Are You Connecting The Pandemic Dots Yet?

This article has been update, with updates in italics

In mid-March 2020, we got the gift of a 5-alarm virus, one that nobody had noticed during its first four to six months of spread. The terror of COVID began when it was suddenly hyped as dire and deadly. From nothing, it came to dominate all the news. Nobody was more quoted than Doctors Fauci and Birx. The race to spread gasoline on the fire had begun. But there was always a method to the madness.

Remember the shortage of ventilators? The governors who housed COVID-infected in nursing homes with the elderly? We created the pandemic to sustain the panic, with specific aims in mind—aims that the COVID opportunists have achieved.

For example, it was of paramount importance that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were thwarted before they were seen as widely effective in treating COVID (and, by the way, thanks to FTX for funding that study)—imperative so that an emergency use authorization for the “vaccine” was justified. It also allowed them to push Remdesivir (a killer drug that was known to destroy people’s livers and kidneys and that didn’t help with COVID). Families were prevented from being present as their loved ones were sacrificed, hooked up to useless ventilators, and fed that drug against all common sense. They died alone, but we needed plenty of bodies so oh, well. Sausage-making is not a pretty process.

The master manipulators licked their chops as they upgraded this virus from a molehill to a mountain quite effectively. They’d finally figured out how to stop Trump, exploiting his germaphobe Achilles heel, after which they gleefully and very effectively used COVID to take him down. That was aim number one, of two.

Is this an extreme opinion? Yeah, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. Trump had to go, and this got him gone like nothing else would.

And as a nice addition, the whole thing made the very rich very much richer, too.

Montage by Andrea Widburg using COVID virus from freepik.

On to part two. The “vaccine.” How better to achieve the globalist aim of reducing the global population? We’re learning that the mRNA “vaccine” is a flawed substance that introduces spike proteins that wreak havoc with our bodies by interfering with the immune system, invading the circulatory system, and weakening the heart. The results of this campaign are starting to manifest now.

Nowhere in memory have I seen the type of now-daily reports of people in their prime just dropping dead. On stage mid-concert, on TV mid-show, on the playing field, even in grade school—it’s happening, relentlessly. Healthy adults and young people are having heart attacks and deadly or disabling blood clots. Cancer deaths are soaring, too.

I’m not going to feed you statistics, there are enough people on Substack doing that part, just dig in and read for yourselves. Here’s a link to start with. The bottom line is that, because the “vaccinated” have had their immune system degraded, their ability to fight off various bodily ills has been diminished. That news has been suppressed in the mainstream media so far—but it’s getting harder to do. At some point, even the hapless news readers must start questioning the script.

  • There’s have been alarming reports of increases in miscarriage and stillbirths in vaccinated populations following Covid vaccination. [updated]
  • There’s a measurable diminution in sperm counts.
  • There’s an alarming and provable amount of “excess mortality” manifesting everywhere—all-cause mortality, not COVID deaths.
  • RSV is in the news for the first time ever.

RSV? What’s that? It’s Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and there’s now a move to have it declared a health emergency for children.

My understanding is that RSV was “discovered” in monkeys, during the quest for an effective polio vaccine, and has been with us for years—since the 1950s. Having been alive since then, and raised children myself, I can say with some certainty that nobody ever mentioned RSV to me. it’s just been another form of common cold for most people and far less of an issue than the flu. Suddenly, it’s become a menace to children and babies, sending them in large numbers to the ER.

The drive to “vaccinate” our children was very aggressive—here in California, schools wouldn’t allow an unvaccinated student entry, as soon as each age range was OK’d for the jab. As a result, my little Bay Area burg proudly let us know that 96% of all the kids got their shots. No matter if it didn’t make sense given that, in the whole nation, there have been almost zero healthy kids felled by COVID. (I think the number was around 350 COVID deaths nationally in the under-15-year-old group when they started the jab drive, and my understanding was that most if not all of those, had serious co-morbidities. Each death is tragic, of course, but it’s not a plague killing off America’s young.)

We now face an unknowable future for children and young adults. How many will develop myocarditis? How many will get cancer? Experience neurological problems? How many will be felled by what was once basically the common cold? How many will grow up to discover they can’t carry a baby to term? Or that their sperm won’t impregnate anyone?

Time will tell. I was motivated to write (and shout!) about this from the start of the pandemic. My archive is filled with articles on the subject. In the end, I couldn’t really do much. I still cringe at ads for booster shot drives, and the preternaturally cheerful news readers oblivious cajoling to “keep your kids safe” by shooting more poison into their arms.

I gave up writing about it all for a while, but the current RSV panic has forced me back, at least for this one moment, to point out the truth as I see it. Maybe, if you connect the dots for yourself, you can also point the facts out to others.

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