleaned up.

Typical voter registration is about 75% of eligible adults, and about 60-70% of them actually vote in a general election. With 30 million adults in California, these numbers indicate almost ten million excess ballots floating around. There’s no surprise that Democrats win most elections there. The real surprise is that Republicans win any.

There are simple techniques to pare down the number of phony ballots available. Ground-level surveys can identify non-residential locations where “voters” are registered. Many of these empty lots and businesses actually voted early and often.

Cutting out these fraudulent ballots would reduce the amount of ammunition available for the Dems to steal elections. But there’s more. We Are Speech has done yeoman research on high tech fraud methods. In one county, just before time to mail ballots out, zip codes for 31,500 voters were changed in the voter database. Voters still got all of their other mail but not their ballots. A couple of days later, all the zips zipped back to their original number.

In theory, an undeliverable ballot should be returned to the elections office unopened. But are we stupid enough to believe that that’s what really happens? Perhaps Democrats had a crew ready before making that zip code switch?

Someone at the local post office for that incorrect zip code was expecting those undeliverable ballots. Maybe, instead of returning them to the voting office as undeliverable, they got put in a box that was picked up and taken to a Democrat party office. Then, suppose that each of them was opened, “voted,” and posted back to the elections office. Presto! Thousands of new Democrat votes appear, and no one knows because the same guy who switched the zip codes switched them back the day after the ballots were mailed out. No one was the wiser, and there were no breadcrumbs to follow to find the fraud. Every ballot was “from” a voter on the rolls.

It might be the perfect crime, but We Are Speech has people smart enough to look in the right places at the right time. It’s quite simple to use computers to compare yesterday’s database with today’s, looking for changes. This sort of wholesale change is easy to spot, but you must be willing to look. The RNC hasn’t bothered to look, and that’s criminally negligent. When you compare the millions being spent on advertising, the cost of buying the database every day is chump change. And the Dems are doing it to make sure that they get every available ballot and every Dem voter on their side.

As you can now see, the fix is fairly simple. First, fire Ronna McDaniel. Either Mike Lindell or Harmeet Dillon would immediately start the intervention. Daily database comparisons would uncover this fraud almost everywhere, and local officials would start to see their malfeasance presented in court. The data is incontrovertible, and the scam would dry up as fraudsters find their address changing to the crossbar hotel.

You don’t win a war on the front lines. You win it by wiping out the enemy’s supply lines. Ukraine has prevailed so far by being able to strike Russian supply depots, preventing its soldiers from having adequate fuel, food, and munitions. We won World War II by obliterating Germany’s industrial base with the Eighth Air Force. In the Pacific, our submarines strangled Japan by sinking oil tankers.

In elections, we must wipe out the Democrat supply of loose ballots so that the polls only record legitimate votes. If this happens, there will be a lot of surprise Republican wins, because Democrats won’t be able to dump enough extra ballots to overwhelm legitimate votes. This process should begin immediately with the Republican National Committee. Other organizations such as True the Vote will assist. Ideally, the Secretary of State for every state will begin doing this as a function of proper state oversight. The SoS won’t even need legislation. He (or she) can “Just Do It!”

Every time the Dems invent a new scam, we need to identify it soonest. Then we need to employ countermeasures just as quickly. We must win this war by starving the enemy. And make no mistake, the Democrat party is our enemy, not our opponent. They want to destroy us and America. It’s time to stop being the stupid party.

Ted Noel MD is a retired Anesthesiologist/Intensivist who podcasts and posts on social media as DoctorTed and @vidzette. His DoctorTed podcasts are available on many podcast channels.

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