Lazy Voters Enable Democratic Fraud

There is a new category of voters these days that is proving to be the deciding factor for the Democrats. This group is the lazy voter group, the ones who are predisposed to using those new at home food prep services. That describes all the thousands of people who are suddenly either too busy or too unskilled to actually grocery shop and cook for themselves and thus have “ready-to-assemble” meals shipped to them.

First, let’s take a step back and lay down some background info: Anyone with any semblance of either lucid observational powers or intellectual honesty/courage knows that Joe Biden is not the president. He never has been. Biden has been nothing more than a figurehead, a placeholder, ever since the astonishing fraud of the 2020 election was perpetrated upon the American electorate. The Democrats successfully orchestrated their deception and left the naïve Republicans twiddling their thumbs and crying foul.

No amount of outright lying from the liberal media can even remotely explain how Republican poll watchers were forced out of several tabulation areas, the filmed evidence of Democratic mules stuffing ballot boxes late at night, how so many precincts had over 100% voter participation, how thousands of new ballots mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, always to the Democrats’ advantage, and how state voting laws and deadlines were illegally changed, again, always to the Democrats’ advantage.

None of this has been explained, much less “debunked,” to use the liberal media’s favorite word. The fraud was simply ignored and swept under the rug, and if you bring up any logical counterarguments, protected by the 1st Amendment, you’re somehow a threat to national security.

The pundits originally thought that the 2022 mid-term results would show that the majority of America like their country and wanted it back. They wanted an end to high inflation, unaffordable energy, supermarket shortages, and crippling wokeness. Americans also generally like their neighbors, regardless of color or stripe, and regardless of the ill-intended effort by progressives to turn us against each other.

But save for Ron DeSantis in Florida, Republicans did essentially nothing to prevent a repeat of the fraud debacle of 2020. Make no mistake, fraud is the biggest issue facing our elections. It’s fashionable these days to complain about “candidate quality” or “funding decisions,” but those are secondary issues. Fraud and illegal voting procedures are by far the biggest concerns. It cost the Republicans the Senate and several critical and winnable Governor’s races.  The Republicans handed the Democrats another huge fraud opportunity in 2022 and the Democrats took full advantage. Just like in 2020, when Trump’s seemingly insurmountable leads in the battleground states somehow disappeared in the days following the election like an ice cube on the driveway melting under the summer sun, critically important Republican leads were chipped away at for days after the polls closed as more and more Democrat votes were miraculously “discovered.” Mail-in and early ballots -- many somehow marked for just one or a few candidates instead of being filled out for the entire slate—appear to have been the biggest problem. Again.

This fraud is what happens when a large segment of the electorate is the lazy voter, the at home food prep customer. This is not to disparage those food services: No doubt the food is excellent and it represents a good value, but the entire concept of “just assemble and heat” food services taps into the unmotivated, self-entitled mentality of a disturbingly sizable chunk of voters. A current TV ad for one of them shows a man putting his food into his snazzy countertop oven and hitting a few preprogrammed buttons, excitedly saying, “And this is the really fun part: I’m not doing anything.” Another ad shows the wife of a couple exclaiming, “We don’t have to cook anymore!” after tasting the food.

Maybe the ad should show her saying, “We don’t have to think anymore!” And what about that guy who is having so much fun “not doing anything”? Indeed, he’s not doing anything: He's not researching the details of the issues. He’s not questioning the Democratic candidates’ wild claims. He’s not voting in person, despite the fact that he’s healthy, able and lives locally. He takes at face value the liberal media’s claim that the elections are fair and accurate and that voter fraud is not an issue. The lazy voter is not a specific age or ethnicity or income level. It’s a mindset, characterized by a self-centered, apathetic, convenience-first approach to life.

The Democrats, buttressed as always by their liberal media allies, recognize that today’s lazy voter will never press the matter of voter fraud. So, the fraud continues and Democrats will forevermore “win” every close election. The anti-Americanism of Obama’s 3rd Term continues. The fecklessness and the corrupt, willing complicity of the McConnell-McCarthy Rino/Deep State wing continues. Unless real pro-American conservatives step up in a meaningful and intelligent way, the country is doomed.

Image: Pexels - Arthouse Studio

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