The Democrats -- Mass Psychosis or Pathological Lying?

Many news stories recently have led me to believe that Democrats are suffering either from mass psychoses or mass pathological lying.

Someone please explain how Kathy Hochul doesn't think she's got a crime problem. Or how Newsom thinks he doesn't have a crime/homeless problem. Or how Lightfoot doesn't think she needs to do anything about her over-the-top murder rate among blacks. Or how Biden thinks the economy is strong. Or how Kamala thinks the border is secure.

Charles C. W. Cooke of National Review has this to say about Democrat lying:

About everything, that’s what. They’re lying about inflation -- which first wasn’t going to happen at all, which then wasn’t going to happen for very long, and which is now being blamed on a Russian invasion of Ukraine that started a year after prices started to rise. They’re lying about their agenda -- which began as a New Deal–sized transformation of America, which was then transmuted into an “infrastructure” package that for a brief moment was sold as a $0-in-cost unicorn, and which has finally and ridiculously been recast as a means of fighting the inflation that, as of this week, the White House is calling “Putin’s price hike.” They’re lying about gas prices, for which Joe Biden is or isn’t responsible depending on the day you ask them, and which have inspired the most incoherent set of policy answers in recent memory. They’re lying about Afghanistan -- which was definitely not going to be a catastrophe, until it was a catastrophe, at which point a catastrophe had been the plan all along. They’re lying about Florida’s education policy, and about the nature and scope of science, and about the motivations of the Supreme Court, and about American gun law, and about anything else they can think of that might distract the public from the mess over which they currently preside.

Are the Democrats experiencing mass hallucinations? Mass psychoses? What is happening? Is their media bubble so air-tight that truth never gets in? How does it happen that an entire political party's hierarchy and much of its rank-and-file cannot discern what is true from what is demonstrably false? Or is it that the Democrats know precisely what the truth is and have made the corporate decision to lie, lie, lie all the way to pathology?

Little of what they say in their "news" broadcasts, their social media, their newspapers, or their online blogs is true. Biden said that the economy is "strong as hell." On what planet? Real people are suffering real hardships. In a sense, he's right. Hell is very strong, but no one with a lick of sense wants to live there. Biden has made the economy a living hell for many Americans who believe Democrat lies and continue to vote for them.

Oliver North had some choice words about Democrat lies and the people who tell them. Visit the site linked here to see the truth to each of these lies:

Lie Number 1: America is a systemically racist nation where White people are oppressors and people of color are victims.

Lie Number 2: America’s capitalist economy is based on greed and is inherently unfair to poor and middle-income citizens.

Lie Number 3: The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer because of corrupt, wealthy and heartless business leaders.

Lie Number 4: Federal funding should be redirected from the military and law enforcement and channeled into social welfare benefits for illegal immigrants.

Lie Number 5:  Parents have no say concerning what their children are taught in public schools and are “domestic terrorists” if they speak out.

It seems the Democrats cannot tell the truth. While Republicans have their share of liars, they have not made lying the strongest plank of their agenda. When Republicans lose, they blame themselves, or when elections are tainted, they rightly blame the election apparatus. But Democrats lie as their agenda. They must. Their agenda is so repressive, so unjust, so repulsive, that they must disguise it to be palatable to their voters. Lying is essential to the Democrat politician and media sources so that no truth regarding their aspirations to totalitarianism will be revealed. It is necessary for Democrats to lie and obfuscate. It is the only way they can win.

But something is happening out there. Because the last two years have offered a crash course to all voters in what the Democrat agenda really is -- sexual perversity, anti-white and anti-Asian racism, anti-Semitism, environmental extremism, higher taxes, oppressive regulations, an ignorance-based school curriculum,  a hatred for Christians, and a reduced standard of living for everyone -- voters have wised up. Not all of them, but far more than Democrats imagined in their worst nightmares.

It seems that even minorities don't want what Democrats are selling. If only they were selling instead of mandating, though, because the mandates are what are sticking in voters' collective craws. Their we-know-what's-best-for-you modus operandi is causing a collective bilious nausea among even liberals.

Dan Bongino is fond of comparing the truth to a beach ball that people are trying to submerge. The ball will always pop up. It cannot be held down indefinitely. The lies and the pathology of the Democrats are now visible. Now we can see what it looks like and it's hideous, grotesque and demonic.

When wise people are mentally ill, they get help. When a party is sick they should cleanse the wounds and get healing help from wiser heads.

Are there any wise heads left in the Democrat Party or are they all liars hoping their voters never find out the truth of the Party's real communist agenda?

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