Who Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines?

On September 26, 2022, seismologists in Denmark and Sweden recorded underwater seismic activity in the Baltic Sea between 2.1 and 2.3 on the Richter scale, equivalent to an explosion of several hundred pounds of TNT.  After investigations, authorities in both countries determined that there had been apparent efforts to sabotage the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines.  Both lines of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and one line of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, yet to be commissioned, were impacted.

Repairs to the damaged pipelines will not be easy.  The steel pipelines are about 1.6 inches thick and covered with about 4.3 inches of concrete in order to maintain stability on the seabed.  They lie in waters ranging from 165 to 328 feet in depth, and the pressure of the depths would require saturation diving.  Divers could stay only around ten hours at that depth and would require around 30 days in a hyperbaric chamber to combat decompression sickness.  While the repairs to the pipelines would require an extensive period of time to effect and substantial expense, the efforts to sabotage them would require minimal time and expense, and a relatively low level of technological expertise.

The question remains: who done it?

As every fan of detective stories knows, determining the means and motive of suspects is the key to solving a mystery.  Given the geopolitical nature of this issue, it seems that there are four likely suspects: Russia, the European Union (E.U.), the United States (U.S.), and China.  Let's examine each one separately in an effort to determine if they had the means and motive to sabotage the pipelines.

First Russia.  One would think Russia has the means to sabotage the pipelines.  But what about the motive?  Why would Russia sabotage the pipelines that connect its natural gas to the E.U. — natural gas that Russia desperately needs to sell to fund its war on Ukraine and maintain the standard of living of its citizens?  It already controls the flow of gas through the pipelines.  It already shut down Nord Stream 1 to retaliate for the E.U. embargo of Russian oil and gas to be implemented in December 2022 and February 2023.  The Russians could well use the money until the embargo is fully in place (assuming it is enforced).  It seems that the Russians would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

What about the E.U.?  Although they have the means, it seems unlikely that they have the motive.  They are entering into a very dark (no pun intended) period in European history that will sorely test the union and the will of its citizenry.  Over 35% of the natural gas supply to the E.U. has been cut off, wreaking havoc on financial markets, energy markets, inflation, the unemployment rate, the cost of electricity, the prospect of blackouts, and the standard of living of every resident in the E.U.  One would think the E.U. would hold out some small hope that the Russian invasion of Ukraine comes to a negotiated end, that Russia will be reintegrated into the world economy and gas would flow through Nord Stream 1 once again.  Rendering the pipelines useless would not serve their interests, nor, seemingly, those of the Green Parties and ecoterrorists in the E.U. since the E.U. countries are being forced to rethink coal as a fuel source to generate electricity.  Cutting off all gas flow to the E.U. from Russia is causing every E.U. country to reinstitute efforts to burn coal to generate electricity.  The result will increase emissions of CO2 when the E.U. has been trying to eliminate CO2 emissions for the last 30 years.  Undoubtedly, when the E.U. governments try to ramp up the use of coal, one can expect members of the Green Party and ecoterrorists to initiate civil unrest throughout the E.U.

What about the U.S.?  It would seem that the U.S. would have the means, but would the U.S. have the motive?  Assuming that President Biden knew of and approved an act of sabotage on the pipelines (which is a big assumption), why would the U.S. want to stop all gas flow to the E.U. from Russia?  First, it does not seem that the U.S. benefits economically from such an event.  The U.S. has placed an embargo on all imports of Russian coal, oil, and gas.  The Biden administration seems to be solidly in the grip of the left wing of the Democrat party, which promotes the fraudulent man-made global warming hypothesis and the Green New Deal.

What about the Chinese?  They clearly have the means, but, do they have the motive?  After the E.U. embargo on Russian energy, China has stepped up to buy all of the coal, oil, and gas that Russia wants to sell, further pushing an embattled President Putin into the sphere of Chinese influence.  You can be sure that the Chinese are not paying world market prices for those products, further enhancing their economic advantage over the West.  In 2021, China built three times the coal-fired power plants as did the rest of the world combined.  The Chinese are not concerned about man-made global warming.  Did China have the motive?  I will let the reader decide.

None of this had to happen.  In my book, Global Warming: The Great Deception — The Triumph of Dollars and Politics over Science and Why You Should Care, I cite published, peer-reviewed scientific research, employing the first principles of the relevant scientific fields of thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, atmospheric physics, and spectroscopy to prove that CO2 does not cause global warming.  I use publicly available data from the world's temperature databases to prove that there has been no significant global warming of the Earth's atmosphere, oceans, or land mass.

If those in the E.U. had paid attention to the real science regarding the subject of man-made global warming, they would not have attempted economic suicide and endangered their national security.  Will the U.S. and the rest of the world learn from the E.U.'s mistakes?

Guy K. Mitchell, Jr. is the author of a new book titled Global Warming: The Great Deception — The Triumph of Dollars and Politics Over Science and Why You Should Care.  It was published on January 4, 2022.  www.globalwarmingdeception.com

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