The Constitution Is A Treasure That Is Worth Saving

“I myself, like others of my generation, was born in an age that has already perished. At my death I will look my last upon a nation which, save for some linguistic continuity, will seem increasingly alien and remote. It will be as though I peered upon my youth through misty centuries. I will not be merely old; I will be a genuine fossil embedded in onrushing man-made time before my actual death.”—The Invisible Pyramid by Loren Eiseley

“What has been will be again. What has been done will be done again. There is nothing new under the sun.”—Ecclesiastes 1:9

We must preserve for our posterity that which is best about the world as we find it during our short stay. The Bill of Rights and what it has meant for the freedom and autonomy of the individual citizen is something unique and priceless in human history. Our Constitution is one of those things worth preserving. To the best of our ability, it should be revered and protected as something that is new under the sun. At least for a time. As Ronald Reagan warned, Freedom is not “passed to our children in the bloodstream.”

When the pandemic washed across the planet, we accepted that it was a naturally occurring virus. Politicians and tyrants seized more power as the huddled masses sheepishly relinquished their freedoms. Those who claimed to be our heroes and protectors robbed us of our most basic human rights and only a relative few stood up against the encroachments on their liberties.

Image: American Flags (cropped). Public domain.

But there are no coincidences. Not in this brave new world.

Are we being managed? Is each new crisis part of a carefully scripted plan? Before the Trump years, this would have been tin foil hat territory. At this point, it would be a stretch to believe that we’re not being manipulated. The only questions are, by whom and toward what end?

People don’t want to believe in conspiracies, and they usually see the advocates of those theories as more of a problem than the conspiracy itself. The “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which Hillary Clinton often lamented, never existed. It’s reasonable to suppose that right-wingers would know of the conspiracy that they were plotting.

There is, however, a global communist movement that has been working behind the scenes for a very long time. Its adherents admit as much whenever they find an audience. They are utopians and, as such, they can only achieve their perfect society through brute force, narcotics, and various forms of diversion. They promote a culture of decadence while manufacturing endless crises that keep people distracted and looking to the government for answers. This further empowers the government which creates more crisis and dependency. The circle of communism.

The left’s exposure to scrutiny and ridicule during the Trump years has, to some extent, emboldened them to accelerate their plans for a global communist society and a new aristocracy of which they hope to be a part. The “worker’s paradise” that they push results in destitution and misery for most people and perhaps a tenuous grasp on power and fortune for a select few. This is a rare top-down revolution with the one percenters enlisting the help of the young, the naive, the alienated, and the true believers. Their biggest hurdle has always been the U.S. Constitution and the overwhelmingly prosperous middle class that it has fostered. They despise both and are endlessly searching for new ways to tear them down.

The resurgence, however, of American freedom and constitutional fidelity is starting to boil over as more people get their first close look at the nascent alternative. That terrifies the global elites. Even as they push forward with more radical ways to undercut the culture and set its citizens at each other’s throats, they do not have quite enough fingers to plug up all the holes in the dike. Their crumbling firewall, the mainstream media, frantically tries to repair their prestige and credibility but “The Donald” has left a mark.

Looking back, it’s painfully clear that the likes of George Bush and Paul Ryan were, in fact, working against the American people and the constitution. They were a part of the deep state though it was yet to be named as such. They still try to discredit and tamp down the conservative successes that they advocated for in their time but mysteriously never came close to enacting. Barack Obama and Joe Biden had the luxury of being less duplicitous about their beliefs.

It took Donald Trump to finally lay the groundwork for the elimination of Roe v. Wade. It was President Trump that called out the malignant corruption in the media and the administrative state. It was Trump who at long last got control of our borders and came close to closing the door on illegal immigration. It was Trump who attempted to reverse the regulatory state that was strangling the country. It was Trump who brought us cheap gasoline and the energy independence that eluded us for generations. And it was Trump who fought tooth and nail for the protection and revival of the constitution thus fulfilling his oath of office as so few have had the courage to do in the modern era.

There is indeed something new under the sun, and we should all do our part to protect and defend it. At least for a time. Even under the weight of adversity and relentless fossilization.

Frank Liberato is a pseudonym.

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