‘Pass the Turkey and Patriotism’

Are you preparing for a Thanksgiving holiday feast where everyone has been told “not to discuss politics?” This year, America First MAGAs must stop being afraid to stand patriotically for faith, family, and country. Stop worrying that Progressives sitting at your table will attack you with a turkey leg. And what if they do get angry and don’t talk to you? Maybe you shouldn’t talk to them!

Throughout our history, Americans have risked losing family, friends, and business partners when refusing to back down from their patriotic beliefs. But many of today’s conservatives are afraid, even as progressives happily share their Marxist “the end justifies the means” views which often include election cheating.

Staying silent can no longer be an option. This is what Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel (1928 – 2016) said about issues that affect a society’s direction: “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

In the 1770s, Colonial America debated whether to seek its independence from Great Britain or remain a colony. Families, friendships, and business relationships were torn apart. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, who represented the colonies for several years while living in London, became a stalwart supporter of independence. His beloved son William was Governor of New Jersey and a steadfast supporter of the Crown. By 1776, father and son were no longer communicating. It broke both their hearts, but just as today, there are times when you must stand up for your beliefs.

In the 1850s, our young nation could no longer ignore the issue of slavery. Friendships were tattered. Northerners who rightly recognized the immense cruelty of slavery would no longer associate with Southern slave owners, even if the repercussions damaged long-time family, friend, and business associations.

Image: Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want.” Public domain.

Relationships also broke in the years leading up to the Second World War. On February 20, 1939, the German-American Bund, a popular pro-Nazi organization in the United States, held a massive rally in New York’s Madison Square Gardens. More than 20,000 people celebrated George Washington’s birthday with speakers standing on a stage that had American flags on one side and Nazi swastika flags on the other side.

By the early 1940s, Americans watched in horror weekly newsreels that showed Nazis destructively marching across Europe. They saw gruesome scenes of atrocities against Jews as well as Christians who protested Third Reich policies. Once the United States entered the war, few patriotic Americans would share a Thanksgiving meal with family, friends, or business associates who supported Nazi Germany.

During the Vietnam War, during which 58,281 Americans died, how many Gold Star mothers prepared Thanksgiving dinners for guests who burned the American flag during protests and spit on those in uniform?

And what of Thanksgiving 2022?

This year, there might not even be much of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. With Bidenflation, the cost of the traditional dinner has skyrocketed, expected to rise 23 percent according to Wells Fargo analysts.

Instead of turkey, there might be Chef Boyardee. That’s what Democrat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, suggested on the November 6 Meet the Press. Maloney told Americans that if inflation is making it difficult to purchase both food for the family and gas for the car, to “eat more Chef Boyardee. So that’s what families have to do.”

Maloney lost his election two days later.

To those who say we must keep the lines of communication open, especially among family and friends, the response should be “pass the malarkey.” Many Democrats seated at your table rabidly hate you and me. They mock our Judeo-Christian values including the right to life. They don’t want the United States to be a beacon of freedom. They think we are stupid. As Sunny Hostin said on the The View, “What’s also surprising to me is the abortion issue. I read a poll just yesterday that white Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid (roach spray), right?”

Ah, you just want a nice, happy Thanksgiving dinner. But while you are trying to enjoy the string bean casserole, your Progressive family and friends are trying to destroy the United States of America.

Maybe the compromise is to avoid politics during the main meal. Then when the pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream is served, casually mention why you give “thanks” to the Joe Biden administration including but not limited to:

  • Rampant inflation (aka Bidenflation).
  • Uncontrolled violent crime making it impossible to safely walk many city streets.
  • Cashless bail that puts violent criminals back on the street within hours of their brutal attack.
  • Failed Afghan withdrawal (that left Americans behind and abandoned Afghans who worked side-by-side with us) including $85 billion in military equipment for the Taliban.
  • Creating an 87,000-strong IRS army that is expected to focus on lower- and middle-class wage earners along with small business owners.
  • Two-tier justice system based on party affiliation.
  • Trying to cancel student loans.
  • Open southern border where 5 million-plus illegal aliens (drug dealers? terrorists?) have waltzed into the United States since January 2021.
  • Fentanyl coming in from Mexico via drug cartels that also engage in human trafficking.
  • Government alphabet agencies that are run as Democrat operatives.
  • Energy dependency that forces Biden to beg Communist nations for oil.
  • Depleting our strategic oil reserves.
  • Firing government workers who did not take the COVID vaccinations.
  • Destroying our military with woke mandates.
  • Supporting trans indoctrination in schools, which grooms impressionable children to question their gender and encourages them to take puberty blockers and/or have gender-reassignment surgery.
  • Recession. It’s either here now or forecasted to come in 2023.
  • Making Big Tech the Democrat propaganda arm while suppressing conservative speech. (Kudos to Elon Musk for buying Twitter!)
  • Continuing baby formula shortage.
  • Failure to enforce laws protecting U.S. Supreme Court justices and pregnancy centers while not prosecuting Antifa for criminal acts causing millions of dollars in property damage.

From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year and every other occasion, Patriots must stop being cowards around Progressive family and friends and instead proudly proclaim our support for faith, family, and country! There are fellow Americans rotting in filthy jails right now because they stood up for our nation. This Thanksgiving, you can stand up for America while passing the gravy.

To all American Thinker readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

Robin M. Itzler is a regular contributor to American Thinker. She can be reached at PatriotNeighbors@yahoo.com.

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