The Anti-Semitic Religion

To most Americans, there is no truly anti-Semitic religion. But this is an oversight. Once such religion exists among us in an unexpected place, proclaimed by a social rabble rouser.

Many people have falsely accused Christianity of being anti-Semitic. While its doctrines have been abused to that purpose at times, such a charge does not hold up to inspection. The core of Christianity is a worship of a Jew. Jesus’ mother, Miriam (Mary), was a Jew; and by Jewish law, if the mother is Jewish, the child is Jewish. Jesus even asserts his Jewish identity in the Gospel of John, where he has this discussion with a Samaritan woman.

Ye [Samaritans] worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. -- John 4:22 [Jesus speaking]

This should put to rest, as sheer stupidity, any Arab claim that Jesus was a Palestinian. Anyone half competent in history would know that -- at that time -- the polity that Jesus was under was Judea, a etymological cognate of the term Jewish.

Though claiming Jesus as Palestinian is now common in the Mideast, it is not the first such denial of Jesus’ ancestry. Hitler tried to claim that Jesus was an Aryan. The Quran claims Jesus was a Muslim.

But to see how ridiculous this can get, we have to go to Black Islam.

The Nation of Islam (NOI) was founded in 1930 by Wallace Fard Mohammad. Oddly, offical FBI records claim that this Wallace Fard Mohammad may have been a white man.

There are FBI and other law enforcement records of a Wallace Dodd Ford. According to these records, Fard was born in New Zealand or Portland, Oregon on February 25, 1891, to either Hawaiian or British, or Polynesian (Māori) parents. He had little education and a foul temperament that made it difficult for him to fit in. Fard was a petty criminal. -- Biography Of Wallace Fard Muhammad

The legends and fabrications concerning this man are too numerous to recount fully, but what is clear is that he was not black.

Yet, anger at racism and racist laws drove many blacks to his preaching, and within time, there came about the Nation of Islam with its ridiculous theology.

The origin mythos of the Nation of Islam is beyond bizarre.

The NOI claims that over six thousand years ago, an evil black scientist created the white man, by a process of selective breeding which they call grafting.

Yakub is the name of the evil Black scientist who, according to the Nation of Islam, allegedly created the white race thousands of years ago through a "grafting" process. In his influential 1965 book, "The Message to the Blackman in America," NOI leader Elijah Muhammad explained that Yakub was "born to make trouble, break peace, kill and destroy his own people with a made enemy to the black nation." Reiterating the NOI"s belief in the existence of Yakub during a 2020 speech, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan commented that "when the white man was made, his father was a liar, his father was a murderer, so they are born with lie and murder in their nature."

Notice the name of the evil scientist: Yakub.  That is an Arabic form of Jacob, the ancestral patriarch of the Jewish people.

In speeches by Malcolm X, Yakub is identified completely with Jacob. Referring to the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel, Malcolm X states that Elijah Muhammad told him that "Jacob was Yacub…”

While some versions of the story vary -- with the identity of Yakub changing -- what is clear is that the basic foundation myth of the Nation of Islam is that an evil Jew created the white man.

Note that this evil Jew was originally black.

Notice also the description of the white man: “the white man was made, his father was a liar, his father was a murderer, so they are born with lie and murder in their nature.”

Sounds like Jesus’ description of Satan.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. -- John 8:44

So the Nation of Islam equates the white man with Satan… hence white devil.

In the fevered imagination of the Nation of Islam, the founder of this devilish race was Yakub (Jacob) whom we know as the patriarch of Israel. It does not help that Jesus was rebuking Jewish Pharisees in that bible verse -- not the whole Jewish people, but just a subset of clerics that were troubling him.

But then, again, the Nation of Islam’s theology was pieced together from many outside sources -- such as the Moorish Science Temple of the Noble Drew Ali -- without any concern for rational interpretation. It is a mishmosh of contradictory stories. Systematic Theology is not their strong point.

In time, some members of the Nation of Islam (NOI) tried to reform, bringing the NOI into line with Sunni Islam. The NOI was disbanded… for a while.

However, Louis Farrakhan rejected the reforms, trying to keep to the initial idiocy, and rebuilt the NOI back on its original schizoid beliefs. In 1985, Farrakhan claimed that he took a visit to the Mother Plane (or wheel, depending on the version of the story) where he got some spiritual insight for the future. 

Boiled down to its basics, the belief is that evil was created by a Jew named Yakub (Jacob).

Run that up through a black community -- where some members are uneducated -- and you get a conflation that the real Jews are black, that white Jews are imposters. And you have Farrakhan pushing the myth that Jews controlled the slave trade, when the real chief culprits of black slavery were Muslim Arabs.

So now, we have Kanye West -- a supposed Christian -- repeating the lie that Africans are the real Hebrews, with Kyrie Irving linking to a video that makes such a claim.

It doesn’t matter that the claims are contradictory. If Yakub the Jewish patriarch was evil, why would a black want to claim such an ancestry?

The Nation of Islam is a bald-faced lie, patched together poorly. It is not a religion, nor should it be given any respect at all. Its doctrines are warmed over anti-Semitism and anti-white stupidities, along the lines of an inversion of Nazi racial theory, only the Nazis at least used less incredible footnotes. It is rarified hate, nothing less.

It would have been better for all of us had Farrakhan remained on the Mother Wheel.

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