A Foundation of Sand

The FBI and the rest of the Deep State’s witch hunts against innocent Trump supporters and associates are well documented. If you do not know that our governmental institutions are perfectly partisan and corrupt, no quantity or quality of evidence will convince you at this point. The evidence is overwhelming that the federal KGB/FBI is more than willing to both cover up the crimes of consummate Cultural Marxists while prosecuting the non-crimes of anyone who would dare mock or flout the sacred rites of the wokeshevik creed, or undermine, no matter how trivially, the interests of the Washington regime, to the extent those matters are separable. Not only is the FBI not interested in the Biden family’s many crimes, some of which are fairly serious, it is even farming out its dirty work to its agents and assets in the corporate world (CEOs, CFOs, general counsels at Twitter) so as to protect the state criminals at the helm of the imperial regime in Washington.

It is of course still quite sensible to acknowledge that the “rule of law” has been lost, because it has been devoured by partisans in the media and in law enforcement, but it is more fruitful to wonder whether the “rule of law” is even possible in a nation such as ours. A government as power-hungry and corrupt as ours minds not the laws, but perhaps more importantly, a critical mass of our own people have grown hyperpolarized and hyperracialized, not merely resentful and cynical, but downright disdainful of large portions of their fellow Americans.

No one is really and truly safe from the law now. Not only are the hostile leftists who predominate in our colossal police and security state now quite open about wanting to crush, disarm, and declare anyone to the right of Trotsky a dangerous extremist and/or white supremacist, whether you are white or not, but that craven, rotten enmity is now also firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of the people. When that kind of outlook has taken root in the minds and the hearts of the people, the law and its rules are no buffer against persecution. Instead, the law itself is apt to become persecutory.

The recent prosecution” of the Trump Organization in New York seemed like a foregone conclusion to most conservatives, because it was. Trump and anything associated with Trump is guilty merely for existing in much of the Empire State. Trump, you see, is a mortal threat to “diversity,” our “greatest strength” as you know, when it is not being used/exploited to divide us and weaken us as a people, making rational public policy an impossibility thereby. Trump, as you know, is not just the former president, he is a monster, a Hitlerian golem of sorts, a failed dictator, and an enemy of our pretend republic. To believe him not guilty is not even possible to these folks.

You do not need a court to rule upon the relevance of evidence where the evidence itself is not actually relevant. Could the Trump Organization have been more guilty than Michael Sussmann for instance? Even pretty open-and-shut cases against left-leaning swamp creatures can no longer be shut, disregarding here the wisdom of certain laws like “lying to the police,” which I personally oppose, and the so often selective application of such “criminal offenses,” and of course the tyrannical use of those laws to extract pleas from innocent suspects and defendants. It seems Democrats simply refuse to convict fellow Democrats at this point. In a battle between good and evil, between white supremacy and diversity, little things like guilt and innocence are immaterial.

Anyone, avowed dissident or regular Joe, who would dare disrespect or disregard the plethora of rules and mores of the American power class, who would question the official narrative on subjects as diverse as sex and race, or even the wisdom and piety of Saint Fauci, is at risk of being targeted by the institutions of power in this country, which is to say censored with impunity, imprisoned without trial more or less indefinitely, or made to grovel for imaginary sins, ancient as well as modern. They can be made into criminals rather easily by the state criminals who rule the roost. And why not? With the criminal codes as vast as they are, and with the plea bargain regularly transforming might into right, you must understand, everyone is at risk.

But to make matters worse, if a defendant takes a case all the way to trial they simply cannot depend upon their fellow citizens to do right by them. We are not a nation of virtue and good sense any longer. Did American jurors do right by Guy Reffitt, a man with no criminal history, or Alexander Kueng, a mere underling who simply stood by just as the civilian onlookers did, while George Floyd was killed? Did the blue-backing jurors in Arizona do right by Daniel Shaver? It is hardly just the leftist regions of America that have been infected by hyperpartisan, perfectly irrational attitudes and modes of thought. Daniel Shaver was executed on video, and yet his murderer was acquitted all because he was a “government hero,” which is essentially an oxymoron by the way. But where there is no objectivity, there is no rule of law. After all, weighing evidence fairly requires objectivity, does it not? But where can you find objectivity today in America? All that does not serve the state’s interests is “misinformation” now!

Again, our hyperpartisan political landscape has no tolerance for evidence or reason. We cannot agree on the facts anymore, or the terms of the debate. Mass-scale censorship of the Right is not really occurring, but it is great that it is! The great replacement is a conspiracy theory, but you deserve it, whitey! And many of us no longer trust the integrity of the vote, and rightly so. Why the heck should we? Where is the honor and integrity in our public officials? It takes men of principle to uphold principles. Where does justice fit into this picture? Where can the law?

Something has to give here. Such a political arrangement as ours simply cannot hold under such conditions of total sociocultural, sociopolitical, and intellectual degeneracy. We are well down the road to political disintegration/government dissolution, folks. When all is a war between good and evil, the law is but a weapon, and any order that arises from it is certain to be highly ideological, not to mention cruel and repressive, if not downright tyrannical. Any call for order (even so as to “keep us safe,” a call suggesting not just a deformed and unnatural dependency upon government for security, but also a childish belief in the efficacy of policing itself) where a government is as corrupt as ours, where our own people literally wish us harm, is a prayer to be persecuted, it is to beg for chains befitting the chains on our minds.

Image: Andrew Bone

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