Blood Moon Says: Vote Red!

Election Day begins on November 8 with a total lunar eclipse — the third in the past eighteen months, the second this year, and the last until 2025.  Stretching nearly ninety minutes in length, peak totality occurs around 6 A.M in the East, 5 A.M. in the Midwest, and 3 A.M. on the Pacific Coast.  These celestial occurrences are known as "blood moons" because the bright white moon takes on a coppery-reddish hue.  A red moon to usher in a red wave, perhaps?  It is the moon's gravity, after all, that gives us the ocean's tides.  Maybe it can help deliver a red tsunami, too.

Even though this periodic event has been mathematically determined for quite some time, it is difficult not to see a little cosmic joke rooted within God's celestial plan.  Perhaps America's early-to-rise workforce will find some extra inspiration to stop by the local polling booth before punching the clock.  Perhaps fed-up New Yorkers will vote for Joe Pinion and finally give Chuck Schumer the boot!  Perhaps those around tight races in battleground states will notice that even the moon ahead says, "Vote red."

This Blood Moon certainly takes on a more ominous tone, too.  Americans know that their country is coming apart at the seams.  Inflation is destroying household wealth.  The middle class is struggling to survive rising food and fuel prices.  The never-ending onslaught of illegal aliens pouring over the border is exacerbating already out-of-control violent crime.  Child-groomers are lopping off kids' body parts to fulfill the wishes of dangerous adults.  The Democrats' sole rallying cry this season is for unrestricted baby-killing on demand.  With Democrats in control, blood and pain are the norm.

While the words "Great Reset" and "Build Back Better" have momentarily disappeared from leftists' lips, Green New Deal despots promise only more middle-class financial agony, more State supervision over individuals' lives, and more Big Government vetoes over what supposedly "free" citizens may sell and buy.  Biden has promised to force Americans into expensive and undependable electric vehicles and assured blue-collar workers that he will put coal miners out of work.  He has promised to regulate and censor free speech.  He insists that he will follow communist Canada's lead in coming for Americans' guns.  Meanwhile, lingering in the background of all this socialist confiscation and intrusion into people's private lives remains the now ever-present threat of a new COVID-inspired pandemic "emergency" that unscrupulous health bureaucrats, power-mad Marxist pols, and their evil Big Pharma pimps can exploit to ratchet up Deep State control, inject citizens with more experimental lies, and drain what remains of our constitutional rights.  It is a perfect storm of bloody callousness that has ruined lives; destroyed livelihoods; afflicted families; and left America weaker, poorer, and miserable.

Or maybe this Blood Moon has something to do with Dementia Joe's continued promises to punish Americans if they don't vote "correctly."  According to President Angry-Creepy-Sleepy-Pervy, this election is about "saving democracy," but if Americans dare to reject his commie crew on Tuesday, and if he and his lawfare gangsters can't successfully manipulate vote outcomes in the weeks ahead, then "democracy" is supposedly doomed.  If "democracy" were doomed, then why would the bureaucratic dictatorship running the White House recognize the results?  Biden's chief of staff, Ron Klain, has issued "one final warning" for Americans to vote "correctly."  What he and his October Revolutionaries have in store for us should we reject their demands remains to be seen.  They have already given us Soviet show trials, middle-of-the-night FBI round-ups, and MAGA political prisoners tormented in isolation.  Maybe blood dripping from the blades of foreign-made guillotines or down the sides of hastily built gulag walls is next on their Black Book of Communism list.

Should the un-American tyrants now running D.C. try to provoke Americans into the same kind of January 6 mayhem they used to quell citizen protests, censor debate about the fraudulent 2020 election, and intimidate and imprison political adversariesdo not take the bait!  The Deep State and its Uniparty friends have been very clear in how they use propagandapsychological warfare, and a compromised criminal justice system against the American people to manipulate the nation in their best interest.  They may be committed to using violence against veterans and other peaceful citizens, but we should look beyond their stratagems and crimes, while remaining wisely and dutifully committed to the task at hand.

History has been remarkably clear that a nation cannot simply vote its way out of tyranny, but that does not mean you overturn the chessboard before the best gambits have yet to be played.  Movements for great change begin small and grow stealthily yet steadily until their energy can no longer be contained.  In the years between the formation of the first Tea Parties, the political rise of President Trump, and these last two years of MAGA's stubborn persistence and D.C.'s sense of abject horror that it won't wilt away, more and more curious citizens have awakened to what is really going on in the United States and across the West.  

For nearly a decade now, the number-one stated fear of surveyed Americans has been "corrupt government officials," yet this fact is always buried somewhere deep under newspapers' sports sections and entertainment gossip.  Today, voters of all backgrounds see more clearly than ever before globalism's malevolent campaign against national sovereignty, individual freedom, and personal rights.  Today, people are beginning to see through governments' COVID and "climate changescare tactics, central banks' manipulation of markets, and the nefarious Big Tech-Intelligence Community Surveillance State.  Today, more Americans than ever understand that government is best when it vigilantly protects citizens' rights, defends the country from foreign harms, and otherwise gets entirely out of the way.  

While we have finally pierced the veil of government-orchestrated propaganda that has kept so many in the dark for so long, the practitioners of psychological warfare are more desperate than ever to slander their opponents, hide the truth, spread fresh lies, and recapture newly freed brains.  Do not fret.  Do not fear.  This is the time to keep calm, speak loudly, stay vigilant, and refuse to go away. 

Unlike the un-American Deep State that seems committed to doling out pain and violence, good leaders wisely avoid violence whenever possible.  Avoiding violence means seizing peaceful opportunities when they arise.  Voting in such large numbers on November 8 that election-riggers strain to distort the outcome with anonymous mail-in ballots is a grand opportunity.  To force our enemies to stumble, we must only demonstrate that we have won America's hearts and minds.  Our patience and fortitude will light the way — that and a big, red moon to start the day!

Image via Pixnio.

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