Will Lucy Move the Football Again?

Most Americans over the age of thirty are familiar with the long-running Charles Schultz comic strip Peanuts, depicting the everyday experiences of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty, et al.  One of the recurring skits involved Lucy holding a football and getting the ever-hopeful but achingly gullible Charlie Brown to kick it; at the last minute, Lucy would jerk the football away and Charlie would kick nothing but air, ending up on his back, humiliated again. 

Year after year this skit would appear around the beginning of fall, with a supposedly wiser Charlie at first refusing to participate, but eventually succumbing to Lucy’s pretty lies and blandishments, only to be fooled again when she’d snatch the ball away at the last minute.

Republican voters are painfully familiar with this scenario, for it has been inflicted upon them by the Republican Party in real life in election cycle after election cycle.  Despite their ongoing treachery, the reality of the nation-destroying policies of the Democrat Party -- and the GOP’s pretty promises and frightening visions of life under continuing Democrat control -- usually convinces GOP voters to hold their noses and again vote for Republican career politicians.  Then the cycle repeats: feckless, cynical Republican officeholders again ignore their hapless voters and support all manner of unconstitutional policies and laws, often playing “bipartisanship” with the very Democrats they so demonized during the campaign.

While the meme of “most important election in our lifetimes” is overused, just a brief review of the past 22 months since the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress and the White House would lead one to think that it might just be true of these mid-term elections:

  • From energy independence (no longer relying on the Arabs who hate us) and even an exporter of energy, we’re now experiencing gas prices two and three times the per gallon price at the end of 2020, plus the prospect of rolling electrical blackouts this winter and beyond, not to mention the higher costs of food and everything else due to higher gas prices. 
  • From the most booming economy in over 50 years, with inflation barely over 1%, we’re now facing near-record high inflation of over 8%, while the Democrats (and many treacherous Republicans) voting to spend trillions we don’t have, exacerbating the problem.  
  • From a relatively peaceful, safe society, in under two years we have devolved into a crime-ridden hellscape comparable to the horrors we’ve witnessed in Third World countries. Democrat district attorneys who will not enforce the law, releasing violent felons without bail to again prey on innocent citizens, have given criminals free rein, knowing they won’t be held accountable for their crimes. 
  • While the public schools in the U.S. have long been grievously underperforming, at least they weren’t teaching our kids to hate us, to celebrate “gender diversity” and to believe that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.  Nor were they taught to distrust anyone who doesn’t look like them, as Critical Race Theory is now doing.  And “none of your business” is the Democrats’ knee-jerk response, to parents who question these outrages.
  • Over five million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border since Biden took office.  Most are receiving health care, housing, food allotments, etc., paid for by us, the taxpayers, because the Democrats want more voters to ensure they keep political power.  

But all these things, and others, are well-documented and reported upon.  The question is, “What are the Republicans going to actually do about it if they regain control of the Congress?”

We’ve been here before, many times; but this time feels different: the abandonment of the principles that helped make this country prosperous and strong that we’ve already witnessed in under two years demands that we, as citizens, do something to stop the destruction of our society.  Right now, the GOP is our only hope.

And there is hope, for some of those running for House and Senate seats are not the “good ol’ boys” of the GOP establishment like Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Kevin McCarthy, et al.  If they’re to be believed, J.D. Vance, Blake Masters, et al, actually recognize that it has been Republican inaction and malfeasance that has helped lead to this destruction.  Should they win the Senate, their first move must be to ditch McConnell as majority leader, and start us on the path of undoing the damage of the past two years caused by the Democrats (with the help of the GOP establishment).

But they had better not “move the football” again.  If this new breed of GOP politicians “go along in order to get along,” that will be the death knell of the Republican Party.  More importantly, if the Republicans win majorities in the House and Senate and don’t immediately, actively, and decisively roll back the Democrat idiocy of the past two years, it will be the end of this nation.  

So, the ball is teed up… we, the voters, are going to “kick the football.”  What are you going to do, Republicans?   

Image: BenSpark

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