A Voter's Primer: The Seven Health Policy Habits of Insanely Progressive People

What is the most painful lesson the COVID-19 saga has taught the American people?  Perhaps it was how, over the past two and a half years, we have been force-fed an extended taste of the dystopian version of "health care" that the Democrat Party and the Washington nomenklatura (but I repeat myself) seek to permanently impose on us.

We've lived through it now, so we can't say we weren't warned.  However, many people are still dazed and confused, others remain terrified, and some just want to forget that the whole nightmare ever happened and return to their old pre-pandemic lives.

Things may have calmed down, but don't kid yourself: the good old days have not returned.  It's vital that we never forget what they did to our children, our livelihoods, and our civil rights, how they ruined countless lives in the name of "keeping us safe."  And they're not done.  They're just warming up.  And now they seek amnesty for their abuses of power, even as they continue to persecute courageous dissidents like Dr. Peter McCollough, even as they push booster after booster, even to tiny children?  No way.

In the interest of jostling the collective memory before this election, your humble correspondent asks: what are the medical implications of Democrat party governance?

Presenting the Seven Health Policy Habits of Insanely Progressive People:

1. Martial law as "public health."  Remember how "two weeks to flatten the curve" became two years to flatten your will to live?  Get ready for draconian, indefinitely extended lockdown measures whenever a "public health emergency" is declared — for example, before major elections.

2. Mandatory jab policies gone wild.  This isn't just your father's measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, folks.  We're talking about warp-speed-produced, novel-technology shots with zero long-term data.  You think they're stopping with SARS CoV-2? Have you noticed how much they're talking up RSV?  There's a lot of money to be made.  You think you'll have a choice, right?  After all, they're all about "my body, my choice," right?  Well, think back to about a year ago.  Did the shots do what they claimed they would?  Did they apologize after vilifying and persecuting the skeptics?  If the Dems keep power, the questions return: do you want to earn a living?  You will comply.  Do you want freedom of movement?  Comply.  Do you want your kids to go to school?  Comply.

3. Censor and destroy all dissenting physicians, scientists, and health care workers.  Remember NIH chief Francis "Over the Rainbow" Collins's call for a "quick and devastating published takedown" of the so-called "fringe" scientists (From Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford!) who wrote the Great Barrington Declaration?  Fast-forward to the fascistic current attempts to strip Dr. Peter McCollough of his board certification.  Welcome to a world of compromised, careerist medical mediocrities beating down pre-eminent minds who refuse to keep silent, like Orwell's boot stomping on a face forever and ever.

4. Support and grow the Government-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex.  One really should read The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to get the full picture.  The huge problem of regulatory capture, the intertwining of U.S. government medical agencies with the military (especially with regard to vaccine development), and the absolutely massive amounts of money involved are truly head-spinning.  Only the terminally naïve or willfully blind could believe that Fauci et al. care one whit about the individual citizen's well-being.

5. Predatory medical and social policies against children.  Shuttering schools for two years at a time.  Masking young children and toddlers.  Still — to this day — pressing for mandated COVID-19 vaccines for schoolchildren.  Population-wide psychological trauma as well as developmental and educational delay, all resulting from their cruel, excessive, and utterly unnecessary policies.  Any apologies?  New York Democrat governor Kathy Hochul still "reserves the right" to bring back masks.  Still not convinced?  Need I mention Drag Queen Story Hour?  Or abortion on demand as a secular sacrament?  Why do Democrats hate children so?

6. The woke Lysenkoism of academic medicine.  The November 1, 2022 issue of the once-pre-eminent Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), published one week before the midterm elections, was almost completely devoted to attacking the Dobbs Supreme Court decision.  Curiously, it contained only two original research articles — neither one about abortion.  However, interspersed with the full-page Big Pharma advertisements, the issue had no fewer than nine opinion pieces, all pro-abortion and anti-Dobbs.  No contrasting views permitted.  Journals that used to print original research and promote debate of controversial issues now print propaganda better suited to a Planned Parenthood brochure.  And medical schools' curricula are no better.

7. Complete government control of all aspects of medicine.  Forget about the old bugbear of "socialized medicine."  With Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, federal medicine, and NIH influence over academic medical centers, American medicine is already socialized.  However, during COVID-19, we saw government manufacture and enforce complete consent to its health care policy at a level never seen before.  This was accomplished by thorough capture of hospital systems and local health officials with a crude but effective carrot-and-stick approach.  Do exactly what we say, and we pay you off handsomely down the road (with taxpayer dollars).  Don't do what we say, and we shut you down.  For good.

To those uncertain about the relative merits of communism versus capitalism, I often say: "Be honest with yourself.  Which Korea would you rather live in: North or South?"  To anyone unsure how to vote in this upcoming election, I now ask, "Be honest with yourself.  What type of America would you rather live in for the rest of your life — one like COVID-era Florida or one like COVID-era New York?"

Neither American political party is perfect — far from it.  But one party never wants things to go back the way they were before COVID-19.  Never.

Vote wisely, America.

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