The 'Hands Off Our Kids!' Election

It is often said that good political campaigns are forward-looking.  Obama sold "hope and change."  Trump promised to "Make America Great Again."  With control of Congress and the presidency heading into the 2022 midterm elections, what future are Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats offering to lure voters toward their side?  It appears to be one in which boys are celebrated as girls, education is reduced to political indoctrination, and Green New Deal policies continue to exacerbate food and fuel costs.

What is the Democrats' argument for re-election?  Despite staggering inflationcrime, and illegal immigration, things could be much worse?  If you loved masks and lockdowns, get ready for more?  You'll forget about the pain at the pump once war with Russia officially begins?  Celebrate the future by mutilating and aborting the children of today?  Whatever future Democrats are selling voters, it is bereft of hope, is riddled with pain, steals from Americans' depleted savings, and leaves those growing up today with little but spare change.

Should the midterm vote end up going decidedly in Republicans' favor, perhaps it will be remembered as the "Save Our Kids" election.  More than any other issues, Democrats are enthusiastically vocal about their support for unrestricted abortion and gender reassignment surgeries for confused children.  Their rallying cry could be, "Vote for us, and we'll help you dispose of unwanted children or at least redesign them according to taste."  Those might feel like winning issues to a gaggle of champagne socialists imbibing w(h)ine spritzers over brunch, but to Americans who cherish marriage and family life, they seem downright ghoulish.  Once you throw in video footage of Creepy Joe Biden, whose senility remains unobservable only to the White House press corps, regularly invading the personal space of young girls squirming in distress, the Democrats' midterm message looks like little more than a grim promise to sniff, maim, and murder America's children on demand.  If you hate children, that's some future!

For parents, 2022 could not be more critical.  They have watched COVID school shutdowns and mandatory remote learning devastate their children's educational progress.  Their young children are struggling with basic language development after years of forced masking.  Social isolation has increased teenage drug usedepression, and suicide.  Instead of marshaling resources to rectify these immense problems, school boards are shoving race-baiting and sex-obsessed curricula down parents' throats.  Ideologues giving preference to the "transgender" dreams of boys have sacrificed the privacy of girls' locker rooms and the competitive camaraderie long shared on their sporting fields.  Biden's Department of Justice has targeted as "domestic terrorists" responsible parents proactive enough to demand rigorous education over "political correctness."  Graduation plans and promising futures have been put on hold, as college and career trajectories are reassessed.  Parents are increasingly turning toward homeschooling in an effort to focus on real education and avoid the left-wing indoctrination of government schools.  And many families nervous about future pandemics are moving away from districts that put lockdowns ahead of learning.

With children's scholastic achievement plummeting and a faddish culture of gender-bending craziness aggravating adolescent rates of identity confusion, young Americans have never been more in need of stability and family support to help ground their lives.  Instead, Democrats bombard them with propaganda meant to induce panic, loss of self-worth, and existential doubt.  How can young people learn to value human life when they are preposterously taught that opposing abortion is grounded in "white supremacy"?  How can young minds grow effectively when mentors abusively focus on their students' sexuality?  How can white children be encouraged to succeed when they are taught that their very existence causes harm?  How can black children be encouraged to succeed when they are taught that they must identify first and foremost as victims?  How can young girls continue to benefit from the lifelong lessons that competitive sports provide, if boys cheat them out of those formative opportunities?  How can children benefit from the strong nurturing bonds of family when Democrats remain hostile to parents' rights?  

How will America produce the next generation of freethinkers, artists, and inventors if political censorship continues to stifle free speech and free minds?  How can America possibly remain the "land of the free" if America's children are taught that only some viewpoints are permitted?  Why would young people choose to live long, productive lives when malicious adults have told them debilitating lies about their dying planet?  How will the next generations seek happiness if America's political class peddles endless despair?  According to Democrats' Green New Deal fanatics, Americans will celebrate their government-enforced poverty as supercilious proof that they are "saving the planet," but how can young people save the planet if they lack the pedagogical tools to first save themselves?

The torment of America's children must end.

It is common to hear interest groups emotionally appeal to parents by exhorting them to "think of the children."  However, as the 2022 midterm elections approach, it is clear that parents are doing exactly that.  Everywhere they look, their children are being manipulated, harmed, and left behind.  Instead of preparing young Americans for lives in which all will succeed, Democrats have sorted them out by race and pronoun, watered down their educations with political talking points, and promised them a nihilistic future in which they will be battered by hurricanes, incinerated by questionable global warming, and killed off by disease.  

Sowing psychological confusion and apocalyptic dread may come naturally to manipulative officeholders who find mass hysteria useful for maintaining power and control, but no loving parent would want any child to endure such endless mental torture.  In 2022, parents are rejecting government brainwashing once and for all.  They are standing up for a happier and more prosperous future.  And they are most certainly thinking about their children's future.

Image: Jeff Turner via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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