You Can’t Have a Red Wave with a Blue Dam

Since 1979 I’ve been a registered Republican.  I was optimistic like so many other conservatives that a “Red Wave” would reflect a learning behavior from the larger public in the current voting cycle, a change in perception given the overwhelming flood of not only bad policy from the Left, such as mass illegal immigration, but outright incompetence in fiscal and monetary policy.

While I was skeptical of an actual surge among America’s largest political party -- the non-voters -- I didn’t want to be creating defeatism in my local community by pointing out some unpleasant facts: the GOP at least, is not playing the same game as the DNC, and as the rules have been changed, so will the results. 

These structural modifications to voting -- created under the pretext of biosecurity in 2020 and largely organized tactically at a state level by the political law practice of Perkins Coie -- cannot be overcome by wishful thinking about an effective “populist” uprising.  Modern Americans simply don’t do organized revolt any longer, and certainly are not up for any sort of “revolution,” or even mass protest (which is why the J6 Committee exists as an intimidation tactic) at least as long as they adhere to a representative republic rather than direct democracy.

What the DNC has accomplished is to install an effective political software, or malware, that structurally alters the entire voting process, by undermining the traditional format we have used for generations, with a software “patch” that rests on secondary methods of unaccountable vote sources such as various early voting, mail ballots, run-offs, delays, concealed ballot harvesting, and opportunistic pauses and interruptions to the more regular voting process that all of us are used to. The DNC has organized a specific tactical interruption of the entire voting infrastructure.

And if you think it’s bad now, wait until 2024: all the millions of illegal “immigrants” that are flooding the U.S. by the thousands every day, and being strategically transported illegally into key suburbs and cities, will come crashing down into the 2024 election with a flood of DNC votes, procured by granting them voting rights -- with no documentation.  The fraud has just begun. Wishful thinking should be replaced with pragmatic Realpolitik. 

The Courts have been able to hold back the fraud and overreach here and there, as they were in the 1930s against FDR’s New Deal excess (including court packing).  But today’s Supreme Court has insufficient resolve to take on the DNC’s extralegal activities, even in a spirit of inquiry, let alone even carry out its function of overseeing the integrity of the larger judicial system (the nine Justices are each assigned an “allotment” of circuit court responsibility).

Part of the problem is that the DNC controls the House, and the purse, and as NYU Law’s Anna Harvey points out in “A Mere Machine: The supreme court, congress, and American democracy,” the Court will largely follow the direction of what party controls the House -- the concept of separation is very tenuous, as the Court demonstrated in its refusal to even hear numerous appeals to the 2020 election.  Part of the problem also is that the Chief Justice struggles to resist political intimidation. He won’t hear any challenges to the prior and current election, and he won’t either in 2024 -- he’s been tied, bound, intimidated and literally threatened by the DNC and its backers.

Red waves and other optimistic emotional constructs are healthy, but the reality is that the Left has installed a massive electoral blockage that rivals the famed Hoover Dam: no matter how much volume and pressure build up behind it from the voting public, it can control how much gets filtered and released downstream.  It can create and hold a massive buildup behind it, or it can dump all of it suddenly and leave the reservoir depleted.  That’s why the DNC and its backers seek to reformulate the actual content of the voting pool, so that by mass illegal immigration, more “voting water” can be regularly released to create the impression of voting normalcy, except the water has been reformulated and diluted so that it poses no threat of crashing through the dam. 

The American political system was never intended by design to become vulnerable to being dammed up into isolated pools and reservoirs by special interests: classical liberal constitutionalism rests on free-flowing liberties including association, speech, and voting itself.

Until the 2020 election “steal” and its causes are adjudicated and resolved, the radical Left dam that was explicitly constructed to control the voting process will continue, and grow.  There are other ways of breaking a dam: some by sheer force of the pressure behind it; some by changing the nature of the force (a new party?).  That is why the “Red Wave” shouldn’t be abandoned as an aspiration: it just needs to be tied to more organization, more legal challenge, and better messaging, communication, and especially, candidate quality. 

When that happens, and more voters come into a renewed political franchise, red may change color to a more powerful maroon of conservatives and moderates from both parties who are alienated by or indifferent to the current poor quality of the American political economy.

Image: Public Domain Pictures

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