America's Great Political Unraveling

What’s worse—how much of a joke America’s “elections” are or the contempt with which election officials treat voters who have the nerve to demand answers on election night? Days of mail-in ballot counting have turned Republican Senate leads into Democrat Senate victories, while control of the House is still up for grabs; but the praetorian news pundits who defend the Deep State’s virtue as if they were protecting the disputed honor of a blushing bride still find it more appalling that voters could question the legitimacy of America’s elections than the reality that vote-counters have turned elections into long-term, unbelievable affairs.

It takes an awful long time to track down all those rascally elusive ballots temporarily lost in the mail. Perhaps any unused leftovers can just be scooped up and used again for the Democrats in two years—whatever might move this whole farce along more quickly in the future.

This debauched civic ritual has become so dirty that there’s not enough soap to wash off the stench. In states where voter identification rules are somewhat enforced and mail-in and absentee ballots are reserved for exceptional cases, Republicans won overwhelmingly. In states where anonymous, unsecured mail-in ballots are the new norm, Republicans got trounced.

In 2010, when Republicans absolutely “shellacked” Obama-Marxists in the midterms, conservatives won around two and a half million more votes and picked up a landslide sixty-three additional House seats. In 2022, Republicans have won six million more votes than the Democrats across the country yet will be lucky to grab an additional nine seats.

Amazingly, Republicans managed to win decisively, while still losing every toss-up election but one. You must be a card-carrying member of the Expert Class not to understand what’s going on here. In America, elections are dead. We have COVID-19-induced ballot hunts now, where paid political operatives are rewarded for finding and filling out as many as they can.

What do you bet that somebody, somewhere in the Democrat Mafia Machine won a big cash prize for most ballots rounded up? My guess is the winner worked heavily in Pennsylvania, where Senator-Elect Braindead can now join so many cognitively-challenged Capitol colleagues—and, of course, President Tweedledum and his cackling VP Tweedledee.

Is this where Turncoat Mitch McConnell says something false about “candidate quality” mattering most and why it’s imperative to nominate only China-colluding, globalist-shilling RINOs in the future? Sorry, when Igor’s Lump gets elected with ease in the Keystone State on a platform of closing coal mines and releasing criminals, only the Great Ballot Hunt matters now!

Here’s the really depressing news. Even if Republicans had won both the House and Senate outright and beyond the margin of newly-discovered, mail-in ballot manipulation, we would have all celebrated by…watching Turtle McConnell and Frank Luntz’s roommate, Kevin McCarthy, take over Congress? These are the same guys who actively conspired against President Trump’s MAGA agenda; deprived his congressional endorsements with needed midterm funds; openly fought against Alaska’s Republican senate nominee, Kelly Tshibaka, so that ultra-leftist, pro-abortion Lisa Murkowski can continue spoiling and despoiling that seat; and handed Democrats critical victories by remaining completely mum about mail-in ballot chicanery and election deceit.

Sheesh, maybe Mitt Romney, who spent the last year diligently working against Republican Mike Lee’s re-election in their shared state of Utah (sorry, Mittens is not a good, righteous man; he’s a conniving, backstabbing, pretentious, morally-preening puke!), can be promoted, too. Or how about Lindsey Graham, who has seemed hellbent on willfully sabotaging Republicans’ electoral chances by screeching obsessively about federal abortion bans, while scaring young, single, Democrat-voting women to the polls. Heck, it’s great news that Pelosi-loving liar Liz Cheney is gone, but it’s still shocking she was the third-ranking House Republican until last year!

Maybe all the pro-Democrat, uber-globalist, commie-curious, polyamorous politicos who identify as trans-Republicans should be rewarded for their mediocrity, sabotage, and loathing for the Republicans’ MAGA-voting base! Wow, voting Republican sure does feel an awful lot like ordering a nice, juicy steak and getting a squishy slab of eggplant on your plate!

Communist Karens control the Capitol, and sadly, too many of those Karens play Republican while playing Republican voters for fools. Democrats’ never-ending debauchery may demand that society resemble the inside of a brothel, but only the RINOs among us jump at the chance to play dress-up and act as the Dems’ cathouse of obedient political whores.

I can’t get Claire Wolfe’s voice out of my head when she drolly wrote in 101 Things To Do ‘Til The Revolution that “America is at that awkward stage” when “it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” But she wrote that a quarter of a century ago, and most of us have already worked our way through her list!

When Tom Petty declared, “The waiting is the hardest part,” he wasn’t kidding. The Marxist takeover of the United States continues apace, and the freedom-loving, Constitution-supporting, American patriots—in desperate disbelief—are increasingly asking, “Is it time now? Can we start working to get our country back?”

And the only thing our big-boy Republicans have to say is, “Quiet down, you, or we’ll throw more of your friends in the J6 Gulag for life.” Some allies, our Republican leaders have turned out to be, eh? You look around on Veterans Day and see generations of warriors who put their lives on the line only to be demeaned as “terrorists” and “extremists” today.

Elections are supposed to provide ordinary citizens an opportunity to exert control over the direction of their government. In America, they feel like little more than an illusion of choice designed so that government may continue to exercise control over the citizens. The vast administrative State with its millions of employees making up and enforcing rules that directly affect citizens’ lives and property is the real government. The Intelligence Community and its not-so-secret domestic surveillance of Americans is the real government. The CIA’s Mockingbird Media peddling approved talking points and spreading false memes on the Leviathan’s behalf is the real government.

How do you give citizens the illusion of control while controlling them more completely? You create an unelected, yet imperious, permanent bureaucratic army to run the State, give it a network of spies and lawless prosecutors to control public dissent, and make sure the same handful of corporations that control all mass media news parrot exactly what the regime demands. Oh, and then you give the people a chance to vote for 535 members of Congress, a president, and vice president every few years and tell them, “This is what democracy looks like!”

This is not what “democracy” or any other form of representative government looks like. When the obscenely large permanent federal government never really changes hands, and only a few political offices get rearranged biennially, then the illusion of proactive change remains but a facade papered over the reality of the Leviathan’s permanency.

Who has more power in Washington—the politician busy glad-handing and raising money for the next election, or the discreet lifelong apparatchik who knows precisely when, where, and how to manipulate for maximum advantage the levers of the bloated, byzantine, bureaucratic system? As America’s billion-dollar campaign industry proves, anybody can buy a politician for the right price, but real government power operates in the shadows far from the election theater of the day.

How does a good American citizen work within that kind of naturally corrupt system?

A heartfelt hat tip to all veterans and their families!

Image: United States Capitol (edited) by Martin Falbisoner. CC BY-SA 3.0.

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