Patience, Grasshopper; Tsunamis Take Time

When folks first heard predictions of the 2022 mid-term Red Tsunami, a lot of them, particularly on the left, visualized the monster wave that wiped out the East Coast in the movie Deep Impact. Many of them laughed then, and now gloat that no such tsunami appeared. Some conservatives are pointing fingers and assigning blame.

That was a fictional meteor strike. A regular tsunami is different, and most of us were around for two big ones. The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, the worst in recorded history, hit Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka hardest. Over the course of nearly a day, parts of the Arabian Peninsula, East and South Africa, Australia, and the west coast of the Americas experienced some waves and some inundation.  The 2011 Tohoku tsunami devastated parts of Japan and, along with design flaws, resulted in the meltdown of a nuclear reactor.

Almost all open ocean tsunamis result from a sharp shock—in the above two cases, an undersea earthquake of magnitude 9 or above. Such a big earthquake is always followed by aftershocks. The first sign of the tsunami is a singular pull back of the water as the wave approaches the land. The wave’s height depends on the shelf’s configuration. In parts of Japan, the initial wave flowed almost smoothly up and over barriers and, pushed by succeeding waves, reached miles inland becoming deeper and more destructive over time. After the waves, came the rebuilding.

We are in the midst of our Red Tsunami. The severe shock to the American system was President Donald J. Trump. We had had a series of foreshocks under the previous president—“you can keep your doctor”, the extrajudicial slaughter of American citizens by the White House, the executive branch spying on journalists, overzealous persecution of political enemies, Uranium One, massive mishandling of classified documents by the Secretary of State and everyone who communicated with her, the IRS scandal, VA deaths, Benghazi and the destruction of Libya, the elevation of thugs as heroes, meaningless red lines, the rape of Ukraine, and the fast and furious arming of the cartels.

Image: Wave (edited) by wirestock.

But nothing had prepared us for The Donald, even though for my entire life everyone bemoaned the state of politics and said we should elect a nonpolitician. We finally did. He was probably the most effective, productive, and America-loving president in modern times, as well as the most publicly coarse. The people loved him and, by all accounts and massive crowds at events, still do. The brains of the left melted down like Nazi faces in Raiders of the Lost Ark almost immediately, a nuclear event that is still on-going.

Then the aftershock of Covid hit and many of the economic gains under Trump were wiped out by the left’s overreaction to the virus. Other aftershocks followed, including the nationwide hellfire of BLM and AntiFa rioting, as well as the rounding up and inhuman incarceration of some (but not all) trespassers at the Capitol.

The big pullback happened in 2020, when the left gained control of the White House and Congress. Aftershocks continued—unsafe and ineffective vaccines and masks were mandated, anti-co-vaxxers were fired, schools were closed, oil and food production were hobbled, borders went unguarded, inflation soared, some (but not all) commercial operations were suspended, some (but not all) travel was forbidden, and some (but not all) gatherings were banned. Equity through old-time segregation took hold in higher education. In the barrenness of that time, the CRT-inspired pedagogy of education at all levels was revealed.

It started as a trickle when the first brave parents protested to their school boards about hypersexualized, race-driven, and gender-bending teaching only to be hauled out by security personnel, labeled as domestic terrorists by the federal government, and threatened with incarceration. There are simply too many champions to name—the activists, the parents’ groups, the scholars who explained the Marxist origins of all of this, the children who did not keep secrets from their families, and the people who jumped into the political fray and ran for election to the school boards. Bravo, all of you! So many won and flipped their boards. Can you hear the sound of the coming wave on the wind?

The 2021 election that turned Virginia red put disgusting groups like the Lincoln Project and the Young Democrats on notice that their evil, underhanded machinations will not be tolerated anymore. College professors and others successfully sued to force their First Amendment rights to be acknowledged and upheld. Then came so many first-time candidates, not necessarily winning in 2022, but getting their messages and their names out. Can you feel the water over your toes?

We didn’t get all that we wanted in the recent mid-terms, to be sure, but we see how President Trump, the Walk Away and Blexit movements, the Log Cabin Republicans, and so many others contributed to the increase in Black, Hispanic, Asian, female, and gay conservative voters and turnout. Republicans had millions more votes than Democrats in this election. Note how many Republicans won by huge numbers, and how many Democrats just squeaked through. Can you feel the water coming up, pushing with us as we start to turn this country around?

We need to seize the momentum and carry on. The red tide is rising and will continue to do so for years to come if we take advantage of it. The Republican Party needs to fully fund Scott Pressler and recruit an army to join him and his supporters, both to register new conservative voters and to actively serve the communities we hope to gather inside our big tent.

We need to blow our own horns like Gabriel and publicize the good that we do at every opportunity. We need to celebrate our freedoms and invite everyone to join in with us. We need to call out wrong thinking and wrong acting on the part of the left continuously. We need to work hard against the left to save America. We need to use shame and ridicule to make people think. For example: Isn’t it ironic that the same people who want to allow a baby to die of starvation, thirst, incapacity, and neglect after it’s born, are the people who would clap you in jail and fine you thousands of dollars were you to abandon a puppy or a kitten on the road? Baby humans are God’s creatures, too.

We know Biden and Harris, and can anticipate the damage they will do, and the crumbling of our country that will continue for the next two years. We need to get ready because the tide is inbound. The wave is poised to submerge the land within the next 24 months. Let’s enjoy the holidays and then position ourselves to be the ones to rebuild this country. It will take a little time, so we look to 2024 and beyond with great excitement.

Anony Mee is the nom de blog of a retired public servant.

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