Abortion, Old-Time German Childrearing, And Deadly Class Warfare

Five propositions supporting abortion rights were on the midterm ballots, and four won. Psychologically speaking, though, what exactly are abortion rights? They are policies designed to relieve the mental panic men and women feel when they are forced to become responsible for themselves and someone other than themselves. They seek the right to avoid an end to being central to their own lives, along with the forced injection of chaos.

I believe that “rights” are God-given, but those who demand unlimited abortion do not agree. Their angry demonstrations suggest that those making the demands believe only in themselves and their needs. Fetuses and babies, who don’t vote and hold no positions of power and influence, are becoming subject to arbitrary dismantling by their parents. Unfortunately, the rights of the unborn or recently born do not have a legal leg to stand on.

What’s ironic, of course, is how many of those who support abortion are probably vegans, with even more of them against the death penalty. However, today logic is flexible or optional.

But demanding the right to abortion has bigger societal implications. Those who seek abortion rights must intuit that this demand will lead ineluctably to society’s right to eliminate old people through euthanasia. If guided by the same self-focused needs that guide abortion, they’ll agree to euthanasia when Mom has become too expensive, too irritating, too depressing, too distant and, thankfully, just too sick. She’s impeding the national good so, despite sweet memories, she deserves only the consideration a fetus receives.

Eventually, the same eliminationist ideology to unborn and elderly lives can extend to others who hold the wrong views, impeding progress. Cancel and woke cultures remove people’s worth by making it impossible to earn a wage, travel, pay for goods, or raise a family. Bad thoughts voiced aloud justify vaporizing individuals or even encouraging them to seek euthanasia themselves.

The Bible says, “There is nothing new under the sun,” and all these manifestations of modern pro-abortion culture are old permutations of previous cultural patterns. Lloyd DeMause, a psycho-historian, researched late 19th-century German family life and concluded it was so vile (my word) it made the Holocaust inevitable. In The Emotional Life of Nations, DeMause presents research gleaned from German diary analyses. His conclusions are shocking:

…A comparison by Maynes of 90 German and French autobiographies of late nineteenth-century working class childhoods found German[s] far more brutal and unloving, with the typical memory of home being that “No bright moment, no sunbeam, no hint of a comfortable home where motherly love and care could shape my childhood was ever known to me.


German family maxims described the lack of love of mothers toward their children, saying tenderness was “generally not part of the mother’s character…Just as she kept her children…short on food and clothing, she also was short on fondling and tenderness…[feeling] the children should…regard themselves as useless weeds and be grateful that they were tolerated.


“I don’t want to be loved,” said one typical father, “I want to be feared!”


It is good to hate. To hate is strong, manly. It makes the blood flow. It makes one alert. It is necessary for keeping up the fighting instincts. To love is feebleness. It enervates. You see all the nations that talk of love as the keynote of life are weak, degenerate. Germany is the most powerful nation in the world because she hates. When you hate, you eat well, sleep well, work well, fight well.


Infanticide and infant mortality rates at the end of the nineteenth century were much higher in Germany and Austria than in England, France, Italy and Scandinavia.


German women giving birth often “had their babies in the privy, and treated the birth as an evacuation, an everyday event, and…carried on with their work.” Births that were “experienced as a bowel movement made it possible for the women [to] kill their children in a very crude way, by smashing their heads [like] poultry and small animals….”


Those who saw Mothers kill their newborn babies observed that they were without remorse, “full of indifference, coldness and callousness [and gave] the impression of a general impoverishment of feeling.”


Visitors writing about German home life reported, “It is extremely rare for a German lady to nourish her own child,” and “It would have been very astonishing indeed if a well-to-do mother had suggested suckling her own baby.”

The above-described behavior is the precursor to ideas and behaviors that made Nazism possible. The 19th-century German family needed to control fetuses, newborns, and children, something they did without legal obligations or prohibitions. This conduct oozed from distorted values developed over many generations.

Of course, with Hitler’s go-ahead, Germans would soon subject other classes to dismissal and death: the disabled, the mentally limited, Jews, Roma, prisoners of war, citizens of conquered countries, etc. For DeMause, though, German attitudes towards infants and children were the model that generalized easily to other groups of people. These adult attitudes and behaviors could and should be understood as class warfare in the most Marxian sense.

As was the case in Germany, if we can’t stop the up-and-coming New World Order, group membership will determine everyone’s right to life: too young, too old, too deviant, too smart, too sick, too poor, too middle-class, too rich, or just plain ‘too many.’ Belonging to any wrong group will mark people for premature death. Abortion is just a single example of the erosion of respect for life. The problem is that once class warfare becomes the basis for societal functioning, we will simply accustom ourselves to the presence of dead bodies in the street and will just gingerly step over them. We will see a dead body and the only thought to go through our heads will be, “That could have been me!”

Without the presumption on everyone’s part that no one should be ‘put down’ for merely belonging to a class, we will fail miserably as a society. Society must mete out punishment when someone is proven after due process to have broken a law. Punishment without trial is sadism—and yet we routinely inflict punishment on infants simply for being in the fetus class.

We can do better than to think of class warfare as the natural way of the world. But to climb out of that bottomless sinkhole, we may first have to evolve more in the direction of mercy. And that, of course, will depend upon whether people who exhibit merciful behavior will be permitted to procreate. We are in desperate need of more people with the ‘empathy’ gene.

Image: German Family. Public domain.

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