The 2022 Election is the Opening Salvo in the Repudiation of America’s Elites

A massive Republican victory in the 2022 midterm elections is imperative in stopping the disastrous policies of the Marxist left.  However, far more important and potentially more enduring than a temporary victory by the Republican Party, is that this election can be the American citizenry’s opening salvo in the permanent repudiation and marginalization of the American Elites or ruling class.  They are a clique that has betrayed and broken faith with the American people through their mindless infatuation with Barack Obama and near-psychotic obsession with defeating Donald Trump.     

The elites can be loosely defined as those in the small minority of wealth, power, and prestige who have influence or control over the structures and institutions that govern a nation and stage-manage its culture and society.

This cabal can be further defined within three categories based on who they are:

  1. The political or governing elites: those who take an active or influential role in the administration of political power whether through government or various non-government institutions such as universities and the corporate media.
  2. The economic elites: those who are the wealthiest Americans by income and net worth,  many of whom oftentimes use their wealth to influence or abet government and manipulate society.
  3. The cultural elites: those that have an over-sized influence through their social standing and prestige emanating from the entertainment complex, sports or media, many of whom frequently use that status to shape and affect the culture.

Over the past 14 years the bulk of the American people have been forcibly awakened to the breathtaking level of narcissism, obliviousness, and megalomania of this ostensibly well-educated and influential cabal (who are overwhelmingly members of the Democrat party) but who are also scattered throughout the Republican Party hierarchy.

In 2008, because of his skin color and ability to deliver a speech, the American elites embraced a juvenile infatuation with Barack Obama and unabashedly catapulted him into the presidency.  While the elites mindlessly acquiesced, Obama mainstreamed American Marxism into government and society and facilitated the de facto takeover of the Democrat party by these same Marxists.

For eight years of Obama, the American people were exposed to overt denigration of America and its history as well as cultural disintegration, racism and racial animosity. For the last two years, Americans have endured the economic, foreign and societal disasters of a senescent Joe Biden, an Obama minion stage managed by Obama administration puppeteers like Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett. 

On the other hand, for four years the American people experienced the forthright pro-Americanism and overwhelming economic and foreign successes of Donald Trump. 

This unavoidable comparison has caused a growing majority of the American people to finally begin to awaken from their 75-year slumber and decades of mal-education to realize who their antagonists are.  It is not the few died-in-the-wool Marxists but the far larger number of gullible and spineless American Elites who are now intimidated by and acquiesce to the Marxists in order to maintain their status in American society.

The growing naïveté, obliviousness and narcissism of the elites has become so dominant among the upper classes within American society that the future of this nation as a prosperous and freedom loving country is in serious jeopardy.  The potential descent into the pitfalls of collectivism by the nation that has done more than any country in world history to lift vast swaths of mankind out of poverty and despair would precipitate a catastrophe, not only for the American people but for the rest of humanity.

 There is little doubt that a major contributing factor to the ignorance and gullibility of much of the elite class can be traced back to a Marxist leaning education establishment that has been increasingly focused, for the past fifty years, on indoctrination and not education. 

Concurrent with a precipitous drop in achievement in the core subjects of math, reading and science, curricula previously used for over a century in secondary and higher education, designed to foster appreciation of the Judeo-Christian basis of the nation’s founding as well as the development of reason and independent thinking by the students, were deliberately abandoned.  Most notably at the nation’s colleges and universities.  In their place was an emphasis on grotesquely revisionist American history, so-called self-esteem and its corollary, victimhood. 

While this calamitous makeover of the education establishment is a major underlying factor in the growth of gullibility among the ostensibly well-educated, there are other dynamics at play as well. 

Four generations of Americans have been born since this nation experienced a catastrophic national crisis and attendant hardships.  Over those eighty years of unprecedented peace and prosperity, a mindset of “it could never happen here,” coupled with “the omnipotent entity known as government will take care of any problems” took root among the upper classes.  This overall viewpoint essentially replaced a belief in God with a reliance on man and his institutions.  

Thus, when combined with an inculcated inability to reason or generate an original thought, far too many have willingly accepted any inane pronouncement or machination proffered by the Marxists in the ruling class.  Mindlessly believing and acting on these proclamations has revealed the herd mentality of the vacuous among the elitists. 

In 2020, these same overwrought upper-class dupes were single-mindedly determined to oust supervillain Donald Trump by any means fair or foul.  They, with premeditation, unconstitutionally and fraudulently changed election laws in numerous states, exploited mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting, and had thousands of “mules” stuff ballots in drop-off boxes.  They, thus, succeeded in installing Joe Biden as president.  However, thanks to their inability to reason and think independently, they gullibly believed that once Trump was removed from office America would return to their version of normal with a “moderate” Joe Biden they could control.  

But that did not happen.  The Marxists, through political blackmail, control and manipulate Joe Biden and his Administration.  They dominate the dissemination of ideas through the universities and news through the corporate media.  Further, the violent tactics of their militant arms, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, have been tacitly legitimized by the quiescence of the American Elites.  Thus, they will never agree to any form of the liberalism that much of the current elites claim to espouse. 

The Marxists cannot and will not acquiesce to any attempt at appeasement or compromise.  The true believers in the media and the universities have confirmed this mindset, as the ostracization of Bari Weiss and James Bennet from The New York Times for being insufficiently obeisant to current Marxist dogma verifies.  Media figures initially and foolishly seeking to accommodate and placate their Marxist colleagues rarely succeed.  The examples of similar blacklisting of professors and academics who did not 100% toe the party line while seeking to appease their Marxist colleagues or students are legion.

The only way to defeat the Marxists is through an unarmed revolution that focuses on permanently marginalizing their abettors, the American Elites.  The opening salvo of this revolution is to not vote for anyone running as a Democrat in 2022, regardless of the office.  The second stage is to purge any elite-affiliated elected Republican over the next two years through the primary process while the America First Movement fully takes over the Republican Party and the Democrat party is left in shambles with no viable elitist or Marxist candidates.

Graphic credit: YouTube screengrab

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