DIE on the Road to Global Tyranny

Francis Fukuyama claimed, dubiously, that we are witnessing the end of history, with the universalization of liberal democracy as the final form of human government.  Yet we live in a world of worrisome pendulum shifts.  Republican congressional leaders disprove Fukuyama's claim as they celebrate their stunning betrayal of the American people by supporting the passage of the $1.7-trillion McConnell-Schumer omnibus bill.  Rather than protect America's southern border and comply with Congress's constitutional duty, this bill moves the country farther to the left by explicitly funding a "woke" identity group supporting LGBT indoctrination in elementary schools, abolishing ICE, and defunding the police.  At the same time, this bill hands more power to a federal government dedicated to the preposterous claim that America is systemically racist.

This explosive proposition is aided and abetted by several additional contentions.  Dangerous contentions include claims that enforcing the United States Constitution fairly and equally, administering laws without focusing on visual identity, and advancing merit rather than identity-based preferences are forms of unconscious racism.  Such claims flourish because our overlords ignore the observation that truth is no defense against fools determined to believe lies.

Elites' hysterical claims verify René Girard's observation that concern for victims overwhelms modern culture and signals a genuine exhaustion of all other sources of authority.  Elites' vulgar claims regarding race also ignore evidence showing that Asian-American women surpass white men in weekly earnings, as well as data showing that Syrian-Americans, Korean-Americans, and Filipino-Americans had significantly higher median household incomes than whites.  They also have higher test scores, lower incarceration rates, and longer life expectancies.  Indeed, African-born black women had higher earnings than U.S.-born white women.  

Despite such evidence, Critical Race proponent Ibram X. Kendi contends that the solution to past discrimination is state-sponsored present discrimination and the solution to current discrimination is future government-mandated discrimination favoring those classified as society's victims.  Hence, Kendi and proponents of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) reject Chief Justice Roberts's perceptive claim that the way to stop discriminating based on race "is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."

Rather than prevent discrimination based on race, DIE advances such discrimination.  This approach has become the guiding principle and dominant focus of many foundations, corporations, academic institutions, and the federal government.  Philanthropic foundations are particularly pernicious in advancing DIE.  This is so because foundations fund early-stage research and development designed to solve societal issues.  Thus, whatever philanthropies support today has the potential for widespread implementation in the future.  

Not to be outdone in advancing this toxic agenda, the World Economic Forum continues to push DIE by emphasizing identity-based rights.  In reality, this approach often hides the WEF's ambition to dominate the world via tyrannical control by elites who seek to collapse any sustainable democratic order.  Tyranny can be seen in the Davos, Switzerland–based WEF push for the Great Reset.  This move links social justice issues to oppressive COVID-19 policies, vaccine mandates, climate change apocalypticism, social protest in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, and green energy mania.  Collaborative efforts by the U.S. government and the WEF are designed to eradicate the best aspects of the American experiment, which has brought prosperity and opportunity to many rank-and-file Americans.

Fleeing from the rule of law, respect for individual rights, and equal treatment under the law, globalist cultural elites no longer wish to advance the interest of working and middle-class Americans.  Instead, they disdain such groups.  They prefer to push an agenda that ultimately impoverishes Americans, including members of ethnic groups they claim to care about.  Impoverishment advances because the DIE's foundational "white privilege" thesis distracts from a focus on human development.  Focusing on human development — stable families, stable fatherhood, and healthy study habits — has generated favorable results for Asian-Americans and others, including second-generation West Indian blacks.  

To be clear, DIE is a social justice movement that ignores evidence showing that between 1940 and 1960, the black poverty rate fell by 40 percentage points.  During the 1960s, median black household income doubled without racial preferences.  Ignoring such evidence, DIE, like most ideologies, including Critical Race Theory, promises an earthly paradise fueled by revolutionary neo-Marxist ideas.  But instead of delivering on its promise of liberty, this ideology advances discrimination against Asian-Americans and others.  Modern social justice movements, just like progressivism and the New Deal, place Westerners in bondage rather than delivering on the promise of unlimited freedom.

Taken as a whole, the DIE movement led by neo-liberal, neo-revolutionary elites is a Marxist-inspired ideology that seeks the destruction of Western civilization.  This movement is part of a counter-revolution led by our cultural overlords.  The DIE movement facilitates a dazzling transfer of wealth from the working and middle classes to the wealthy.  Incapable of accommodating diverse beliefs and not content with merely transferring wealth, this movement now demands more.  Hence, philanthropic institutions, governments, and academic institutions want to control our daily lives — even our thoughts — while reinterpreting and reimagining the Constitution to ensure that average Americans no longer count.  The weaponization of race and other forms of human identity is the first step in a deadly process designed to devalue the lives of ordinary people, who will never be invited to Davos, Switzerland.   

Harry G. Hutchison is a senior lecturing fellow at Regent University.  His latest book is Requiem for Reality: Critical Race Theocrats and Social Justice Dystopia.

Image: JMacPherson via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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