The Democrats’ Bizarro World

In the early 1960s, DC Comics introduced a storyline so fanciful that it piqued my interest: it started with Bizarro Superman, then was fleshed out with his Bizarro World, where every part of life was exactly the opposite of life on earth.  On Bizarro Superman’s world, called Htrae (“earth” spelled backwards), society is ruled by the Bizarro Code, which stated “Us do opposite of all Earthly things!  Us hate beauty!  Us love ugliness!  Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!”  It was a counterfeit world, a bastardization and corruption of every concept, every action, everything on earth.

There were other superheroes on Htrae, too, but instead of high-tech weaponry, Bizarro Batman sported a “futility belt” full of cigarette butts, chewed gum, and other such priceless Bizarro treasures. The Yellow Lantern had a ring that gave him no power; he was vulnerable to anything colored green and was the most easily frightened being in the universe.  Bizarro Aquaman could not swim!  There is even a Bizarro Marilyn Monroe, the ugliest of them all.  

Sound familiar?

Is that not what the Democrat Party has created right here in America, transforming a once prosperous, strong, united, and safe nation into a debt-laden, militarily weak, socially divided, and increasingly dangerous society?  Here are some of the Bizarro policies and beliefs inflicted on us by the neo-socialist, globalist, anti-American Democrat Party over the past few decades —  

Although leftists and atheists may deny it, the writings of the Founders make clear that the Classical Liberalism upon which this nation was founded stemmed from Judeo-Christian principles.  The self-discipline, respect for law and order, and Protestant work ethic that helped build the U.S. created the most prosperous and militarily mighty nation in history. 

But the leftist Democrats can’t have that, for Christian principles block their irresponsible and increasingly perverse demands, so God had to go, leading to the continual erosion of Judeo-Christian principles, plunging our nation into the current chaos.  In 1990, the Pew Research Center found that 90% of young Americans (30 to 34) raised as Christian identified themselves as Christian; today that number has declined to less than 65%.  (Among young Americans not raised as Christian, the number who identify as Christian has declined from 44% in 1990 to 21% today.) 

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution proclaim freedom and rights for the individual, and they implement majority rule, with minority rights protected.  However, Democrats favor a “society of the Squeaky Wheel,” where minority groups based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., that squawk the loudest and disrupt society the most set the standards by which government make policy.  So instead of the majority of law-abiding, hard-working citizens who hold to traditional values determining the social mores and standards of our society, the leftist media continually trumpet the “demands” of a mishmash of identity groups: homosexuals, feminists, transgenders, etc., whose “standards” are often diametrically opposed to that of the majority.  The current sexualization of kindergarten and elementary school children is but the latest example of their rejection of the Judeo-Christian standards upon which this nation was founded.

“If you don’t punish the guilty you are, in effect, punishing the innocent,” by unleashing bold thugs and criminals (no longer afraid of punishment) on the rest of society.  Yet for the past several decades the Democrat Party has been consistently more interested in the “rights” of criminals than in protecting the innocent victims of their crimes.

The increasing lawlessness we see all across this nation is a direct result of Democrat DAs refusing to do their jobs, which is to enforce the law.  If they don’t agree with the law, then why did they seek those offices?  To deliberately dismantle our society, because that has been the result.

Another foundation of our democratic republic is free and fair elections.  While money has long been problematic for our electoral process, Americans used to at least be able to count on the candidate receiving the most votes being elected.  No more, thanks to the deliberate efforts of the Democrat Party to gain and hold onto power, whatever it takes.  Long known for their urban political machinery and “voting irregularities” stretching back to the Boss Tweed era in the late 1800s, the media pretends to be shocked at the mere suggestion that their Democrat Party pals would ever stoop to such a thing.

The right to vote is a privilege bordering on the sacred, and as long as there are provisions for people unable to go to the polls on election day (the sick, military personnel serving overseas, etc.), then it should be a point of honor for Americans to get themselves to the polls to vote.  But instead of extremely limited mail-in ballots, distributed only by individual name to eligible voters who request them, in 2020 the Democrats mailed out millions -- that’s right, millions -- of blank ballots in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, et al.  

Although it’s clear that such processes will inevitably be abused, the Bizarro Left wants to institutionalize mail-in voting, claiming that restrictions on mail-in ballots violates the rights of (you guessed it) minority groups and “suppresses” their vote.  What rot.  Unless you’re incapacitated (affirmed by medical personnel), or overseas or across the country serving in the military, if you want to vote you go to the polls on election day.  Period.

But the Bizarro Left isn’t satisfied with turning our political system upside down; they have to demolish or deform every traditional standard in order to make the deviant behaviors of their splinter groups seem more normal.  For example, the past few years we’ve been berated for “fat-shaming” overweight people (especially women), and now we’re seeing fat women on the covers of magazines and on TV commercials for underwear.

Sorry, as attractive as some overweight women are, fat has traditionally been seen as indicative of lack of self-discipline and unhealthiness, and not regarded as beautiful by most people.  But the Democrat Party is desperate to placate its myriad splinter groups, so “fat is beautiful!”

Another of those leftist groups the Bizarro Left seeks to keep in its electoral pocket is homosexuals.  If you’ll recall, in the 1990s the homosexual lobby pleaded to “just leave us alone and let us live our lives as we see fit,” certainly a reasonable request.  But in the 2000s the homosexual lobby became more militant, and their message became “We’re here, we’re queer… deal with it!”  The “normalization” of homosexuality (4.5% of population, per Gallup, 2018) has now reached the stage where it’s publicly flaunted, and anyone who dares criticize it (or even fails to celebrate it) is immediately set upon and even cancelled (remember Dr. Joyce Brothers?).

More recently, transgenders (0.6% of U.S. population per Center for Disease Control, 2020) have become the new favored group of the Bizarro Left, resulting in men competing against women in college sports, and most shamefully, in young children being exposed to that lifestyle in our public schools.  When your party offers little to the majority of citizens, it must cater to every identity group imaginable in order to gain and maintain power.

So according to the Bizarro Democrat Party, the perverse is wonderful, the ugly is beautiful, traditional good is oppressive, common sense is racist… and who knows what is next on the Bizarro Democrats’ agenda to totally destroy the foundations and traditions of this nation and all of Western civilization?  And for what?  

If the past twenty months are any indication, following this Bizarro path inevitably leads to societal division, economic ruin, and chaos.  If the Democrats aren’t overwhelmingly rejected in next month’s mid-term elections, God help us. 

Image: JD Hancock

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