What on Earth Happened with Brazil's Election?

Before you read this sad story, hail back to an earlier era, before transnational social media lords suppressed the truth and helped doctor elections.  It seems that the techno-leftists might have done their dirty work...again.

The media are back to spinning an election theft.

One report (at the 13-second mark) says, "They [the Brazilian protesters] took to the streets of São Paulo in their thousands."

But Breibart seemed closer to the truth

Brazil: Peaceful Protests Attract Tens of Thousands Rejecting Corrupt Socialist President-Elect

Tens of thousands of people in nearly every major city in Brazil took to the streets on Wednesday to protest the election of hardline socialist and ex-convict Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to the presidency[.]

There seems to be a discrepancy in what numbers are worth reporting.

A few thousand can be dismissed as malcontents of no repute, but tens of thousands in every major city is a bit more disconcerting.

Here is what another report noted:

They arrived by the tens of thousands on Wednesday, angry and draped in Brazilian flags, massing outside military bases across the country. They were there, they said, to save Brazil's democracy from a rigged election, and there was only one way to do so: The armed forces needed to take control of the government. 

These photos are disturbing:

A whole lot more than a few malcontents. And this video is certainly disconcerting:

This TikTok video seems to show a good portion of a municipality's population showing up.

Altogether, it looks as though millions — not a few thousands — of Brazilians are upset.

Why are Brazilian media downplaying events like this?

This Brazilian reporter, Paula Schmitt, says the whole situation is dystopian.  She blames Big Tech, the old media, their Supreme Court, and academia.

Ms. Schmitt continues to report here.  She has this to say (translated by Google):

Power columnist Paula Schmitt says that Lulas left and the corporatocracy have become inseparable in state capitalism[.]

She is a leftist but is disgusted with Lula.  Notice the term "state capitalism" — the very definition of fascism.  She is starting to realize that the left is actually fascistic.  The light is breaking through.

But the elite were not unprepared for this contingency.  They had a cover story ready-to-go.  Just before the elections, the public was warned.

Apparently, the Brazilian people were alerted that social media might not censor the results adequately enough to screen out right-wing agitators posting unreliable reports.  But how did these right-wing disinformation agents get millions of people to show up for those protests?

Rather, Brazilians are complaining that social media are blocking information.  So, if anything, one has to wonder if the social media groups were censoring too much.

It seems one man had been given power to censor the internet in Brazil.

To Fight Lies, Brazil Gives One Man Power Over Online Speech

Brazilian authorities granted the country's elections chief broad power to order the takedown of online content in a bid to combat soaring misinformation ahead of this month's election.

It seems the elections chief was an anti-Bolsonaro judge.

Of course, Google searches are not so helpful.  They were not helpful in finding information about the real safety of COVID vaccines, either.

In spite of the left's efforts, the truth is leaking out.

Cesar Carvalho … is returning back to Brazil for vacation on Monday, Nov. 7, when The Forum reached him. ...

He talked about online censorship and corruption at the highest levels of the judicial system, adding he believes the election was fraudulent. ...

Cris Calil believed the same election failures occurred in the U.S. "There was no way that Biden won the election. I think he won because everyone voted by mail," she said.

Apparently, Cris Calil has started to notice a pattern.

So what happened?

For one, some Brazilian Indians have claimed that their votes went missing.

Other have noticed voting irregularities often seen in dictatorships.

Benford's Law Analysis Applied To Second Round Of Brazilian Presidential Election –'Red Flags' Even More Overwhelming

The newest report, much like the first one, shows similarities with previous Venezuelan and Iranian elections as well. 

There were claims that millions of votes were stolen — in this case, a charge fielded by Mike Lindell.  Okay, he has been forced to retract claims in the past, under threat of bankrupting lawsuits, but I think he is more reliable than his detractors. 

There were claims that certain districts returned zero votes for Bolsonaro.  But if one does a Google search to validate the claim, almost all of the results are warnings to ignore such right-wing news.  The media powers-that-be don't even want you to consider such a possibility.

How does one say "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" in Portuguese?

The right wing seems to have won the other elections in Brazil but not the presidency?  How does that make sense?

Bolsonaro was a Brazil-first, anti-globalist, anti–LGBT agenda, pro-Israel politician.  Someone was out to get him.

Well, Bolsonaro did not officially concede defeat, but he has agreed to a peaceable transfer, much like what Trump did in 2020.  What Bolsonaro should watch out for is a staged faux coup, like Jan. 6, which may have been led by Antifa provocateurs.  Though the Antifa connection is officially denied.

In Brazil, it seems the far left has already been caught infiltrating right-wing protesters.

What we are witnessing is a globalist worldwide takeover.

Image: São Paulo skyline.  Good Free Photos.

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