Add One More ‘Mc’ to the McFailures — McCain is Back from the Dead to Devour MAGA

For astute Americans, Arizona is a source of confusion. For a Pima County (Tucson) refugee, it’s part and parcel of the entrenched Uniparty and its coziness with… the Council on Foreign Relations.

If you were paying attention this election cycle, it’s likely several key races and their consuming details would have occupied your attention. For one, you probably followed the Oz–Fetterman matchup, consistently baffled at the descent into the bizarre, a disbelief which could have peaked at the debate-opening ‘adieu’ moment or possibly the announcement that the Pennsyltucky Orc was in fact the political victor. (I actually have family members who hail from and reside in the state, one of whom is so embarrassed, she’s decided that upon disclosing this information to new acquaintances, she will add “but I did not vote for Fetterman.”)

Above all though, you most certainly would have been tracking on Arizona, with the polished and viciously pro-American Kari Lake. You would have noticed the massive crowds she drew and her razor-sharp wit — she probably reminded you of President Trump during his glorious tenure.

So, understandably, for those outside of Arizona, things aren’t adding up — how is a bathroom-lurking caitiff like Katie Hobbs leading the America First heroine? Well, allow me to explain: the globalist ghost of McCain lives on, and the Uniparty has a stranglehold on Arizona politics, preventing transparent elections and a return to the constitutional conservatism and civil service that Lake embodies.

If you recall, the last time Arizona made serious political headlines was in the wake of the 2020 presidential upset. It is the home of counties like Maricopa and Pima, jurisdictions where more than six million Arizonans reside and which were rife with allegations of fraud; both counties largely contributed to the “statistical anomalies and historical irregularities” that defined the election. In fact the discrepancies were so at odds with election integrity and security, Dinesh D’Souza produced a documentary laying bare compelling evidence (much of it centered around Arizona) against the idea that the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history.”

For a state where Republicans held both chambers at the legislature, the attorney general’s office, and the governor’s mansion, one would think that rectifying exploitable or corrupt practices would be easy — but you’d be dead wrong.

Below, you’ll find a few brief points worth noting about the overall sentiment of Republican leadership in Arizona:

First off, the Legislature has had two years to pass laws to reform and strengthen the election process. During the 2021 session (which began before Biden was even inaugurated), lawmakers completely ignored the issue; during the 2022 session, there were two attempts made: the first was killed by Republican Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, and the second was indefinitely tabled by Republicans Senate President Karen Fann because she “didn’t have the votes” — ultimately the bill died when the session ended this past June. Concerned citizens demanded a floor vote to identify the dissenters, but Fann refused. The Swamp doesn’t rat on the Swamp. (You might recognize “Bowers” for his performance in front of the Jan. 6 Committee or his close friendship with Liz Cheney.)

Secondly, as recently as last month, the Arizona attorney general’s office under Republican Mark Brnovich made an open request to ask that the Joe Biden FBI and IRS be used to “investigate” the conservative non-profit behind D’Souza’s film. True the Votes Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips were promptly arrested and only just released from custody by an appeals judge.

Currently, Democrat officials running Pima County elections have said that official results won’t “realistically” be known until November 15th. Meanwhile, in a +8 Republican district in the county, votes continue to trickle in for the Democrats running against a slate of conservative firebrands known as the Freedom Team — all with apparently zero outrage from the county Republican party. Mind you, this is the same county party that bolstered a proud abortionist as a legislative candidate over members of that very same Freedom Team, so again, not all that surprising. In fact, boots on the ground in Pima asserted that the only candidate the local party really rallied for was Governor Doug Ducey protégé Juan Ciscomani, who has since won his race. You might remember, Ducey earned an official GOP censure for certifying the 2020 vote at the same moment lawyers presented evidence alleging fraud to state lawmakers. When I asked Mr. Ciscomani if he thought Ducey had done a good job, he replied with “Yes, I do.”

Two months ago, a local Arizona paper published an article with a headline that said, “14 AZ lawmakers took 9-day Europe trip sponsored in part by lobbyists and more are coming” — and this is where things get really interesting.

According to the report:

[The] lawmakers took a free trip to Germany, where they celebrated the opening of a trade office…. met government and business officials, and enjoyed a leisurely weekend in Berlin.

Of course, you’d expect the Democrats to be involved in this — they’re corrupt and shameless and antithetical to the role of ‘civil servant’ — but what if I told you half were Republicans, six of whom appear to have just won reelection? (Arizona takes forever to count the votes if you couldn’t tell.) The lone Republican who won’t be returning to the legislature is none other than the aforementioned Rusty Bowers, who lost his primary in early August.

So who paid for this trip, which included “drinking and partying”, and with whom exactly did they meet? 

Well, the report went on:

Lobbyist firms and state taxpayers [emphasis added] funded the lawmakers’ expenses as part of a new, $750,000 Arizona House of Representatives international relations program that will fund more [emphasis added] such trips over the next few years…. House officials were was [sic] unable to provide individual and total costs to send the lawmakers on the trip[.]

Under the debilitating weight of inflation, Arizona taxpayers paid the bill, along with the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations, which is an “offshoot” of the pro-globalism Council on Foreign Relations. Some of the Committee’s corporate members include the McCain Institute, and countless establishments under the Arizona State University umbrella — ASU’s president, Michael Crow, also serves as the Chairman of the Board for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s leading investment firm. Oh, and how could I forget? The president of the Committee is a woman named Claire Sechler Merkel — wonder if there’s any relation to Angela Merkel, especially given the fact the program’s inaugural destination was Germany? The Maricopa Merkel also appears on Bowers’ campaign finance reports as a recent heavy-hitting donor.

Actually, we need to backtrack a bit: “Before going to Germany, several members of the delegation also went to Italy, where they met Cindy McCain,” — McCain is now a Rome-based diplomat to the globalist United Nations.

Once the group actually arrived in Germany, they met with executives of pharmaceutical giant, Merck. Again, Arizona Republicans and Big Pharma go hand-in-hand — Wilmeth, the brains behind this beast, followed in the steps of his colleagues, and just accepted a $750 Pfizer donation less than a month ago. On top of that, both the legislature and the governor absconded from their duty to protect citizens from coerced masking and jabs during the height of the Covid madness  makes sense when vaccine manufacturers are making campaign donations. Furthermore, the article referenced a heavy crossover between Arizona lawmakers and semiconductor electronics enterprises; gee, that sounds eerily reminiscent of Nancy Pelosis dirty dealings. They then met with U.S. embassy officials for a private reception, before hobnobbing with various German politicians. Despite all the “good connections” made ‘in service’ to the state of Arizona, the lawmakers failed to officially disclose the trip to the public. How strange....

Do these Republicans strike you as the type who would want Kari Lake breathing down their necks? No, of course not. Arizona politics are defined by the phrase, ‘two wings of the same bird’ — you’d think dabbling in a censured McCains endeavors and galvanizing globalist agendas would compel further censures or possibly even expulsions from the Republican Party, but alas, crickets. Uniparty Republicans run Arizona, and that’s exactly why a chain of despicable events that sees Hobbs “triumph” over Lake should come as no surprise — these people, no matter how convincing, are a bunch of McFrauds.

Image: DonkeyHotey, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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