Joe Biden: Wartime Leader of the Black Soul Brigade

As the midterms approach, the great unifier decided that it is a good time to start emphasizing his "unifyingness." 

He put out a bizarre and delusional text that both bragged about his vision and achievements and claimed he is a president for every American and will not leave anyone behind. 

This followed the White House's United We Stand summit in September, in which, in full Don Quixote style, Biden tilted against the phantom forces of white supremacy and hate, which from Bidentongue translates into anyone who didn't vote for him. 

The problem for Biden is that after you have declared war on half of the country while power-charging the misery index, it is not possible to pivot to unity, even if your internal polls scream that you should. 

From day one, he has acted as if he is a wartime president overseeing actions against the 74 million Americans who did not vote for him, even going so far as to say that "brave, right-wing Americans" would need modern fighter jets to stand up against him.

No administration in history has tried to pull off what his has done, which is to declare anyone who doesn't vote for a Democrat to be the enemy.  When Biden uses the phrase "MAGA Republican," that roughly translates to any Republican not named Kinzinger or Cheney, a number that is growing as Biden voters experience increasingly acute buyer's remorse, perhaps because they can no longer afford to buy anything.

Even impeachment-voting Senator Ben Sasse saw how little currency that bought him this week, since those charming denizens of the left put all Republicans into their hate-filled cauldron.

While the Democrat media pretend Biden is talking about a small group, he isn't, and neither are they.  On an MSNBC panel this week, a Brookings fellow, Shadi Hamid, commented to a nodding Jen Psaki, former mouthpiece of the regime, "So then we have to find a way to live with them (74 million Trump-supporters) even if we think they're bad people, even if we think they're a threat to everything we hold dear."

It is a small hop from language and thinking like that to some of the worst atrocities in history.  Democrats are already doing all in their power to marginalize, demonize, and silence.

Who are these "bad" people whom they hate so much?  They are Americans who believe in quaint things like the Constitution, limited government, faith in God, equality, family, borders, national interests, and public safety.

Most of these objects of Democrat hate don't even care that much about politics or even hate them back. 

Who they are not?  Marxists, fascists, racists, supremacists, and just about every other "ist" word they they've been smeared with by the projectionist-in-chief and his merry band of hate-filled extremists. 

This corrupt shell of a man who claims to be the president of all Americans, or more likely the person or cabal calling the shots, put his entire Cabinet on war footing to attack Americans and damage America from day one.  All the Cabinet departments have taken part, even if the Department of Justice, using the FBI as its politicized weapon, has been the most obvious offender.

Perhaps the worst chapter in FBI history happened recently, and it isn't even the obviously political, banana republic–style raid of a former president that crossed a line most Americans never expected to see crossed in their lifetimes.  It was the arrest of eleven Christian pro-life protesters in Tennessee for a protest act from 18 months ago, which closely followed another FBI raid on a Catholic pro-life American in Pennsylvania for defending his son.

At worst, if these eleven protesters were blocking the abortion facility as alleged, this should have been an easy local action.  Instead, we got guns-drawn FBI raids, complete with handcuffs.  When it comes to terrorizing political enemies, this administration is all about "go big or go home."  It's what unchecked power looks like, the kind that Lord Acton warned about when he observed that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It is hard to fathom the sheer evil of what the government has done in these cases.  They are taking Christian political prisoners with the hope that it sends the message that "we're with you" to their voters, perhaps less surprising when you consider that Democrats have largely campaigned around the single issue of having a completely unrestricted right to murder unborn babies.  What that says about how they view their voters is mind-boggling.

They arrested an 87-year-old woman who likely doesn't have a single violent bone in her body and threatened her and the other protesters with prison and a massive fine.

While Democrats are turning violent prisoners free to terrorize Americans while ensuring a nonexistent border to allow even more violent criminals and drugs in, they are threatening peaceful protesters with eleven years in jail in some of the most overt anti-Christian government actions in recent memory. 

Biden's promise that he is "not leaving anyone behind" rings a bit hollow when his idea of not leaving them behind is to lock them, and a host of other politically chosen prisoners, away.

As for the actual violent pro-abortion crowd targeting pregnancy centers, Biden's black soul brigade has no interest in them other than to egg them on with their silence and words of support.  At least eighteen actual arson and vandalism attacks on pro-life organizations have netted a whopping zero arrests, which is of no great surprise since this administration isn't concerned about actual criminals targeting Americans.

The Democrat party has never been about unity.  They've always preached resentment, hostility, and anger.  But the class warfare language of yesterday was nowhere near as toxic as the Marxist, globalist, and racist stew they've replaced it with today.

This leads to a core question.  Is something resembling unity in America even possible anymore?

Once you've declared half the country to be the enemy, there is no easy road back from that hellish place.  But there are a couple actions Republicans should take in the short term.

When Republicans take the House, they should immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Jennifer Granholm for attacks against Americans and gross dereliction of duty on border and energy policy.  That would be a good start to highlight the extreme radicalism of the modern Democrat party.

Harass the functionaries relentlessly, but don't impeach the vessel of corruption that sits in the Oval Office.  Let him remain the albatross around the neck of the radical Democrats. 

Looking ahead, let's posit that in 2025, America inaugurates President Trump for his second term, Governor DeSantis for his first, or some other Republican candidate who emerges before then. 

As happened to President Trump, the government bureaucracy will immediately spring into full antibody mode and work to thwart the president at every turn.  It will be a subversive force, loaded down with overpaid government employees who will transform overnight into an active resistance. 

That brings us to the second action needed.  The government needs to be cut dramatically.  Every single agency should be sliced with a butcher's cleaver, and some of them should be eliminated entirely.

As a practical matter, a government America can't even come close to affording needs to be cut anyway.  But it needs to be remade into a much smaller and less partisan force so that the Republican president can actually be successful.  If it can be dispersed around the country instead of centered in Washington, even better.

This will at least allow the president to function and will perhaps open enough eyes to an extent that something resembling unity, or at least tolerance for opposing views, can be restored.  In the meantime, the great unifier and his black soul brigade will continue their war on an ever-increasing number of red-pilled Americans.

Image: 10 Tampa Bay via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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