The Merits of Pandemic Amnesty

The Atlantic would like to “declare a pandemic amnesty.”  Stepping outside her field of expertise, Brown University professor of economics Emily Oster implored, “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”  Brown doesn’t have a Department of Theology in which she could learn in any systematic way the thinking God wants us to have based upon His general and special revelations. So, she must not know the prerequisite for forgiveness is repentance.  Unfortunately, her article nowhere expresses remorse for the unconstitutional and illegal medical tyranny perpetrated on Americans.  Oster never explores what the superior recourse of accountability would entail.

Most medical tyranny was political in nature, so it is left to voters to provide recourse at the ballot box.  For sure, there were totalitarian zealots pushing mandatory shots, lockdowns, preferential medical care for coronavirus patients, capacity limitations, curfews, social distancing, and mandatory masking.  But there were many other fellow travelers unwilling to acknowledge either the concept of limited government or our constitutional rights.

Dr. Anthony Fauci should be investigated for criminal infractions of pharmaceutical stock ownership in tandem with his advocacy of government mandates.  Ill-gotten gains should be forfeit and penalties assessed, as appropriate.  There should be criminal investigation into whether Fauci lied to Congress under oath.  Apart from judicial recourse, his government position and pension benefits should be assessed in light of criminal actions.

Belatedly, Dr. Deborah Birx admitted that she, “…knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And, I think we overplayed the vaccines…”  Well, this was not the contemporary message when she stood shoulder to shoulder with Fauci and President Biden.  Were any of her statements in an official capacity criminal?

The experimental vaccine products would never have been allowed on the market except for the issuance of Emergency Use Authorizations by the FDA.  The principal benefit to pharmaceutical companies of an EUA is shielding from product liability lawsuits.  It is doubtful that a single COVID-19 vaccine product or booster would be offered commercially if pharmaceutical companies had to gain conventional FDA approval.  Note that the FDA has approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine marketed as Comirnaty, but CVS and Walgreens know nothing of its availability.  This FDA-approved product appears to be a phantom.  Not only do adverse reactions and deaths militate against FDA approval, but pharmaceutical companies would be open to financial lawsuits for the damage and deaths they cause.  It is easy to imagine class action lawsuits brought for products that are not safe and effective.  EUA’s for COVID-19 products should be rescinded immediately.  And, a review is needed of EUAs in general to raise the bar significantly for this designation coupled with a short duration. 

The tyrannical World Health Organization should be defunded completely.  If Republicans win the House this month, this can be done unilaterally.  A bill need not be passed in the Senate nor signed by the President.  The WHO’s takeaway from COVID-19 global medical tyranny wasn’t that government responses caused economic calamity, medical harm, and even excess deaths, but that more is better.  The WHO is a threat to liberty and prosperity everywhere.

Last year, the Supreme Court vacated the Center for Disease Control’s eviction moratorium.  As with the WHO, House Republicans should declare a pox on the CDC and defund them completely.  All CDC technocrats and bureaucrats who had any hand in devising this unlawful and unconstitutional order should be fired for cause losing both their jobs and pensions.  Our Constitution provides no delegation to the federal government to exercise any such powers as the CDC has grasped.  The states can decide if there are any useful activities being done by the CDC and pick those up.

Tort reform needs to provide financial recourse by parents and children against school boards, superintendents, principals, teachers, and the American Academy of Pediatrics for educational malfeasance for learning and sociability based upon school closures and masking.  From excellent studies, it was corroborated what was known before the pandemic, that no mask, not even form-fitted N95 masks, can prevent viral infection.  A silver lining to the school closures has been parental recognition that schools were prioritizing indoctrination, which is easy to do, instead of education, which is difficult to do.  Many candidates nationwide have picked up the parental concerns by stating the obvious: Schools should be concerned only with the ABCs and 123s, not CRTs and LGBTs.  It was recognized early that masking would cause learning disabilities, and even sociopathies, particularly with the very young who needed to associate facial expressions and mouth and tongue movements with speech and understanding.  Although school children get sick less frequently, sickness is less severe, and there are fewer deaths in this age group, mask fascists persist.

What recourse is there against a wealthy individual like the idiot savant Bill Gates, who was responsible for funding efforts turning traditional epidemiology on its head with an advocacy that a pandemic could be managed by coercion?  Where is the expose from Oster on how global coordinated totalitarian methods were rolled out for COVID? 

Fascism embraces socialist control of businesses through regulation plus totalitarianism attendant with violence and intolerance of dissent.  We have lived through two years of progressive fascism.  Medical tyranny is just one tentacle of this form of fascism.  Oster never apologizes for medical tyranny or her role in perpetrating it.  She just advocates whitewashing it now.  Would it be asking too much perhaps for her to apologize for the rest of progressive fascism’s reach into Americans’ lives?

Where is accountability for never-ending assaults on the lives of the innocent unborn, government and Big Tech infringement of First Amendment rights, censorship of challenges to climate alarmism, censorship of doctors providing independent scientific and medical information, persecution of political opponents of progressivism by the DoJ and FBI, violations of parental rights and authority over their children, indoctrination of children into sexual deviancy and the racist and divisive Critical Race Theory, sanction of gender transitioning of minors causing irreparable harm, Environmental Social and Governance protocols, profligate spending, open borders, sympathy for criminals, and unconstitutional legislating by the regulatory state and executive orders?

Catharsis for progressive fascism, such as the medical tyranny we endured, is achieved with accountability.  In some cases, this will be political, in others financial, and still others prosecutorial.  After the midterm elections, let the healing begin.

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