Some Will Run, and Some Will Stay

A lot of clear-eyed, hardworking, patriotic Americans are down in the dumps right now.  Understandably so.  The midterms were an utter disappointment.  Midnight mail-in ballot hauls have completely upended elections, transforming almost certain MAGA victories in Arizona and elsewhere into uphill legal battles likely to suffer slow strangulation in Establishment-coddling courts.  If America had properly functioning democratic elections where only legal citizens voted secretly and securely after first establishing their identification, Republicans would have a hundred-seat margin in the House.  Instead, centrist dullard McCarthy will "lead" a threadbare majority ripe for rancor and future Democrat flipping.  

In the Senate, globalist shill Turtle McConnell succeeded in manipulating Alaskan election law to ensure that despicable Democrat Lisa Murkowski — and not Alaskans' actual Republican nominee — retained her aristocratic sinecure in the U.S. Senate.  Predictably, after corporate Republicans' "little tent" electioneering shenanigans, a red state that President Trump won by over ten percent in 2020 now has a Democrat representing it in the House and Leftist Lisa reinstalled for six more years of conservative backstabbing in the Senate.  What fetid nonsense RINO, Inc. hath wrought!

In a remarkable display of chutzpah (even by their own insane standards), the same Uniparty Republicans that went out of their way to tank "America First" campaigns of outsider candidates by choking their funding and turning a blind eye to Democrats' extensive mail-in ballot manipulations then turned around to blame lackluster results on the energetic base of MAGA Americans who actually outvoted the Democrats by millions across the country.  When Paul Ryan (whose 2012 campaign ticket with holier-than-thou, prissy patrician Romney lost a winnable election to Obama by more than five million votes) argues that he and his kind of corporate sycophants should take back the party from Donald Trump and the New Republicans' MAGA coalition (who won fifteen million more votes than any other Republican candidate in history — and ten million more than Obama's 2012 total!), then Ryan's RINO rump obviously lives obliviously in cloud cuckoo land, where cuckservatives' delusions of stale grandeur still reign supreme!

Ryan, Romney, McConnell, McCarthy, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, and all the other squishy, smarmy, two-timing Big Government hucksters and World Economic Forum lackeys who feign respect for limited government and Main Street markets while sticking it to the country's middle class have created an awful mess for patriotic Americans to clean up.  If the snake-in-the-grass Republican saboteurs of the Uniparty Club sport secret society rings "honoring" their public betrayals, surely the inside engravings all say "America Last," because no harm to our country seems off-limits for RINOs should they only be offered a high enough price.  Manchurian McConnell (China Joe's good friend!) could not stomach the likelihood of a Republican majority in the Senate, where MAGA-affiliated candidates would hold sway, so he worked diligently to make sure Chuck Schumer's Democrats retained control — it's the RINO way!

So I get why people are depressed.  These are not easy or pleasant times for good people.  Monsters prowl, darkness creeps, and peace slinks away.  I'm not here to give you false hope or abracadabra what's happened the last few weeks into a comforting and comfortable bed of fragrant roses.  Quite the opposite, in fact — I think you're alive today for a reason, and the faster you come to that realization, the faster our country can come back from the brink.  As Lt. Col. Frank Slade would say, "well, gentlemen, when the s--- hits the fan, some guys run, and some guys stay."  Guess what time it is!  Now think of the future you want for America, and steel yourself for the unavoidable pains coming our way.  

If you have ever had a good coach, mentor, or drill sergeant pushing you to succeed, then you have probably heard some variation of this advice: when you are not training, someone somewhere else is, and when you meet that person face-to-face, you will lose.  You can take that truth to the grave.  This world can be cold and unforgiving, and the only way to survive and persevere is to accept the reality that struggle is with us always.  Struggle, in fact, gives us tremendous purpose and personal meaning — and may, counterintuitively, put us on the surest path toward true happiness.  What we must work hardest to obtain, what comes at the stiffest cost, what causes us pain...also provides the purest reward.

There are a lot of evil, demonic people on the other side pushing their One-World-Government, Marxist-corporate, godless agenda down our throats.  They've been at this game for over a century — and many millennia longer, if we're being honest.  Do you think they give up when we win a battle or two?  Of course not!  They just keep on going — inflicting their cancerous sores of division and heartache wherever and whenever they can and salting the earth until good people finally fall down and give up.  Their endless march of misery is powered by their malevolent nature.  You know they are training every day, all day long to crush your will and enforce their totalitarian New World Order.

Is it reasonable to expect these Marxist marauders to surrender simply because we recognize their evil manipulations for what they are and desperately wish them to leave us alone?  Certainly not!  They will never, ever leave us alone in peace.  They will push and prod, take and steal, divide and conquer until they get what they want.  And if you are not training yourself to beat back their onslaught to the best of your abilities, when you meet these monsters face-to-face, they will succeed!

There is nothing more potent that you can do today than get your mind right for the road ahead.  You have to accept this civilizational contest as a war of attrition that cannot be won overnight or in one election.  This fight for individual freedom against State tyranny will remain a constant struggle testing our faith, courage, and commitment.

As is often the case, good training requires mentalphysicalemotional, and spiritual preparation.  You must keep yourself educated and remain situationally aware of what's going on in your community and broader surroundings.  You must strive to be healthy, plucky, intrepid, and strong.  You must gird yourself for tough losses, unexpected setbacks, and the certainty that things will not always go as planned.  And you must find a way to live beyond this material world by finding sustained meaning in the pursuit of reason, virtue, and truth — three blessings often granted when you simply listen to what God has to say.  If you do these four things each day, if you pursue them with full hearts and determination, I promise you that you will not lose.

Our enemies do not care that we are tired.  Our enemies do not care that we suffer.  Our enemies do not care that we are sad.  When they come knocking, you can choose to give them what they want or stand up and refuse to surrender.  Train yourself now for that day.  Find meaning in our current struggles.  Decide right now that when trouble comes, as it always does, others may run, but you will stay.

Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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