Why Do You Still Hate Donald Trump?

Donald J. Trump was our 45th president and in spite of the unbelievable hostility he faced in the mainstream media, Hollywood, and all public forums, he did a very good, possibly the best job for the country.

Yet TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, still exists and I just can’t figure out why, so if you can explain what you have against Trump, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Since the over-hyped red wave did not happen on Nov. 8, Trump is being blamed for sabotaging the election. Articles by Never-Trumpers and the usual suspects in the lamestream media are flooding the news and unfortunately, many disheartened MAGA voters don’t seem to recognize that TDS is still the modus operandi for the left.

The fact is that Trump has had a huge target on his back since he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy. Like many other conservatives, I thought this was a joke but his primary win and his debate performance besting our first choices was no fluke and destroyed our negative first impression. Our favorite president in our lifetime, Ronald Reagan, was a movie star, and Donald Trump was TV star, but could he be for real? Could he be what this country needed?  The unequivocal answer is Yes.!

There is no question that Donald Trump is a flawed human being like most successful businessmen. Whenever I read the complaints from Trump haters, its all about his personality, his tweets, his misogynism, his sexist remarks, blah, blah, blah. This is infantile, high school criticism that has no place in political punditry.

Is he an egoist, a megalomaniac? Probably, but do you know any billionaire who isn’t? We have certainly had presidents who are sexists, crude, racists, even anti-Semitic (look up Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson) but they had media coverage for their sins. Trump has enemies.

Mature, reasoned opinions should be centered on actions, not impressions viewed from a distance. Most Trump haters have never even met the man and his most virulent despisers who have met him were disappointed Trump wasn’t impressed with them.

I admit that I was just as influenced by the media rather than intellectually when I was much younger during the Nixon administration. I did not like Nixon nor did I ever vote for him, but he was actually a decent president who was responsible for aiding the Israelites during their second war with Arab neighbors. Even during the Watergate mess, I had a sneaky suspicion that the media was enjoying their power much too much and watched it begin its descent into pseudo-journalism.

So now we have all these articles from both the right and the left saying Trump is done. Maybe so and maybe not. I have written several columns over the years trying to urge readers to judge the source rather than the words and that is why I have always logged in to lucianne.com to read articles from both sides. It became apparent that some sources could no longer be relied upon for impartial reporting. The revered Gray Lady, the New York Times, has become a Democrat tool since Pinch Sulzberger took over in 1992 and National Review is no longer reliably right after William F. Buckley, Jr. passed on in 2008. The New York Post even has some never-trumpers on its opinion page.

I happen to like Ron DeSantis very much and wish he were my governor, but I have no intention of leaving my very blue New York. I’d rather stay and fight endlessly for my home state. Now the TDS crowd is inciting division between the Trump and DeSantis supporters by claiming Trump is egotistically bashing the Florida governor. That latest one I read is by PJ Media columnist Matt Margolis who is sick and tired of the bashing by Trump of the revered DeSantis in a tweet. Hmmm. It’s the tweets again. Do you know how easy it would be to hack a tweet account? Very! I have seen that tweet and it is hardly bashing but merely an observation of the results. Other articles assert that Trump was furious about GOP losses and is blaming Melania for making him endorse Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. How do we know this? Seems like Trump is surrounded by people who are quick to report or dis-report his every action.

I really can’t blame Trump for being outraged by his 2020 loss to our demented president Joe Biden who spent most of the campaign in his basement bunker. I do not believe however that his anger is due to an overblown ego. What I think Trump feels is overwhelming sorrow for his country and is watching Biden’s handlers undo what he fought so hard for. Donald J. Trump loves his country so much that he left his comfortable billionaire life to save it from the Marxist stamp  placed on it by Barack Obama. I’m not spouting a lyrical poetic spin on it but looking at it literally.

President Trump opened up the Keystone XL pipeline and allowed drilling all over the country because we actually have more oil than any other country and should be energy independent. Instead Biden immediately shut down Keystone and shut down our own resources yet went begging to the Saudis to pump more oil because high gas prices (that he caused) are killing our economy.

Trump went to Germany and told Europe that they needed to start paying more for their defense because why should the U.S. pay for most of it?

Trump went to Paris and pulled the U.S. out of the ridiculous Paris accord and I cheered when he did and as soon as he did, then other countries decided to pull out too. But as soon as puppet Biden got into office, he put us back into that ludicrous climate change fraud designed to bankrupt us and is pushing hard for the total greening of America.

Trump cut taxes and made it more sensible for corporations to come home and hire Americans. Unemployment figures dropped. Wages went up for all Americans including all minorities. Stock market soared and workers’ 401ks doubled.

Trump tried to stop illegals from invading our country and bringing in crime and drugs that are killing us, but the left killed the wall and any effort to stop the flood of the ‘undocumented.’ Since Biden took office, 2 million illegals crossed the Texas-Mexico border in 2021 and that number is likely to be the same this year. Hundreds of thousands have died from overdoses of drugs brought in by illegals working for cartels.

So why do Democrats want to let illegals in to immediately have access to benefits paid by taxpayers? Is it for cheap labor? More likely it is for their illegal votes that keep them in power. That’s why this party quashes all voter I.D. legislation that would ensure valid elections.

In 2010, I met the president of a group called NY Ice (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement), Joanna Marzullo, who is a Hispanic woman. She showed me a Spanish language voter legislation form in Manhattan which showed the following question for applicants: Were you born in North America? Needless to say, Mexicans and Central Americans are indeed eligible to keep Democrats in power. NOT!  I recommend checking their website www.nyice.us. It’s outdated but still has great information about enforcement of immigration laws.

Abortion (a.k.a., the killing of unborn babies) would still be the law of the land if Trump hadn’t given us a SCOTUS majority of judges who respect the Constitution.

With Trump as president, we had world respect and no new military conflicts. He strengthened our military by restoring funding that Obama took away. Without him in charge, Russia invaded Ukraine, North Korea is back to firing missiles, and China is swallowing up acres of America after sending us the deadly COVID-19 virus. Is WWIII now in play?

If Trump decides to run in 2024, I will joyfully vote for him and pray each day for his health. Now if you can tell me why you still hate Donald Trump email me at aliciav.colon@gmail.com.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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