The Democrats Shunning Joe Biden are Not Moderates, but Extremists

The 2022 midterm election is not only going to be brutal, it will also reveal considerable shock and disgust.

That's because voters do not like being deceived by pretend-moderates shunning Joe Biden, while trying to scare Americans about Republicans and “MAGA forces” that are a supposed threat to democracy (even though the Democrats are the real threats to the rule of law, civil society, and middle-class business prosperity).

Case in point are several key Senate races, including Ohio and Pennsylvania. Democrats Tim Ryan and John Fetterman are both keeping a certain distance from Joe Biden and trying to play up their “blue collar” bonafides. They present themselves as moderates and mavericks, even though they are among the most progressive, pro-Joe Biden, members of the Democratic Party.

Ryan, the fraudster from Ohio’s Valley region (not far from where I grew up), has called for moderates to help end extremism.

The only problem: he’s an extremist. He has voted with Joe Biden 100% of the time since Biden became president. There is not a single issue that Ryan hasn’t voted in lockstep with Biden on.

He is not some maverick; he only pretends to be one.

This is the typical Democrat playbook now: Pretend to be a moderate but legislate and govern as an extremist. Then blame your opponent and say you stand up to Nancy Pelosi. Voters should not be fooled by this theatrical abracadabra.

Tim Ryan is also a flip-flopper par excellence. Back during the debates over Obamacare, he was one of a handful of Democrats who voted for the Stupak-Pitts Amendment prohibiting federal funding for abortions attached to the Obamacare bill, given eastern Ohio’s large number of Catholic and Evangelical voters. Believing this would be popular for him in his district, he supported the Stupak-Pitts Amendment. Only later, by some epiphany (realizing Democrats don’t care about the lives or civil rights of the unborn), did Ryan magically change his mind on the issue and is now a baby-murdering extremist who thinks women should kill their children even on the last day of pregnancy. Some moderate.

Additionally, when Biden signed his executive order eliminating $10,000 in federal student loan debt, Ryan bemoaned it as unfair to blue collar working families. But before this, Ryan was an ardent supporter of student loan forgiveness. Ryan says whatever he thinks will be popular with voters while supporting, behind the scenes and in the stench of the D.C. swamp, all the major progressive policy proposals of the Bidenistas in Congress.

Pennsylvania’s pretend tough-guy moderate, John Fetterman, is another perfect example of an extremist masquerading as a commonsense American moderate. In a state where energy production is an important segment of the economy, Fetterman has previously pledged to ban fracking though he now claims that he has always supported fracking. The entire fossil fuel industry in Pennsylvania, which supports work for more than 50,000 blue-collar Pennsylvanians, is in the crosshairs of Fetterman and the Green New Dealers whom he ardently supports.

Fetterman also believes in defunding the prison system and thinks releasing 1/3 of Pennsylvania’s criminal population back into the streets is a good idea, including even second degree murderers. Filling the streets with more criminals to battle crime is an extremist position. But don’t worry, he’s a moderate.

If voters are deceived by extremists running as compassionate and commonsense moderates, they will soon wake up in 2023 and 2024 to an even greater energy crisis than we are currently facing. They will soon wake up to find criminals as their new neighbors. They will wake up to find price increases at their grocery stores and supermarkets. They will wake up under a new totalitarian regime of bureaucratic Bolsheviks dictating to them and their families how to live and what to learn.

Americans across the country need to see through the fraudulent veil of lies that these politicians wear with the expressed purpose of intentionally deceiving their fellow Americans. Instead of embracing policies that will help average Americans, they will enact policies that will harm average Americans. In fact, they are already enacting policies that harm hard-working Americans.

In enacting this soul-crushing policies, these pretend moderates then front themselves as enemies of the establishment and crusading outsiders (despite being career insiders). They say whatever they think is popular and will garner them votes. They then turn their back on their voters and pocket the money and handshakes of lecherous totalitarians and woke globalists.

Americans sense the problems they are facing thanks to the bad policies of their elected officials. They also see that they’ve been duped by the great fraud of commonsense Joe Biden and his pretend rhetoric of moderation and unity. Americans want commonsense politics and policies, and they do want unity in the face of continued division and media distortion and propaganda. But Americans won’t get that from extremist Democrats running as fake moderates who will only enact more of the policies that are destroying the United States.

Because of the poor job performance of the Biden administration, these extremists do not want to be seen with a fellow extremist. Otherwise, the veil is torn off and the jig is up. Therefore, they shun Joe Biden and hide their own extremism on the campaign trail. (Even “moderate” Joe Manchin has voted in favor of Biden policies almost 89% of the time.)

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Of course, the alternative to this is not to be fooled at all.

Americans mustn’t be fooled by all these pretend moderates running for election or reelection in the true extremist party, the party that wants to end American democracy and the noble republic by making it subservient to global elites; the party that wants to destroy the American energy industry; the party that wants to inflate the dollar to nothingness; the party that wants to flood our streets and communities with convicted felons; and the party that wants to have a perpetual border crisis. That party is the Democratic Party. So-called “moderates” among the Democrats support the end of America. Don’t be fooled by their pretend rhetoric of moderation.


Paul Krause is the editor of VoegelinView. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love: A Christian Guide to the Great Books, The Politics of Platoand contributed to The College Lecture Today and Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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