The Democrat Dilemma -- What to Do about Joe

The red wave is building and the political landscape next January is going to be a bit different after the 118th Congress is seated. The Republicans will be leading at least one chamber of Congress, and it’s increasingly looking like they may control both chambers.

While the Republicans work on compiling a list of investigations, the Dems will be licking their wounds and planning for a 2024 comeback, with President “39% approval” leading their party. That’s the problem the Democratic Party faces. They selected a senile, corrupt old man to lead their party, and he led them into an electoral trap -- as anyone who has observed Biden could have predicted.

It was all fun and games for the leftists in the beginning. The man would do or say anything they wanted -- as long as they let him play king in the Oval Office. But as his approval tanks, his usefulness is waning. Now a remarkable 72% of Americans don’t want him to run again. And that’s the trap. The Dems can’t win with him, and it won’t be easy to get rid of him. What do they do with a useful idiot, who isn’t useful anymore -- but still has the power of the presidency?

Once the Dems finish their 2023 insurrection -- complaining about stolen elections and all -- they’re going to have to make some hard decisions about what to do with their vacationer in chief. Let’s game out a few of those scenarios to see what they face.

They could “Nixon” old Joe. This would involve tasking a few of their dignified statesmen, like Little Sandy and the Squad, to take care of the problem. Just as was done with Richard Nixon, the delegation would visit the White House, and tell the man that has been trying to become President for over three decades that, “You’re like too old to be President and stuff. You should quit.”

Is there anything in Joe Biden’s history to indicate that he would be receptive to making a personal sacrifice for anyone else? If so, I’m not aware of it. After Dr. Jill whispers in his ear, he’ll likely call them a bunch of tramps, sniff their hair, throw them out of his office, and then reward himself with some Baskin Robbins. No, the “Nixon” gambit leaves the Dems back where they started, but with the most powerful man in the world ticked off at them too.

The Dems could use the “J. Edgar Hoover” approach. Just blackmail Joe into resigning -- to spend more time with his family, and keep Hunter out of jail. Garland is still sitting on that laptop from hell, after all. Of course Joe could respond by pardoning his son, firing his attorney general, and accepting his collapsing public support as the cost of being a devoted and loving father.

Kamala and Joe’s cabinet could use the 25th Amendment to remove Joe from office for being unfit to perform the duties of office -- which has been obvious for some time. I’m sure Kamala already has her PowerPoint slides in order and has been practicing her presentation for months.

But for anything beyond a temporary removal, Congress must approve by 2/3s of both chambers. Is there any chance that a few Republicans might oppose removal just to see the Dems squirm for a couple of years? They could even have a bit of fun and accuse the Dems of being insurrectionists -- for violating the will of the 81 million (LOL) who voted for Joe Biden. Nope, this play is too risky. It depends on Republican cooperation with a Democrat plan to crush Republicans. The Republicans might be the stupid party, but there are limits.

The Democrats could impeach Joe. This approach might be more palatable to the Republicans than a 25th Amendment removal. It would provide a public airing of Biden administration corruption. Oops, wait a minute.  There’s a problem with that. How can the Dems argue that Biden should be removed for corruption, which they enabled and participated in, and then argue that they’re fit to run the country in 2024? No, they better stay away from that approach too.

Unfortunately, there’s a recurring problem with all of these gambits. With any removal of Biden, they’re stuck with a President Harris -- whose approval (37%) is worse than Joe’s. She’s an even less useful idiot than Joe is. The woman slept her way to the top of California politics and then made the jump to VP via her intersectionality score. There is nothing in her background to indicate that she could keep the Democrat airplane from drilling a big flaming hole in the ground.

If they deal with their “Biden problem,” they’ll just create a “Harris problem.” They could let her have play time in the Oval Office for a couple of years and then primary her -- with someone like Governor Gavin “Hair gel” Newsom. That would be the Democrat party trying to unseat the “first black female president,” with a white guy from a failed state. There’s not enough popcorn in the world for that spectacle.

Maybe the Democrats could get creative -- I’ve actually seen this suggestion made on the news. Instead of asking Joe to resign, they could pay a visit to Kamala instead. Assuming she doesn’t throw them out, it would clear her office for Joe to nominate his old pal Barack to be the VP. Then the Dems can force Joe out, Obama can serve out the last two years of his term, and the field is cleared for whatever batch of radical lunatics the Dems want to run in 2024.

There’s just one flaw with the logic. Since the voters wouldn’t have had their say in the matter, Obama would have to be confirmed by a majority of both chambers of Congress. Is there any chance the Republicans might just say no?

But what would happen if for any reason Biden ceases to be president without a sitting VP? Then we get President McCarthy. Now is there any chance the Republicans might say no to an Obama nomination?

Sorry, I’m just not seeing any chess moves to remove the king without losing the game. The Dems, and America, are stuck with Joe Biden for another couple of years. And he doesn’t need the help of Congress to continue his “Sherman’s march” through America. Just look at what he’s already done with his pen, all by himself. The Dems are going to have a lot to answer for, and there’s no avoiding it.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker,American Free News Network, and The Blue State Conservative.  His work has been featured on Dan Bongino, World View Weekend Broadcast with Brannon House, and Steel on Steel with John Loeffler. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

Image: Gage Skidmore

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