No Way to Win? Then Fix the Machine!

“We have put together" ...  "the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history…..Joe Biden 2020

Don't believe he said it?

Don’t believe he said this?

He may have misspoken or he may have just spoken the absolute truth. There was a great article in PJMedia by David Solway entitled: DeSantis in 2024? Think Again. It was an eye-opening although bleak reminder of how difficult it will be to elect any Republican given the voting machine manufactured and engineered by the Democrats and paid for by billionaire despots like George Soros and Sam Bankman-Fried.

At first, I believed that the only answer to this problem was to purge all the registration rolls in January and to have new registrants provide citizenship proof and valid ID. Unfortunately, such a drastic step would have to come from a GOP Congress. Then I searched further..

Throughout the 2022 campaigns all we heard from the Democrats was that Republicans were threatening our democracy. That’s a bald-faced lie because we do not have a Democracy but a Republic. That means that the states have rights and guess what? States have power they haven’t used well… ever.

Article 1, Section 4 of the Constitution:

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

Currently, 28 states are governed by Republicans who could enact new laws clearing the rolls of ineligible voters if they have the red legislature to support such changes. Unfortunately, Congress also  has the power to overturn state laws so it would be a must for the GOP to  control Congress. But even if a Democrat Senate tried to undo that attempt, conservatives have to pull out all stops and demand why. 

Why would they want ineligible foreign votes to decide how this country is run? Why would they think that insisting voters show IDs would be voter suppression when everyone who receives government checks has to have proper government issued ID? What we have now is pretty much what we used to call a ”banana republic’ in the sense that elections there were always  a slam dunk for the dictator in charge because they were rigged.

The Deep State and the left have built a massive voting machine designed to favor their candidate and it has been in place for years.

In spite of the vote rigging machine, Trump won in 2016.  But the machine worked in 2018, putting the Democrats in control of Congress. It went full hog in 2020 and will reap the WH again 2024. If we had a legitimate Justice Department that was not in league with the progressives, then we could bring the malefactors in and charge them --  but that’s not happening.

The Democrats have the money to recruit poll watchers, election officials, ballot couriers and harvesters, post office workers, and community organizers with plenty of walking around cash. Republicans don’t even bother to campaign in the inner cities.

Let’s ask ourselves who has made it super easy to register and to vote under the guise of stopping voter suppression? One used to have to request an absentee ballot for either medical or scheduling reasons. Now, unrequested ballots are sent out to everyone-living or dead in multiple states. Motor voter registration was another attempt to make things easier for noncitizens to get access to the polls. In Pennsylvania, this year, judges allowed ballots that were unsigned and undated to be counted. Is it any wonder that Fetterman won?

Dinesh D’Souza made the film 2000 Mules, clearly showing how the 2020 election was subverted by ballot harvesting and mules carting out the deliveries. Republican poll watchers were not allowed in for the counting but that’s no surprise. Way back in 1996, my daughter and I took classes to be poll watchers in Staten Island, where widespread cheating was the norm. Democrat community organizers would escort busloads of adult students from the Hungerford Special education school and instructed them to check straight down the D line. My stepson heard one man say, “I thought we were going bowling.”

 Alas, on Election Day we were told that we Republicans were no longer needed to watch and stop the other poll workers from “assisting” voters by choosing their own candidates on the ticket. New York City is deep in the pocket of the Democrat party and it is a wonder that Rudy Giuliani was ever elected mayor.

Now that Donald Trump has announced a run for the WH in 2024, the machine is gearing up for battle. Megadonors and despots will be pumping billions into the coffers of its minions. I suggest we start sending a few bucks to the online sites like this one that will keep our eyes and ears open to the Machiavellian deceits against our nation.

MAGA forever!

Democrat James Michael Curley was elected to his fourth term as Boston mayor while under federal indictment.

He was later sentenced to 6 -18 months in federal prison on another charge.

But Democrat President Harry Truman commuted the sentence to 5 months.

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