The Sleeping Giant Awakens

Like ravenous bears coming out of hibernation, Americans are emerging now from a lengthy sleep, surveying a barren landscape not of their own making, and preparing to go on a rampage at the polls. On and after November 8, 2022, the true villains will finally be brought to account for despoiling this once-great nation.

A rout is baked into the cards—not simply a Red Wave or even a Red Tsunami, but a brutal and abject rejection of “know-nothing” politicians in both parties who act insolently as “know-it-alls,” even as their policies and moves define economic and geo-political failures downward.

This reckoning is long overdue—we have been too willing to follow the prescriptions of supposed “thought-leaders,” too trusting that career politicians and bureaucrats in both parties have our best interests at heart, too tolerant of epic corruption and its odious consequences, and too accepting of breathless media accounts that whitewashed the economic destruction and mayhem perpetrated against families and households by a gorged and now gargantuan, soul-destroying super state.

Today, after almost surrendering control over the United States of America to a cabal of self-selected globalist insiders, we see clear signs that individuals and parents have finally woken up to dread reality—most of us are each much worse off financially since 1989. That was when we began to be herded down a futile path that shipped livelihoods abroad while channeling untold resources to government officials who stubbornly refuse to take responsibility for wasting so much of our nation’s wealth and borrowing power.

To grasp the reality, we need only assess statistics put out by the Federal Government concerning household income in 2007 and 2021, from moments prior to the most recent financial collapse to just before the looming disaster, and put out by the Federal Reserve Bank System concerning inflation.

Image: Grizzly Bear by Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith. CC BY-SA 2.0.

This information shows, without doubt, that household incomes for the bottom 80% of earners have not kept pace with estimates after official inflation, let alone after the higher rates that likely do operate to hurt too many of us, too profoundly.

At their core, the 2022 elections will be about plunging household earnings, soaring crime, and arrogant incompetence that put the long American experiment with ordered freedom on the brink of final jeopardy. Climate change, social justice, and abortion will animate some, but will not work as issues, alone or together, to stem the deluge of righteous discontent over public sector failures that has been bottled up for much too long.

Until the elections actually happen, no pollster will be able to predict, state-by-state and race-by-race, how many voters will swarm to the polls nor how they may actually vote. Demagogues in the Democrat party and Never-Trumpers in the Republican party have slathered too much poison over the American body politic. This is especially shameful amongst Republicans, for the Never-Trumpers refuse to understand that critics of the badly broken status quo are certainly patriots, most definitely entitled to demand an end to the punishments inflicted upon this nation by those “who believe they must be obeyed.”

Moreover, only blinkered slaves in thrall to Washington, DC, masters in both political parties believe what may have happened on January 6, 2021, is remotely as dangerous as the criminal riots instigated by these same puppeteers that destroyed portions of many cities across America during 2020, and continue at a slow burn to this day.

Biden, for one, plainly more addled than ever, stubbornly claims “the American economy is strong as hell,” when, what he actually must mean is “welcome to hell.” Hell, in our case, is the present wreck he instigated that anyone with an IQ measured in double digits or above sees and has been grappling with from Inauguration Day 2021 forward.

Enough is finally enough. Soon, you will see progressives and conservatives vote together to tame and then constrain the forever-war lobbying machine that has turned back the clock to a time when nuclear conflict is an incipient reality rather than an impossible nightmare.

Enough with the torrents of nonsense. Borderless places, particularly in once-rich nations, open doors to the chaos that reigns in ill-conceived American “sanctuaries.” There, violent crime rages, hurting most the vulnerable communities of lower-income inhabitants, including those who thought they had escaped foreign terrors only to find worse ones inside our fifty states.

Enough letting closed minds pour garbage “thinking” down the throats of too-trusting impressionable and precious youth in too many classrooms. Learning must again become an essential part of life’s too-short endeavor. Education must push all of us to re-evaluate continually what some claim may be truths, testing these as new, potentially more inspired perspectives come to light.

In 1796, in his farewell address to the nation, George Washington, America’s first President under the U.S. Constitution, sagely warned of the perils of despotic governance, the kind seen now under Joe Biden or, earlier, under George W. Bush, when three branches of the U.S. government are controlled by a single party:

The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.

In any reasonable scenario, despotism will be rolled back after November 8, 2022, for a period of months and, one hopes, honesty will infuse a new national debate about our proper priorities in the future and about our many mistakes in the past.

Each of us must vote for candidates we expect will actually end the bi-partisan nightmare perpetrated by dynastic, grasping political families and their ilk.

We must vote to save American life and American justice under the U.S. Constitution, fairly administered without fear or favor.

Above all, we must vote our consciences, freely considered.

Otherwise, many worse failures than we have seen so far certainly are an option.

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