Biden Would Have Made a Lousy Football Coach

The October 1988 vice presidential debate, between Senators Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle, produced one of the most famous quotes in American political history.  To set the stage, the 41-year old Quayle had been in Congress for eleven years (four years in the House and seven years in the Senate) while Bentsen had been in Congress, on and off, since 1948 as both a representative and senator.  During the debate, Quayle said that he had as much political experience as John F. Kennedy had when JFK ran for president (1960).  The 67-year-old Bentsen replied, "I served with Jack Kennedy.  I knew Jack Kennedy.  Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine.  Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."  Since then, a version of the quote "you're no Jack Kennedy" has been used frequently, by a number of people, to deflate those who think too highly of themselves.

So what does Bentsen's JFK quote have to do with Joe Biden and Barry Switzer?

Barry Switzer was a college football hall-of-fame (HOF) coach (.826 winning percentage) at the University of Oklahoma from 1973 to 1988.  During those 16 seasons, O.U. was a perennial national power: twelve Big-8 Conference Championships, four second-place conference finishes, and three national championships.  After O.U., Switzer coached the Dallas Cowboys for four seasons, winning five playoff games, including Super Bowl XXX (1996).  Despite a .625 NFL winning percentage, he's often criticized for his NFL coaching abilities: "Switzer inherited a great Cowboys team."

True — he inherited a great Dallas team from HOF Coach Jimmy Johnston.  Switzer's 1994–95 Cowboys had 11 Pro-Bowl players, and his 1995–96 Super Bowl winning team had 10 Pro-Bowlers, to include future NFL Hall-of-Famers Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin.  If any team was loaded, it was the Cowboys of the mid-1990s.  However, years of coaching had taught Switzer.  He recognized the great team he had inherited and was smart enough to change nothing.  

Think of where this country would be if Joe Biden were a Barry Switzer — if Biden were smart enough to recognize the winning policies he inherited and smart enough to change nothing.  But he's not Barry Switzer.  Biden is a low-I.Q., braggadocious, vindictive, scornful, hateful man who inherited President Trump's successful policies but isn't smart enough to realize what he had.  Instead, Biden is well on his way to being the worst president in American history.

Unlike Switzer, Biden learned nothing from his previous decades as a politician.  Bill Gates, Obama's former secretary of defense, said of Biden, "He's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."  In 2019, when asked if he still stood by his Biden comment, he did, going so far as to say that he (Gates) disagreed with Biden significantly on Afghanistan.  (Gates's comment was made before Biden's disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.)

Biden's level of hatred, shared by millions of like-thinking Dems, is a derangement syndrome that probably has a clinical name.  Simply calling it Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) doesn't adequately explain Biden's, or fellow Dems', vile hatred.  There's obvious mental illness involved as well.  To summarize the left's TDS, Biden and his acolytes (which include the entire Democrat party, the media, Big Tech, and academia) don't just dislike Trump; they are revolted by him, by his every idea, his actions, his speech, his hair, and even his children.  Trump's ideas aren't just bad and revolting; they're evil — and that evil must be destroyed.

After winning the 2020 election, and even before his inauguration, Biden vowed to undo everything Trump initiated and undo all Trump policies.  Biden's doing exactly that.  Unfortunately, all of us (Trump voters, Democrat voters, the United States, and the entire world) are worse off because of that Biden/Democrat hatred.  I could give countless examples that Biden is no Barry Switzer, but space limits me.        

Barry Switzer kept future HOF Troy Aikman at quarterback and, so doing, won Super Bowl XXX.  Energy is the engine (quarterback) of our economy.  It drives everything.  Thanks to President Trump's energy policies, in 2018 and for the first time in 70 years, the U.S. became energy independent.  Biden inherited that energy independence but quickly squandered it by canceling pipelines, banning new oil and gas development on federal lands, increasing royalties (taxes) on energy companies that significantly increased drilling costs, and nominating anti-energy radicals to key positions in his administration such as Sarah Raskin to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.  Raskin advocates that banks and financial institutions should deny funding to coal, oil, and gas companies.  Biden's actions had the desired effect: drive up energy prices to reduce consumption.  Gas prices rose so high that, just before the election, Biden begged Saudi Arabia to increase its petroleum production in an effort to lower prices, hoping voters wouldn't link Biden and Dems to higher energy prices.

Barry Switzer kept future HOF Emmet Smith at running back.  Biden could have kept President Trump's border and immigration policies in place but refused.  Now we are faced with historic levels of illegals storming the southern border — over 2,000,000 in 2021 alone.  Earlier this November, a federal judge ruled against President Trump's Title 42 (used to quickly deport illegals), and Biden's DOJ has refused to fight the ruling.  Hundreds of thousands of illegals are poised to rush the border in just a few weeks.

Among those illegals are drug-smugglers.  In 2021, 107,600 Americas died of drug overdoses, a record death toll.  The vast majority of those deaths were caused by fentanyl (70K+), meth, and cocaine — mostly smuggled across the southern border.

Barry Switzer kept future HOF Michael Irvin at wide receiver.  Biden could have kept President Trump's foreign policies in place but refused.  Trump's foreign policy successes included defeated the ISIS caliphate (in Syria and Iraq) that developed and expanded during the Obama/Biden administration; a planned, orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan; pressure on NATO to meet their agreed defense obligations; the Abraham Accords, which brought stability to the Middle East (for this and others, Trump was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize); recognition China for the global threat that it is and marshaling the U.K., France, Australia, South Koream and others to recognize that threat and act accordingly; and recognizing and fighting China's horrendous human rights violations.  Because Biden abandoned Trump's foreign policies, China's human rights actions violates all civilized norms, such as harvesting organs of political prisoners; China is threatening to invade Taiwan; Russia invaded Ukraine, and the use of nuclear weapons is being discussed; North Korea is launching missiles, almost at will; NATO is threatening war with Russia; and the Afghan withdrawal was one of the most humiliating chapters in U.S. history.

If time travel were possible, we could use the ghost of Barry Switzer (he's very much alive) to take Ebenezer Scrooge Biden back to see Foreign Policy Past (Trump's) and compare that to Foreign Policy Present (Biden's), Energy Policy Past compared to Energy Policy Present, and Border Policy Past compared to Border Policy Present and compare Trump's successes to Biden's disasters.  But time travel's not possible.  However, we can thwart the horror of Biden's present by electing Herschel Walker in Georgia's senate runoff on Dec. 6.

Image: 10 Tampa Bay via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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