Democrats Declared War on Democracy Through COVID Tyranny

Democrats lie and hope that our attention spans are short, as do their media allies. Recently, The Atlantic published an article in which the author called for a “pandemic amnesty” and that we need to forgive each other because “we were in the dark about COVID.” Lies.

We were not left in the dark at all. The media, Big Pharma, and Big Government all worked together to destroy our freedoms and ruin the lives of many Americans. Not because we didn’t know what COVID might do to us. But because we were emphatically told that these tyrannical policies of eliminating church services, closing down businesses, and trying to force a national vaccine mandate was going to save lives. There was no ambiguity in what was being promoted and for what reasons.

With inflation raging across the country, grocery bills skyrocketing, and an economy teetering on the brink of stagflation because of our asinine mishandling of COVID, we are also told that “democracy is on the ballot.” Of course, what about democracy and our rights and liberties during the COVID lockdowns? The destruction of democracy and the erosion of social trust was far more ruinous during the pandemic lockdowns than anything else.

Furthermore, if the future of democracy rests upon the next generation then the COVID lockdowns have done extraordinary harm to the development of American children. This doesn’t even touch on the propaganda being pushed in public schools. However, plummeting mathematics ability and reading comprehension because of COVID lockdown insanity is going to have consequences for years to come, perhaps even generations.

Free and responsible government depends on a virtuous and educated citizenry. This was one of the great insights of our Founding Fathers. This was reiterated by Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America. It was proclaimed again by Peter Viereck in 1940, one of the first American intellectuals to embrace and popularize the term “conservative” in his 1940 article in The Atlantic (when that publication was still worth reading), titled “But—I'm a Conservative!” 

We hardly have a virtuous citizenry nowadays. And COVID may have ruined any possibility for a generation of an educated citizenry. This, of course, is good for big government totalitarianism. It is not good, however, for democracy as Tocqueville saw it in America: the moral and spiritual self-improvement of people under the protection of the Constitution which shielded individuals from soulless institutions and bureaucratic barbarism. Viereck, in his aforementioned essay, noted

Our job is to prove right here in America that democracy means, not destructive wrangling, but effective cooperation in solving our spiritual and economic problems.

Some of us were sounding the alarms on COVID tyranny when it was first starting. Lockdown policies were never about saving lives but a test to see how many liberties and rights the government could take away without much pushback by the population. Fear is the main path tyrants take in trying to strip freedom from their citizens. Scare citizens enough and they will enslave themselves to whatever dictates the dear savior will come up with.

This is replaying itself as we approach the November 8 election. Democrats destroyed entire families through their COVID lockdown policies which eliminated businesses, put stress on homes, and harmed the intellectual development of children. Those are years that will be hard to recover, if at all.

COVID tyrants are hoping Americans forget their debacle in handling the pandemic and the tyranny that so many experienced because of it. Families were unable to visit loved ones. Churches were shut down, some never to reopen. Businesses, once staples and pillars of the community, suddenly vanished and are now vacant and rotting with overgrown weeds and mold.

Those who do remember the totalitarianism of COVID communists are now being beaten over the head by the “Orange Man bad” derangement syndrome and “Christian nationalists are Nazis” rhetoric to hide the fact that they declared war on democracy through COVID tyranny and have continued to promote their war on democracy in the name of COVID fear. Unable to complete their tyrannical plans as quickly as possible and sensing the tides are turning against them, now they want us to forget and fear the invisible threat that anyone who votes Republican is destroying democracy. Republicans are trying to save democracy and pass on an America worth loving to the next generation.

Democracy as the expression of the rights and liberties of the American people and their self-determination is at stake going forward. The war against the rights and liberties of the American people because of COVID policies have been far more pernicious and destructive than supporting the MAGA movement or the Trump Presidency. The war against the self-determination of the United States to control its border and national sovereignty is meant to break the back of the United States so we are pawns to globalist bureaucrats and managers.

Don’t fall for the lies that Republicans are a threat to democracy. Democrats are the threat to democracy. They have shown themselves willing, and wanting, to erase our rights and liberties, violate the Constitution’s protection of life and property, and ignore the enforcement of border laws all in the name of their globalist ideology which is, by nature, antithetical to democracy.

I agree that the most important issue in this election is saving American democracy. That means improving the economy, lowering inflation, and controlling the border. American democracy is not the stagflationary, COVID totalitarian, open borders globalism dressed up as democracy being offered by Joe Biden and every Democrat running for election or reelection this year.

Paul Krause is the editor of VoegelinView. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love: A Christian Guide to the Great BooksThe Politics of Plato, and contributed to The College Lecture Today and Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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