The Collectivist War on the Middle Class

Despite posturing as if they care about the American middle class, behind closed doors our political elites, alongside their media servants and the guardians of academia who do the bidding of the collectivist elite, despise them. The war against the American middle class is intentional, for it is only the American middle class that has power to stop global collectivism and the new feudalism emerging across the world. To prevent this from happening, our elites and their allies divide the American middle class to weaken and subdue it, thus enabling their collectivist agenda to continue apace, even as they speak platitudes to their middle-class victims.

There are two middle classes in America: the servile middle class and the independent middle class. The servile middle class is made up of those who work for global corporations and our governments: including local, state, and federal. These middle class and upper middle class livelihoods, northern Virginia being ground zero, are the byproduct of serving the global collective elite who run the corporations and operate the governments these Americans serve.

The independent middle class, by contrast -- the middle class of entrepreneurs, those who work for them, and the upper middle classes who work for the businesses that are targeted for destruction by the collective elite (like oil and natural gas businesses and their employees) -- is free from the parasitic rot of global collectivism and must, therefore, be destroyed. For this middle class exists independent of the collectivist machinery.

The politicization of the servile middle class has become apparent for all to see. Corporations are mandating woke policies that all must accept to continue working for them. Agents of the state are sent to hound and arrest their fellow citizens on behalf of the global collectivist elite. If you are to remain a middle-class American, then you must be a slave to the collectivist elite to keep your relatively comfortable and cushy life.

This is also why entrepreneurship and “capitalism” are attacked by the collectivist totalitarians and is represented as a history of rape, theft, and pillage -- something to be ashamed of and something that “good” and “honest” (read: servile) people living in the twenty-first century shouldn’t be engaged in. By becoming an entrepreneur, a small business owner, and employer of many workers, you perpetuate the system of racist capitalism built on theft, exploitation, and slavery! Not only that, but you’re also engaged in exploiting your workers as we speak.

America’s middle class is also intensely patriotic. This too is problematic for the collectivist elite. Patriotism, by definition, is anti-globalist and anti-collectivist. Patriotism is particular; patriotism values the particular love of country and the particular defense of what one has and doesn’t want to lose. No surprise, then, that patriotism is pilloried and excoriated in the media, in education, and even by politicians who call it xenophobia and racism.

When you consider the potential power of the American middle class if it was united, it begins to make sense why our politicians, our media, and our educational system is set on dividing the middle class. Dividing the American middle class and causing it to go to war with itself  it weak and susceptible to exploitation by global collectivists. The call to unity rings hollow and propagandists in the media, Bolshevik educators, and government officials bought by global collectivists teach Americans to hate each other over crimes and sins they have not committed.

Furthermore, shutting down small businesses puts middle-class Americans out of work who must then turn to woke corporations or the government (which serves the interests of the global collectivist elite) to survive. Thus, these middle-class Americans are made slaves to the global collectivist system. This is not accidental but intentional.

By destroying all small businesses, local churches, private and religious schools, and all the institutions that are not owned by the state or woke corporations Americans are forced to submit to their enemies who now control them through indoctrination -- also called “public education” -- and their paycheck (say something they do not like or approve and you will get fired). You survive, but as a slave and servant to the global collectivist system. Some life. Some “freedom.”

The globalist and collectivist war against the middle class is only intensifying. As the world becomes more interconnected, the battle between patriotic middle-class Americans and the globe-trotting collectivist elite will become much more heated. So long as the American middle class still retains independence, owns its own shops and homes, and has the ability to send their children to private and religious schools for education, the middle class will be targeted as the clear and present danger to the global collectivist system.

Middle-class Americans must stand up and resist the punishing tentacles of the global leviathan. True liberty and real democracy, national democracy, depends on it. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

If there is any future for liberty and democracy instead of collective bureaucracy and global managerialism, that future rests in the hand and spirit of the American middle class, especially the American middle class in “Flyover Country,” the last region of the United States where an independent and self-sufficient middle class exists, unlike the woke middle class serving global corporations or the Deep State on the American coasts.

Paul Krause is the editor of VoegelinView. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love: A Christian Guide to the Great Books, The Politics of Platoand contributed to The College Lecture Today and Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters

Image: Nicholas Eckhart

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