A High Noon Showdown for America

We may well be living in some of the most interesting times in the history of America.

After President Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2024, Merrick Garland announced late last week the appointment of a special counsel to continue, in yet another form, the same Democrat/RINO witch hunt that has wrongfully hounded the former president in different mutations for the last six years.

This time, President Trump's response was different.

To Garland and all of America, he strongly suggested on Friday that he wasn't going to take it anymore.  Instead, he would be taking a stand by refusing to cooperate in this latest "investigation" — i.e., abuse of power — by the Biden administration.

Nor should he have to cooperate.  Enough is enough!  And it's time for patriots across America to let him know: we've got his six!

After all, as he quite rightly pointed out, why hasn't the attorney general appointed a "special counsel" to investigate Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden family criminal cartel — including the present White House Resident — based on, among other things, all the evidence contained in Hunter's "laptop from hell"?

President Trump is — and, indeed, all of us who love our country are — presently in the crosshairs of a regime that has weaponized its federal law enforcement with the specific of intent of hamstringing, if not destroying, all of its political/ideological enemies.

Such is the errant trajectory presently being taken by our current federal government.  And it must be resisted — not only by President Trump, but by all of us, and with great speed, before it is too late.  For if it is not resisted, it will soon end with the present regime's obtaining its goals by eliminating most, if not all, the "rights" that previous generations of Americans thought to be their birthright.  You know...like all those pesky little constitutional rights they find annoying, but that the rest of us are now coming to fully realize are vital if we ever hope to avoid having to bend our knees as indentured bond-servants submitting to a self-appointed ruling class.

Those who may doubt this should take as an advance warning the events the world is now witnessing in Brazil as its unlawfully elected dictator is now tightening the noose he has placed around the necks of those protesting his fraudulent election.  Just this last weekend, that beneficiary of election fraud informed his adversaries that if they don't stop protesting, go home, and stay quiet — i.e., elect to become submissive and obedient to his tyranny — the government will seize their children.  For how long will the children be detained?  Who knows?  One might guess that will be decided later by the tyranny that ordered them to be taken hostage in the first place — much like those J6 hostages our present government is holding indefinitely without due process for petty offenses.  Such are examples of a government's weaponization of law enforcement at its finest. 

Except for those who willingly choose to remain blind to reality, the parallels between these events in Brazil and what appears to be evolving in America is becoming frighteningly uncanny.  How is what Brazil is doing to suppress the people's resistance to its tyrannical dictator at all different from our government's law enforcement employing terror tactics to attempt to take down — i.e., silence — those whose only crime appears to be their desire to do what is necessary to ensure the sovereignty of their country and restore it to greatness?  By the appointment of the special counsel, the message being sent to President Trump and those who support him is the same.  We are to shut up and go away, or our "government" will make us pay a price none of us would want to pay...nor should we have to.

Only time will tell if President Trump will actually defy the special counsel.  If he does, will he be indicted for obstruction of justice, and maybe even for insurrection?  And if that happens, will he be arrested and convicted, and thereby prevented from again becoming our president in 2024?  And if he is, where will that leave the millions upon millions of patriots who know that this former president who we firmly believe is needed to reverse the course of this nation has been wrongfully set up by our faux government to take a fall he should never have been compelled to take? 

That is where we are as a nation.

Many of us who find ourselves on the sidelines are like the townfolk in High Noon.  We know that a gunfight is coming that will determine our future as a community, but we are left watching the drama from the outside while trying to decide exactly what we should do before that event takes place — if anything.  We are left in a state of paralysis. 

At such a time as this, we are left considering words like those of Teddy Roosevelt: "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."  But that still leaves us wondering how such a bromide should be interpreted in the present context.

At a minimum, such are the events that now should be compelling each of us to introspect in preparation for having to make an important — and probably unavoidable — personal decision.  Namely, what exactly would we be willing to do, if anything, to help President Trump right a grievous wrong being foisted upon him that we are all being forced to witness?

This, in turn, is exactly what has made the times in which we are now living the most interesting any of us could have imagined.

Cliff Nichols is an attorney, the author of A Barrister's Tales, and the curator of The American Landscape

Image via Pixabay.

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