2020: The Year the Ruling Class Took Control

A reminder to those in today's progressive and woke establishment who forgot about Georgia changing its election laws after the 2020 cycle. The world went ballistic, claiming it to be racist voter suppression and Jim Crow 2.0.  Major League Baseball moved the all-star game out of Atlanta to punish the state. There was a lot of angst and handwringing coming from major corporations, such as Delta Airline, which has its headquarters in Atlanta, when the CEO 'blasted' the new law as 'unacceptable' and 'based on a lie.'

But there has been a record turnout in the special election for a Senate seat between two black men over the last couple of weeks where over 1.5 million early votes have been cast. This is a prime example of the hysteria that always originates from the establishment that is never true and has destroyed their credibility. Yet they keep doing this kind of thing over and over again. Political persecution of Donald Trump is another example of this kind of thing.

Although the 2020 election technically wasn't rigged, it was manipulated in the name of the pandemic that was clearly unconstitutional in key states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin, when changes were made to benefit the Democrats without first going through state legislatures. More than likely the Supreme Court declined to hear the legal challenge that came to them was because it was such a hot potato, meaning they knew exactly what would happen if they took the case and ruled that the changes were unconstitutional. It would have literally set the country on fire much in the same way George Floyd's death ignited a year of unprecedented rioting and mayhem. 

Manipulation is the key word when it comes to the Democrats. Calls to pack the Supreme Court and the Senate, eliminate the filibuster, and change the way the Electoral College works all point to the fact the Democrats and the Left never rest in their nonstop efforts to manipulate the political and judicial systems to their advantage.  In a way, they really are geniuses in identifying ways to manipulate the system. They're not always successful, but they're always trying, and for now they've succeeded in changing the way elections work in many states by making mail-in voting, ballot drop boxes, and ballot harvesting legal. Democrats can get away with these ongoing shenanigans, especially the coverup of the coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story, is because nearly every major institution in the country is controlled by progressives in positions of authority at those institutions, most in the corporate mainstream media.

There's been a lot of talk lately using terns like “ruling class” and “the elites.” This is who they're referring to, those who can now influence social policy unilaterally and in the process. You can say with a fair amount of confidence that society and culture is clearly rigged in favor of today's progressives. It's almost as if they were lying in wait for the pandemic and George Floyd's death to happen so they could unleash all of their power on the rest of the country. This came in the form of lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccine mandates, censorship, wokeness, and cancel culture, almost entirely implemented by unelected people both inside and outside of government. 

Is the world really a better place when a major league baseball and football team got rid of their names, a black woman wearing an apron was removed from bottles of maple syrup, and a squaw was removed from butter containers all in the name of social justice? It's totally laughable, but these are all examples of the top-down cancel culture the country has been experiencing since 2020. Every day there are numerous articles identifying the rotten woke establishment consolidating its control. Here are links to four of them recently posted to their respective websites: "From Social Credit to Social Control," "How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media?" "Lady Hussey and the Tyranny of Identity," "Rising Wokeness in Medical School is a Problem for Patients Everywhere."

A much more ominous example of the power of the ruling class coming completely out of the closet in asserting control was the firing of a partner in a Los Angeles-based law firm. She had committed the unpardonable sin of expressing her support during an internal conference call for the Supreme Court Dobbs v Jackson decision that overturned the landmark Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide. She simply agreed with the Supreme Court that abortion is an issue that should be returned to the states to decide whether to make it legal or not.

It appears that political correctness has evolved from the point where the idea was to get people to think like a liberal to the point where we're at today is to get people to think like a progressive... or you're cancelled, no questions asked. This is raw authoritarianism, the kind of thing totalitarian societies of the 20th Century implemented in establishing total control by their governments and ruling classes. The year 2020 could very well be seen in a hundred years from now as a watershed, one in which the United States broke from all its traditional means of governance, when the ruling classes took it upon themselves to impose social policy unilaterally, i.e., anti-democratically, while at the same time assisting their comrades in the Democrat Party to maintain political power.

Image: Public Domain Pictures

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